BMW i3 Commercials Hit The Airwaves: “The Time To Become Electric Is Now” (Video)

OCT 24 2013 BY JAY COLE 5

With the first BMW i3s officially being delivered on November 16th, the German auto maker is wasting no time letting the locals (and by locals we mean Europeans) know that they are in the plug-in game, saying that “the time to become electric is now” in an all-new TV spot.

BMW Advertising Hits The Road Running With The i3

BMW Advertising Hits The Road Running With The i3

We might not see commercials for the 90-odd  mile EV (EPA estimate) with option range extender just quite yet with the plug-in not scheduled to arrive in the US until the Spring, the time is now in Europe.

Just for fun, here is some random pricing from around the world:

Below:  Earlier i3 preview video from the summer

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The song is “Broken promise land” – CLAIRE for anyone with any interest. It’s certainly more fitting than Pheonix’s Lisztomania BMW used for the i3’s official video.

Not a bad advert, but it doesn’t really explain some of the benefits. Mad acceleration that doesn’t make a stupid noise and spew out fumes (or cost much money). Pre heating/cooling (my fave feature of my Leaf).

The ad doesn’t explain any of the benefits. Doesn’t even try.

What I hear is simply: “better / pleasure”, “electric” and “(time is) now”.

Smooth, uninterrupted panning, at times rather brisk, but continuous, undisturbed from start to finish (just like acceleration in an EV?), very pleasant.

Yes BMW pushes the i3 so-far unique carbon-fiber body, but this ad otherwise help promote EVs (or maybe even plug-ins) in general. I like it.

Nice! I just wish it looked more like the Model S (or the Volt for that matter) and less like the Leaf.

It’s like an Obama speech. You know instantly from the tone and setting that he’s not going to say anything honest or significant. I had to watch it 3 times to force myself to hear any of his words. And they are quickly forgotten again.

Cool new toy, breathe freely, pollution free, future car, real joy.

The problem is being the evil obtuse douches that they are they don’t want this to shine at the expense of their primitive polluting gassers so the promotion is at best half hearted.