BMW i3 Awarded Green Car 2014 by What Car?


BMW i3 Efficiency

BMW i3 Efficiency

Like the Tesla Model S, the BMW i3’s award case is filling up quickly.

BMW i3

BMW i3

This latest award for the i3 comes from What Car?

In the category of Green Car 2014, the BMW i3 took home the top What Car? honor.

Chas Hallett, What Car? editor-in-chief, stated:

“The i3 proves that electric motoring needn’t be pious. It suits the town roads where it will spend its life, but it offers fun and performance too.”

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Is this a joke?

This is JANUARY of 2014 … kind of premature to decide what the best thing of 2014 is.

They do it defferently. Guess when they held car of the year 2013? Pretty much all of the vehicles reviewed in 2013 are rounded up and compared to for the 2014 awards. The i3 won against the Renault Zoe and Tesla Model S. The main reasons why the i3 won was that the Zoe though cheap and little inclination with performance while the Model S would have likely won, its price tag of £68,000 was a hindrance compared to the i3’s £25,000 sticker price.
The Model S should’ve been competing in the Executive or Luxury car class.

“The i3 proves that electric motoring needn’t be pious.”

What? When was electric motoring ever pious?