BMW i3 Coming In Protonic Blue This Fall


The 2017 Model Year BMW i3 will get a significant increase in range, but that’s not all that’s new with the i3.

According to a slide shown by BMW CEO Harald Krueger, Protonic Blue is expected to be added to the i3’s color palette.


“In addition, the small photo supports the information from our sources that the BMW i3 will be updated without an optical facelift.”

“When it launched in 2013, BMW’s first fully electric car was available with two non-metallic paints – Arravani Grey and Capparis White – and four metallic colors – Ionic Silver, Solar Orange, Laurel Grey and Andesite Silver.”

“This year, only three of the six colors have made the cut: Capparis White, Ionic Silver and Solar Orange. The new paint jobs offered are Fluid Black, Platinum Silver and Mineral Grey.”

Visually, the slide seems to show a 2017 i3 that’s unchanged on the outside, except for the new color.


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Just keep the Protonic Blue side up. 🙂

I am still hoping for the 120 Ah cells. Protonic blue won’t keep the i3 competitive to the Bolt…

Dats 4 shure!

“Fluid Black, Platinum Silver and Mineral Grey…” – these are the actual colors introduced in the end of 2015, nothing new.

The inbound Model 3 comet is about to destroy the life out of all dinosaur “premium” auto-makers and the response is … wait for it … a different paint color.

It’s going to be fun to see how different auto-makers respond with announcements of their own. One would think that if there’s competitive announcements, they’ll be made before the model 3. This would give people a chance to be less impressed by the Model 3. If the announcements are less than competitive, are they made shortly after the Model 3 announcement or long! after the fact?

I get so sick this Tesla fan boy stuff. They faithfully criticize everything that’s not Tesla. It’s like they are religious zealots and they worship Tesla as their God.

Tell me about it.

OK, I admit I admire what Tesla is attempting. I’ll admit the comment was a bit sarcastic, but saying people (implying me) are religious zealots worshiping a false god? Seriously?
Tell me, what are people who personally attack others they don’t know over comments of an announcement for a new BMW’s paint color? Are they zealot worshipers of a BMW god?
Does this qualify as ironic?

It’s a post about a new color, nothing more and you go all in with “Tesla Model 3 will crush….blablabla” Yup a little zealot, accept it and move on.

So no one will buy any new car in the next two years?

Of course they will.
Aren’t you interested in hearing what BMW has planned to compete against Tesla? I am.

The BMW i3:
Four wheel vented disk brakes, fully independent suspension, 50/50 weight distribution, made with recycled materials, a simple range extender option. Like a Mazda Miata for 4 adults.
Carbon fiber construction. Best efficiency in class.
Made in a green factory.

Tesla has got a pretty good challenger to beat.

The only think is that 2 tone color scheme.
And those skinny front tires.
It’s almost as if BMW want this to be a low volume seller.

Even the new Proton Blue, two tone.

And Fast.

Sold nationwide in the U.S. Not a compliance car.

Let’s hope they can pull off a competitive or even market leader range increase.

If this is the standard BMW life cycle impulse (LCI) refresh, I think there has to be more improvements than just the battery. I’m sure the front turn signals will go to LED, and there will be some types of updates done.

Blue … color of the car, and color of the BMW managers when their vehicle doesn’t sell.

I think the only thing holding this car down is price.
( beside the two tone, and the skinny front tires. )

BMW may not want this to be a volume seller.

Is there some info about if Nissan shoves a 2017 Nissan Leaf between before mid/end 2017 a 2018 Leaf arrives? There were some rumors about a Renault Zoe with 44 kWh end 2016 which should mean there must be also a Leaf update with the new LG cells.