BMW i3 Charged By Footsteps – Video


Energy Floors – Power Of Dance (by Vice UK) from Energy Floors on Vimeo.

BMW i3 on the Energy Floor

BMW i3 on the Energy Floor

BMW i3, the official lead vehicle for all major German marathons, is accompanied by Energy Floors’s kinetic energy floor modules.

Kinetic energy floor modules? Well, that’s the device that generates electricity with your footsteps. Not much to be honest, but if you are able to gather a crew, then you can manage to feed the i3 some electricity.

“BMW wants the audience to be part of the runs and asks them to share their energy on the ‘Electric Avenue’. This Electric Avenue, located at BMW marathon booths in Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt, is filled with our kinetic energy floor modules.

The public is invited to generate energy with their footsteps, in order to power the BMW i3 for the entire marathon distance of  42,195 km. We measure every step they take and show their progress on a massive screen. Will you share your energy with us in Berlin, Cologne or Frankfurt?”

Party people have another reason to switch to electric drive, it seems.

Source: Energy Floors

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44 dancers give u 60W, I like it, 1.4W a dancer. So u need 2000 dancers for 8 hours to charge a car. You’d get more energy from burning their hair and any excess body fat they were willing to donate but I geuss that would take more than 8 hrs to grow back so not really a fair comparison.

Just_Chris keep’n it real and crushing dreams.

Mike … I have some lottery tickets from last week’s draw. Would you like to buy them from me? You might become very rich!

Just_Chris, please do not crush his dreams!

You call it crushing dreams? I call it a reality check. Dreams should be encouraged, but only when there is at least a faint possibility of them being realized.

When people ignore the fact that some dreams are physically impossible, we get millions and millions of taxpayer dollars wasted on boondoggles like the “hydrogen highway”.


The idea was already proposed by a Renault Twizy ad featuring David Guetta, but it was just for fun.
I would never have thought somebody would ever actually build the thing.

James Buchanan Barnes

It’s kinda like what this other company did did with the Tesla car – anyone remember that??

its a cool concept if it works.