BMW i3 Heat Map U.S.


Courtesy of Scott Lawrence Lawson‎, a BMW i3 owner and creator of the i3 Owners Map, we present this heat map image with the following description from Lawson:

“I have been playing with heatmaps for the i3 Owners Map data and have this image of the 650+ owners listed in the continental USA. Atlanta is a hotbed of electrification!”

To add yourself to the i3 Owners Map, click here.

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650 i3 owners? theres a lot more than that right?

Those are just the ones that registered their location. There are over ten time that many in the US.

It’s a sample

1) You need to know about Scott initiave
2) You need to be willing to share your location

But a statistical approach will tell you this is a good sample to show trends.

Sounds similar to except for the i3 instead of the Volt.

I would say Voltstats is more complete website. Scott built a little location database

Scott Lawrence Lawson

franky_b s correct. My BMW i3 Owners Map is a listing of owners who have voluntarily and manually submitted their info via a form into my database. Unlike voltstats it does not receive updates from the car since the BMW i3 does not have this function like some GM cars (via OnStar).

In other words, was this heatmap corrected for population density in different parts of the country?

Scott Lawrence Lawson

No, it was not, but I plan to develop some better visualizations. On my site, I have a chart that shows # of i3s per country and a % of the county population, so that is a start. The Map is a hobby so I have a lot to learn and do publishing this data. Thanks for the suggestion!

Watch the Atlanta area go dark once their rebate ends and $200 EV fee is imposed.

Yeah, what a complete flip-flop. From an overly generous incentive to penalty. That’s ridiculous.

Someone should file an ‘equal protection’ complaint because they now tax EVs much more than gas cars for the roads.

There is a law suit pending already….

The GA Gov’t is nuts – talk about starving a thriving movement…..very regressive on their part.