BMW i3 Generates Buzz in Australia


BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW i3

“The future is about to arrive in the premium motoring space and already there are four Queensland drivers willing to part with between $60-70,000 for the new electric BMW i3.”

Reports Australia’s Sunshine Coast Daily.

In general, plug-in vehicles do not sell well in Australia, mostly due to high price tags.  As we previously reported:

“When the LEAF first launched in Australia, it was priced at $51,500 AUD ($53,100 US), but in December of 2012, Nissan cut the price down to a more reasonable $46,990 AUD ($48,465 US).  Then, in mid-2013, Nissan cut the price even more.  The LEAF is now available for a “drive away” price of $39,990 AUD ($41,200 US).

“The LEAF faces slim competition in Australia, with only the $48,800 AUD ($50,332 US) Mitsubishi i-MiEV and the $59,990 AUD ($61,874 US) Holden Volt considered actual rivals there.”

So, yeah, EVs are typically expensive in Australia and the BMW i3 is no exception to the rule.  However, being a “premium” EV that’s priced at approximately the same level as the Holden Volt likely means that the BMW i3 will outsell the Volt there.  Holden Volt sales are lackluster to say the least, but it remains to be seen if Australians are willing to part with $60,000-plus to puchase any EV.  The Nissan LEAF is the only EV that sells in any meaningful volume in Australia and that’s due to its now-reasonable price tag.

Regardless, Sunshine Coast Daily reports:

“BMW’s Scott Croaker said the response had been “far beyond expectation” and the greatest hurdle may be supply constraints when vehicles start to arrive in quarter three or four.”

“There is also a buzz around the circa-$300,000 i8, a two-door hybrid that will also arrive this year and can hammer from standstill to 100kmh in less than five seconds. Three orders have already been made…”

So, maybe BMW’s i offerings will sell somewhat well in Australia.  We’ll find out if that’s the case later this year when the i3 hits dealerships there.

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily

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$300k for the i8?

Does Australia have the same number of 10x millionaires as China?

No, but Australia is not lacking in many 10x millionaires. However, Australia does not have city regulations that encourage sales of short range EV hybrids where the wealthy need to comply.

Most of the 1000x millionaires have made their money in mining and hope to make even more from coal exports. So much so that they are a focus for Bill McKibben and At least two seem to have either bought the political party currently in power or have had the courage to win seats in parliament. They seem intent on testing whether they can roast the planet.

Sadly, EVs and anything to sustain the planet are not even a micro thought in the minds of most wealthy Australians. In fact there seems to be a whole cohort of wealthy well educated Australians in the climate change denial camp – really hard to understand.

When I read the title, makes me wanna crap. BMW generates buzz??? Really for $60k, it ought to do a lot more.

This has to be a BMW puff piece? 2013 EV sales in Australia had a massive 20% increase in sales on 2012, totalling a stunning 304 vehicles. Whilst I live in Melbourne, I come from the area of that newspaper source. Of note, the local Holden Volt dealer in the area of that newspaper has had a beautiful claret red Volt with 1600 km for sale for some time. It has just sold with an advertised price of $45,000, $20k below the original drive away price of little over a year ago. The Sunshine Coast area is a mix of low income working people and many retirees, some quite wealthy, and in some areas very environmentally conscious, especially in the hinterland. Queensland also has about 23% home solar pv penetration. I expected the Holden Volt to sell well there, but I don’t think it has. Nationally there are quite a few 5000km Volt demos for sale well below $50k, and these are moving slowly. I don’t get it – I would have thought that there are many people with 80km commutes where the Volt would make good business sense, as well as being a very fine car. Holden did… Read more »