BMW i3 Declared New Zealand’s Car Of The Year

JAN 3 2016 BY MARK KANE 26

The annual New Zealand Car of the Year awards

The annual New Zealand Car of the Year awards

BMW i3 was named New Zealand Car of the Year 2015.

It’s interesting that the i3 won, but at price tag of some $83,500 in New Zealand dollars, according to stuff (which is $56,000 U.S.), it’s very expensive.

“The BMW i3 – a five door compact electric car – beat nine top contenders to take home the prestigious award of 2015 New Zealand Car of the Year.

Members of the New Zealand Motoring Writers’ Guild and an AA motoring expert voted on the list of finalists, considering styling, performance, handling, economy, comfort, interior design, build quality and finish, practicality, value for money and its X-factor.”

AA Motoring Services General Manager Stella Stocks said:

“The BMW i3 is the epitome of what electric vehicles can offer Kiwi motorists which is a fresh and exciting alternative to their fossil-fuelled cousins. While EVs aren’t for everyone they are starting to make their mark, particularly in urban environments. Some manufacturers, like BMW, are investing heavily to develop technology ensuring that there will be an EV revolution in markets like New Zealand, around the world.”

Here are the top ten Car of the Year 2015 finalists:

  • Audi Q7
  • BMW i3
  • Ford Mondeo
  • Hyundai Tucson
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport
  • Mazda2
  • Mazda CX-3
  • Mazda MX-5
  • Subaru Legacy
  • Volvo XC90

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Good for BMW. I wonder what is causing the leakage at 1:24, you can see puddles under the car. Maybe ac water. Still.

That week in NZ around 60* f little reason to run the ac, though probably explains the puddles of fluid.

we at DOCBORNEEUSA.COM just bought a bmwi3 note we also own two chevy volt being the car of the year bmw i3 ????? not sure here is why according our experience with our car good point first extremely quick woaw that all i could say FREE DC CHARGE at the dealer ship big yes the door concept really cool S.U.V feel like sitting higher that a car is great GOOD looking design car … get a lot of attention for sure BAD AND I MENTION BAD 2 gallons of gas on the range extender big none sense we did a few road trip and let me tel you not fun at all should be at least 5 gallons limited power on the high way cant go over 70 mph or the car shut down YES SHUT DOWN WAS DRIVING AT 72 MPH ON I95 AND THE CAR COMPLETELY SHUT OF good luck to you if you are in high speed traffic IT HAPEN TO US BADDDDDDDDDDDD AC DRAINING A LOT THE BATTERY PACK THE NARROW TIRE ARE CONCERNING on a windy day you have to have to be careful grab the strering wheel with 2 hands GOOD LUCK to enter… Read more »

Thank Your Non-Biased & Truthful Light That you have Shed on this Subject…Most People Cannot Handle The Truth…But Facts are Facts ., Most Like to Conceal The facts …But They Will simply N0T Go AWAY! cheers!

needs more cowbell..

Seems your overall experience has been rather negative. Certainly a cause for concern. Personally I think of the i3 as more of a city run-about car, not a highway vehicle, due to some of the factors you mention.

I can’t agree that the i3 is good looking. Oh, the overall shape is fine, I just don’t like the stupid little kidney grill they stuck on the front. It looks like two nostrils, and I feel like I’m looking up them all the time. It’s not a pleasant feeling.

Absolutely deserved. The quickest car in its class (20-30kWh battery), the most efficient car in its class. Innovative construction and battery thermal management. Car is very nimble and has one of the tightest turning radiuses out there. I have driven just about every EV out there. Got my i3 just over a week ago and put 800 miles on it already. It is so much fun you just want to get in it and blast around town all day. The i3 is twice as much fun to drive than the Volt. To me, that is an important factor. For some, maybe the value other things. And of course if you are on the 25kW Rex engine, you are not going to get full performance from the 100kW drive motor. Its just a matter of being aware of what you are driving.

+1 the i3 is a great car!


You really sound like a Nut…

The i3 is a great car and this is well deserved.

MUT, I am Entitled To speak my TRUTH Opinion , Without Getting Personally Attacked By People Like YOU” Whom May not AGREE With “THE FACTS”…You Must Be 0ne of those That got Railroaded Into Buying 0ne Of These ..Cars?

Nope, EVCarNut is definitely the crazy one.. especially when he/she considers their opinion to be “truth.”

He may seem crazy, but after-all his moniker is EVcarNUT, so it is a least truth in advertising. He is just more new school, loud, abrasive, bordering on obnoxious, get used to it, or not.
Personally I don’t think the i3 deserves this award. Perhaps as a city run-about, but as a true highway daily driver, with commutes of any length, and adverse conditions ,I think it would soon be found to be lacking.

It really deserved it…

Hate to break it to you, kid. ALL cars are glorified golf carts.

If you can’t stomach the price or don’t like the glory, buy a less glorified golf cart.

Why are you spewing so much bile in your posts?

Why Does That bother You? Thank you For your Wisdom ..Honorable Grasshopper……L M A 0

Now that you ask, I googled your comments on other posts on this site – Tesla posts – negative, Nissan posts – negative, BMW posts – negative, Chevy posts – negative.

What exactly do you like about EVs? Most people here are passionate about EVs – they either own one or are actively looking to. Most of us are happy about the industry broadening, even when the success is for a car that is not exactly one we might want to drive – and we come here to the comment section to connect with others like ourselves. I just don’t get where your head is at w.r.t electric vehicles. That’s all.

Ask yourself this: How old do you think EVcarNut is?

We were all as immature as he is, once upon a time. Hopefully he’ll grow out of it. The rest of us did.

Wow, sounds like he is a nut in general. i3 has won so many awards, even for its innovative construction. Guess the experts dont kniw what they are talking about again?

Enstiens, 0pen Wide & Swallow That ((((A Fool & Their Money always Go Separate Ways)))) They W0N NOTHING ! God only knows How They Got Those So Called AWARDS. That has Got To Be The Worst EV 0n the Roads today, Can’t go 0ver 70mph. HA HA HA. READ The “Martin Pednaud” Blog Above & get Educated… Some people Just Caint Be Learned Vern…..N0 MORE….I AM 0UT VERN!…Goodbye Verns!

You are so polarized.. You remind me of those Apple haters that troll any news story about an Apple product. Seriously.. You need to sit back and look at the big picture. Just because you don’t like a particular car doesn’t mean somebody else won’t. why else do we have so many different cars on the market? Sports cars, minivans, SUVs, smart cars, etc.. All very different cars for different people. Fine, you don’t like the BMW i3. I have the perfect solution for you: Don’t buy one. There, problem solved. Now leave everyone else alone that wants to buy one.

well said
(Santa didn’t bring my ignore button.. *snif*)

Weird that I managed to drive my i3 BEV at 152km/h (95mph). Also, you should take some time to learn the difference between the number 0 and the letter O…

BMW I3 is a bad car no way YES IT IS really fun to drive . YES it is REALLY NICE QUICK CITY DRIVING CAR.

We love it for what it is but a bit $$$$ expensive

Remember we drive volt since 4 years of course that we could see that both car are a lot different BUT THE volt is much better. BUT BOTTOM LINE ON ALL THAT FOR US AT DOCBORNEEUSA IS THAT WE ARE USING THE CAR FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION ON E.V WE ARE NOT ONLY a charging station co. We educate the general public about E.V


The i3 is a solid electric vehicle. Well done!