BMW i3 & BMW i8 Worldwide Sales

BMW i3


BMW i3

BMW i3

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BMW i8

Courtesy of BMW, we present the 2014 global sales figures for both the BMW i3 and BMW.  Sadly, the numbers for now only show the results through the end of September:

Sales of the BMW i3 since the beginning of the year surpassed the 10,000 mark in September. In total, 10,199 units of this innovative electric vehicle were sold during the nine-month period. Following the market launch in the USA and Japan in the second quarter, the BMW i3 has also been available in China since October. 341 units of the BMW i8, launched in June, had been delivered to customers by the end of September.

If we look at U.S. sales in comparison to total global sales over the same timeframe, then the results are like this:

  • BMW i3 sales US May through end of September: 3,104
  • BMW i3 sales rest of world January through end of September:  7,095
  • BMW i8 sales US August through end of September:  67
  • BMW i38 sales rest of world June through end of September:  274

*Note: BMW i3 has been on sale in US since May 2014, while i8 has been on sale in US since August 2014.

For October US sales of the i3 and i8, click here.

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I bet you they can possibly double that if they would price the car more appropriately — at a 2 series level rather than a 5 series price point. Except the high cost of the battery everything else is lower standard, half the size, half the luxury and half the automation of a 5. I’m sure the dealerships must love having inventory on their lot from back in May when the car started going on sale!

Huh? It’s priced at 3 series levels. After tax rebate the i3 runs $35k to $45k

The cheapest BMW 5 series near me is $55k and quickly goes up to $88k.
3series here is $38 k to $67k
(Disclaimer, as far as I can tell on autotrader all are AWD in MN. BMW stopped bothering to sell RWD in MN because RWD is a joke here). Perhaps a RWD model will be slightly less.

BMW a will ALWAYS cost more than a Chevy or a Nissan. $38k Leaf and Volt is a floor for the i3 price

“Except the high cost of the battery everything else is lower standard, half the size, half the luxury and half the automation of a 5.”

The aluminum frame and carbon fiber reinforced plastic passenger compartment are considerably more expensive and valuable (lighter weight and rust-free) than conventional steel construction.

Yeah, but repairs can be expensive, increasing insurance premium.

What luxury automation are you talking about? The i3 is only missing power seats, which to me is a good trade off since each one can add 50-100 lbs each. Besides, how often do you actually use that luxury? Once when you pick up the car, right?. Otherwise, the i3 is a marvel of tech and comfort, especially if you have a Euro spec that has self-driving. It offers all the amenities any luxury vehicle should have. I’m guessing you’re in the US based on your “half-size” comment. Size does not exclusively dictate luxury and price. You’ve just been trained by US marketing and sales that large expensive SUVs and sedans are the only things that qualify as luxury. It’s no wonder we can’t have nor will ever see nice things here like a Scirocco. And just like the other comments, the materials used are significantly more expensive, not just for the CF and aluminum, but also includes the plastics, leather, and wool. Sustainably sourced and recycled materials cost more than new or mass produced materials due to the extra processing/labor, lower supply. Try shopping green and buying only organic or 100% recycled items.. they’re always more expensive.

The i3 can self park, something the Tesla can’t even do. Yes, the i3 can be loaded with luxury items just like other BMW models.

204 US sales of i8 is astoundingly good.

Especially with some BMW dealers charging surcharges to buy one (as reported by someone doing some i8 sleuthing).

My note about “204 US sales” pertains to the Oct. scorecard – to add on to the 67 thru Sept. This is more than I would have expected.

Given the i3’s relative success and Tesla’s AWD Proof of concept, I’m hoping that BMW will offer a future AWD option.

I also hope they uncripple the Rex.

I especially hope that other OEMs will follow BMWs lead and put higher AER PHEVs and REXs.

The i3 is a fantastic start and helped push electrification forward.

it’s the best of all,cost, design,flexability .a step up from the volt which is a great design it self.tesla is great but 80k plus ! is out reach of most people.

I wonder who can afford the i8? The dealer in southern California where we bought our i3 REX had an i8 on the showroom floor. The price on the window $231,000. That’s the 131 K list plus a 100 K “market adjustment!” Dealers say this is fair game, since we don’t go into Sears and try to negotiate a price on that new refrigerator.