BMW i3 Heat Map – Europe


Courtesy of Scott Lawrence Lawson‎, a BMW i3 owner and creator of the i3 Owners Map, we present this heat map image from Europe with the following description from Lawson:

Heatmap of the eurozone i3 on the Owner’s Map.

To add yourself to the i3 Owners Map, click here.  Check out the US heat map here.

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So the only red hot spot inside Germany for the i3 is around BMW headquarters.

Germany doesn’t like the i3.

I wonder why? Not macho enough? Of course they don’t seem to like Tesla much either.

They understand it’s BMW’s version of the Leaf, but more pricey.

It’s probably because they have unlimited speed autobahn and the i3 is limited to 150 kph and probably takes an age to get there as well.

Or it could simply be that Germans are less likely to visit the (english) registration page than people in the UK and smaller European countries …

Yep, that is the case. I’m one of only a few i3 owners on the map in my area in Germany, but I know there are tons more. From the heat map you can see that the countries where english is spoken are the most prevalent.

Does the map take into accourt population per km square?
That’s maybe why BE and NL are so red.

Never see articles about what’s happening in Belgium

I assume it’s because not a whole lot happens here concerning EVs. (send from BE)