BMW i3 Child Seat Review – Video


Because whether or not a child seat fits within can be a deal-maker or breaker, we present this video showing a BMW i3 with a child seat:

“Is the BMW i3 child friendly? It’s small, but can you put a rear facing child seat inside? As a matter of fact: yes.”

Will It Fit?

Will It Fit?

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Given that the i-MiEV and i3 have nearly the same interior space, this doesn’t surprise me. I was able to fit a rear-facing car seat in the i-MiEV too.

I would say the one difference being that he could sit in front of the child seat, and is over 6ft tall. The rear facing child seat in my i-MiEV leaves barely enough room for my wife to sit in front of it, and she is only 5’1″. Still works great for our particular family dynamic though!

I would love to see video of someone trying to get a 2 to 3 yr old into a car seat while parked next to another car in a normal parking space. Does the suicide door allow for ease of doing this? Is there enough room to maneuver you and the child between opening the front door and then the rear door in a restricted amount of space?

With the suiside door open and the fact that there is no center post it is extremely easy to get a car seat and/or child into the back seat.

Putting the booster seat in the back was a doddle compared to other vehicles I’ve done that to.