BMW i3 Drifts In The Snow – Video


Yes…electric cars can drift:

BMW i3 Drifting In The Snow

BMW i3 Drifting In The Snow

“First drift experiments with the i3 the first snow of the year. It was hard because it was pretty good grip, because the little snow. Overall it can be said that the car is very difficult to move in the drift, because you can dose the force to the slipping wheels difficulties with the current pedal. But is the cause of the engine responds very quickly to the loss of adhesion. With some practice, but it is to perfect themselves.”

Slightly difficult to make sense of the statements above (translated from German to English via Google Translate), but the gist of it is that the BMW i3 can drift in the snow, but it’s not easy due to the touchy accelerator pedal, lots of grip and intervention from the car’s various systems.

Still, the video is entertaining to watch and it’s obvious the driver has some solid drifting skills.

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Yes yes yes…but what is the efficiency while drifting? Not interested unless you can provide me an exact donut/kwh value.

Anything you can do “i” can do better… 😉

The Mitsubishi owns that i3 at one third of the cost! well done donut hero!

“it’s obvious the driver has some solid drifting skills.”
I think we must have not been watching the same video!


My old 1.3 Morris Marina Coupe would have shown both these how to drift and do donuts!
Hell, it did more than a couple of donuts when I wasn’t expected it 🙁

“drag torque” is probably meant to describe the rear wheels effectively braking, when you lift off the throttle. There’s only one throttle map for the i3, and it is one of the strongest “regen” EVs you can get. Like engine braking, in a rear drive, ICE car. There are few ways to initiate a drift, but the two with the “go” pedal are a fast controlled lift, or to step on it. Controlling the i3, with narrow tires and pretty sharp regen, is perhaps challenging?

We had 4-5 inches this morning, and I was doing the same thing in the S85. With X-Ice Michelins and traction control on, it takes a pretty hard throttle stab to get the back end out (rear drive, like i3). The front ABS kicks in whether you have traction control on, or not. Without TC, that glorious tale comes right around, and you can have all the counter-steering fun you want 😉

This morning was the jury coming back, for me. Snow tires are all one needs. The MS does an excellent job of keeping its rear torque in check (TC on).