BMW i3 Gets Its First Recall – Only 1 i3 Affected


BMW i3 Recall Notice

BMW i3 Recall Notice

Only 1 BMW i3s is affected by this airbag-related recall, but this still marks the first official recall of BMWs electric commuter.

BMW i3 Recall Letter

BMW i3 Recall Letter

Here’s where it gets a bit interesting.  Note that only 1 BMW i3 is affected by this recall.

Only 1 BMW i3 Affected By Recall

Only 1 BMW i3 Affected By Recall

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Smallest recall ever.

Unless they do a similar recall, but the percentage of vehicles expected to have the condition is 50%.


This just proves that EVs are unsafe. Never going to buy one of those. Only a few months on the market and already hit with a massive recall to a critical safety system. 🙂

Nothing on the “check engine” light for the REx version yet?

That does not seem likely to be safety related.
Might not end up generating an NTSB recall.

Correct. There is no safety issue with the erroneous CEL warning so this wouldn’t be a recall. It’s just a glitch that signals a non-existant problem. Besides, the software fix has been out for over a month now. I had mine updated in July and it’s been fine since. There are a lot of i3 REx owners that haven’t had the update yet though. Since there is no urgency, they aren’t in any rush to take it in for the update.

I’m glad to hear BMW fixed that problem. I didn’t see that the fix was reported anywhere…