BMW i3 City EV Is At Home In The Mountains Too


BMW i3

BMW i3

They say the BMW i3 is a city car, I say it’s a mountain car.

Six days out and about in our BMW i3 BEV. Our first stop is a couple of nights at Heise County Park near Julian, California.

  • 60 mile drive
  • 4,200 foot elevation

The cabin has an electric outlet so we charged to full overnight.

This car is is very much at home, both in and reflecting nature.

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BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW i3

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God, I know some people hate it for various reasons. It’s ugly to them because it’s electric, it’s unordinary or a CEO doesn’t think it looks like a Jaguar. But hell, the rims, the gloss white paint, the contrasting black piano belt! It’s driving me nuts! I can’t stop looking at it.

But I do wish that BMW made the foglights more rectangular and sharp, instead of round lights. It goes against the whole theme and look of the car. The little round foglights surrounded by a darkish-grey plastic reminds me of the headlights og the G-Wiz.

When I got to test drive it I liked the interior of it and the gauges were good at keeping track of everything. The only thing I didn’t like about it were how you had to open the doors to get at the back seat.

It is just that two-tone pig-nose hood. Other than that, it is nice.

This car should be nicknamed “Shamu”, but in a good way.

No, just call it Orca, the correct name for the species and not this slave name.

i3 made me walk into a BMW dealership for the first time in my life yesterday.
I find it beautiful as it is.
Could not have a look at it though it was on test drive that moment.