BMW i3 Gets Optional “Sport” Package In UK


The BMW i3 with the new color Fluid Black

The BMW i3 with the new color Fluid Black

It’s not April 1, so apparently this isn’t a joke.

BMW UK just announced that it’s offering an optional “sport” package for the i3. The problem is that nothing in the package is sporty, sporting or in anyway linked to what we’d consider sportier.

Here’s the press release on the new optional package:

The BMW i3 offered with a sportier edge

A new Sport package is now available for the BMW i3 enabling further customisation of the car. For those customers seeking a more unique look, a choice of 19-inch alloy wheels, sun protection glass, LED headlights and the Harman/Kardon Loudspeaker system can be specified– all for a total of £1,700. This represents a 26 per cent saving to the customer worth £610 compared to buying each option separately.

Customers also now have a choice of three new colours for the BMW i3; Fluid Black, Mineral Grey and Platinum Silver which all come with the BMW i Blue highlight. Fluid Black allows the i3 exterior to be specified in all black for the first time with BMW i Blue highlight.

Instead of honing in on “sport,” perhaps BMW should’ve focused more on the value of the package.

The BMW i3 with the new color Fluid Black

The BMW i3 with the new color Fluid Black

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20 Comments on "BMW i3 Gets Optional “Sport” Package In UK"

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It’s sporty as in, “look I’m wearing a track suit so I’m sporty.”

With All of the Daily Exaggerated claims to Greatness and the Apparently Unlimited Advertising Budget, I can’t believe they missed calling one of these colors,
“Carbon Fiber Black”,
that would automatically make it a $995.00,
upgrade and make it,,,,,,
Oh, So Much More Sporty!! And should we add,
Star Wars Battle Shipish !!!

Premium package. They want more upsell like tesla does. Starts at 70k but is 130k after all options are in

Most potential i3 owners would gladly pay for options that increased ranged or increased power.

Tesla only copied the model most every other luxury manufacturer (including BMW) uses. I am sure you have heard of the M series ICEs from BMW.

Alloy wheels aren’t sporty? What would you consider sporty? Rally stripes? Ok, that would be true…

The “genius” german car makers again thinking they are smarter than everyone else.

Since all i3’s come with 19″ alloy wheels by default (with teh 20″ actually being the SPORT options), I wonder if this is a NEW 19″ wheel…or perhaps they give you the choice in the IK instead of tying the wheel to the “world” trim (mega, giga, tera) as they do in the U.S. A better option would be adaptive shocks to tame the ride a bit while improving handling!

Hey! Quit being so mean.

Those sporty cricket playing Brits know what there are about.
If only BMW would include a sporty fish-and-chips tray, I’d be all over it!

(Me- U.K. born. Escaped at age 22. So I know what I’m talking about)

“For those customers seeking a more unique look”
Because, you know, the i3 isn’t already unique-looking enough.

Haha, true.

Maybe they should offer a stealth package that wraps it to look like a 3 series.

Fluid Black, also known as black.

Eskimos have 50 words for snow and car companies have 50 words for black.

Except Inuit (Eskimos isn’t used anymore, except Zappa fan) can easily differentiate all those fifty shades of snow.
At least the elder ones.

I have trouble telling dark navy pants from black ones.

Inuit Pie doesn’t have the same ring to it as an Eskimo Pie, however politically incorrect or culturally insensitive it may be.

All I know is that I don’t want a “fluid yellow” BMW…..

I guess it’s called the Sport package, because the BMW customers who purchase it are such good sports paying BMW’s hefty markup on this option package without any complaints.

“sport” doesn’t mean what you think it does at BMW.

BMW uses the “M Series” , “///M”, or “M” designation to indicate high performance, not “sport”.

A high performance version of this vehicle would be named something like “i3 M” or “Mi3” or “///M i3”.

Just getting a “sport” package in a BMW won’t get you more performance.

I seriously hope that’s not their only changes for the 2016 model.

Their changes won’t occur till the LCI. That means the 2017 model. They pretty much already confirmed more range for 2017.