BMW i3 Bumper Modification: Out With The Two Tone

JAN 26 2016 BY WARREN M 32

Factory White Bumper Panel

Factory White Bumper Panel

I have always found the looks of the i3 to be a somewhat mixed bag of love and hate for me.

I love the looks from the side with the 20″ wheels. I like the front end.

Thumbs Up For Fluid Black Image On The BMW i3 "Shadow Sport" (only 50 made)

Thumbs Up For Fluid Black Image On The BMW i3 “Shadow Sport” (only 50 made)

But I hate the multi-colored rear bumper, and toaster side rear quarter panels. I was so embarrassed by the rear end of the i3 (highlighted by those motorcycle size tires), that I usually backed it in when parking on my driveway.

In my opinion, the new fluid black color choice makes the rear of the i3 look much more uniform and aggressive.

Well, since I have the Capparis White i3, I started to Photo Shop the rear bumper all black, and liked it better than the factory two tone bumper treatment. I was surprised you could purchase the rear bumper cover insert panel for only about $80. So I ordered it, had it painted, and installed it last night. It was relatively easy to install. I just removed the lower middle valance panel, and was able to release all the panel tabs with my fingers.

Removing the factory white panel. New black panel ready for installation. (background)

Removing the factory white panel. New black panel ready for installation. (background)

This is what the bumper looks like with the white panel removed.

BMW i3 Without Bumper

BMW i3 Without Bumper

The Finished Result

BMW i3 With New Bumper Panel

BMW i3 With New Bumper Panel

Medium tint and small rocker decal to highlight the blue strip.

Medium tint and small rocker decal to highlight the blue strip.

BMW i3 Bumper Mod Complete

BMW i3 Bumper Mod Complete

Overall, I am very pleased with the results. I am also experimenting with a few decals here and there, just to let others know the car is electric, as I “educate” them on how not all electric cars are slow golf carts!  I like to do subtle mods, which a casual bystander might not even realize is a departure from factory stock.


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Looks better without the two tone to me.

It’s supposed to be ugly.
This is Gen 1, They don’t want it to sell.

It looks better.

DAAMN1! That’s how it should be done!

BMW definitely should do an all-red Tom Moloughney Special Edition. Sort of like the way they did the “Shadow Sport” special edition. Looks nice.

Thanks. Believe it or not, I did ask them to add “Moloughney Red” as an option, but only got a smile and a “No Tom, that’s not happening”. I think it would sell well 🙂

Tom, I like yours because it stands out. It’s nice to have a color nobody else has. The only colors I can take on an i3 are charcoal grey and black. The stock color scheme makes me yak! It’s quirky, funky and a bit overdone as it is – then they go for the two-tone treatment, and it’s robo-car, all the way. No matter how we slice it – BMW is going to have to come up with some serious range increases even as a stop-gap until perhaps a gen2 i3 is introduced. I just don’t see how they will sell if Bolts and M3s are cruising around with twice or even 60% more range for thousands of dollars less. Peder’s door article yesterday was fantastic. What a cool read! The butterfly doors on i8 make sense on a sports car – especially since the doors are CFRP. The video kdawg shared of the robust gentleman trying to extricate himself from the BMW had me ON THE FLOOR! 🙂 I could see myself purchasing a used i8 as an investment and a sheer wow-factor car. Not that it’s practical in any way – but it’s a technological tour-de-force in many… Read more »

How easy is to prise away the panel from the body by hand? Any chance of a vid??

So James, tell us how you really feel about the i3

James, after much careful review of your EV spewing hate, you have won an award of your very own. It the “your a jerk and loser” award. In order for most of us to value your opinion, we would have to respect you.

Brian, James is just giving his opinion. There is no reason to get so offended. I happen to agree with most of what he said, however the BMW i3 was designed with efficiency in mind. To race against the Suzuki Swift you would have to recode the computer. For instance, if the BMW i3 senses a tire spin it will cut back power. A race car it is not. In spite of all the things that James mentioned, I still like the BMW i3 Rex. The only reason why I have not bought one as of yet is because I will not sacrifice my warranty to make the car functional in range extended mode. I am waiting for the 2017 BMW i3 Rex with “hold mode” and more all electric range.

That’s not EV spewing hate; it’s valid criticism of the i3’s design, performance, value, and marketing. There’s things I love about the i3 like its high efficiency, rear wheel drive, innovative crash safety features, and rust resistance; and there’s things I absolutely hate about the i3 like its suicide doors, non-sealed frunk, two-toned color schemes, and too small gas tank. Even if all new cars sold were EVs, there would still be criticism (hate) for the design and engineering choices made by automakers on certain model of EVs.

For what it’s worth, I really like my 1st gen Volt, but I really hate lack of headroom in the backseat. It’s turned out to be a bigger hassle then I thought it would be. The lack of headroom in the 2nd gen Volt would preclude me from considering purchasing it, even though I believe it is a significant improvement over the 1st gen Volt.

These are the preocupations and problems of first world people , how the colour of my rear bumper lacks “style”.


sounds like a couple more readers might be interested in that ignore button..

scroll, scroll, the site
gently past the.. (fill in the blank)

Warren, thanks for the updates to the article. I appreciate it.


Do you have a part number for that piece? Also…if you could provide a bit more detail how to remove the old one I would appreciate it!

Any thoughts on how that blue strip under the doors would come off? Got another “mod” in mind…