BMW i3 BusinessCar Review – Video


BusinessCar BMW i3 Review

BusinessCar BMW i3 Review

By now, we’ve seen several dozen BMW i3 reviews, but this one put forth by BusinessCar is unique in that the approach of the reviewer is focused mostly on fleet/business users.

As BusinessCar states:

“Costs and the bottom line are paramount for corporate vehicle operators, but company cars also need to be fit for purpose. BusinessCar’s road tests, for example, are the most comprehensive in the industry – they are weighted in favour of the vehicle’s running costs but also provide intricate data on every other aspect that makes a difference to businesses.”

So, if you happen to own a fleet of vehicles and are perhaps deciding on whether or not the electric BMW would be a worthy/cost effective addition to your fleet, then this BMW i3 review is the one for you.

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It’s absurd that a “business” review would not address the implied cost savings of using, and servicing, an EV.

The most efficient hybrid yet. So, it has that appeal. Two fuel sources in an emergency situation.

It’s nice but it’s not a TESLA.
So, it’s not the MOST appealing EV yet.

To say with a straight face that this is the most appealing electric car yet. This guy just doesn’t know what he doesn’t know…

The ‘best’ and ‘most appealing’… except for a Model S I guess…