BMW i3 Front & Center On – Chevrolet Volt & Bolt Headline


Finally, electric cars are getting the attention they deserve.

Two notable electric car manufacturers (BMW and General Motors – Chevrolet) are now featuring electric cars front & center on their respective U.S. homepages.

The BMW i3 is highlighted several times on and both the 2016 Chevrolet Volt and Bolt EV Concept are found on the homepage of

Screen Capture Of Homepage

Screen Capture Of Homepage

Meanwhile, over at, we find not one mention of the LEAF on the homepage, but we do see this:

Screen Capture From

Screen Capture From

Oh, there’s Tesla’s homepage too.  It has always featured electric cars, nothing but electric cars:

P85D Featured on

P85D Featured on

Electrics are rather prominent over at too:

Screen Capture of

Screen Capture of

Hat tip to Shaun Wooten!!!

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Wow. That is pretty big news, thanks for covering that Eric.

Kudos to BMW and Chevy for getting in the game.

Well, it’s not exactly Apple’s “1984” but it did make me laugh out loud. Nicely done BMW.

Unfortunately, what GMs customers bought, in record numbers in 2014, was pickups, and SUVs.

Why no mention of the Prius Plug-in, hybrid? It is on the front page of the Toyota web site, and is a plug-in hybrid like the Volt..

Prius Plug-in; Toyota’s Vision: Sell a Lot of a tiny Range EV capable PIP’s (Plug-In Prius) = Better than selling fewer All Electric BEV’s. Next Step – Remove the Plug – and Add Hydrogen (FCV’s).

It would be interesting to interview a few hundred of the new PIP owners, and see if they drove any of the new BEV’s or a Chevy Volt’ before deciding on the PIP! And to find out why they chose it over the other (longer All electric Range Capable) PHEV’s and the existing BEV’s out there!