BMW i3 Autocross – Video


“I really had a blast driving the all new BMW i3 at my local training event. This vehicle was designed from the ground up. It’s amazing!”

BMW i3 Autocross

BMW i3 Autocross

Says the uploader of this YouTube video.

The video quality isn’t stellar and it’s difficult to get a sense of speed as the BMW i3 weaves around the cones, but what we do catch in this video is that the i3 driver earlier tested the Chevy Volt and that he says the i3 way outperforms the Volt in terms of handling and cornering.

The Chevy Volt is not a performance-oriented vehicle, but neither really is the i3.

The i3’s above average handling and cornering are no doubt related to its low curb weight.  So too is the i3’s quickness off the line.

When weight is kept to a minimum, the fun level increases.  It’s as simple as that.

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LOVE this car.
It’s going to kill it in the US

Coney. You know it’s that thing where dwarves are painted orange and stand around.

I’ve been wanting to see the i3 at an auto-x for awhile now.
I just test drove the i3 Mega yesterday and can attest to it being super fun. Feels like driving a Go-Kart since it’s so light and nimble. I think the acceleration is underrated. 0-50 mph comes really really fast. Even in eco pro+, 0-40 was super quick. My current daily is a 400hp/400tq tuned 335i and I was impressed (even surprised). i3 is back at the top of my list.. now i’m debating if I need the REx or not since I live in a condo with no private access to power.

2799 lbs. ( unladen ) is NOT “light and nimble” as you describe for an automobile of i3’s size. Are we going to drive our EVs around cones or supermarket parking lots like go karts? I think not. So how is whipping a car around in doughnuts going to make a %50,000 purchase of a 70-80 mile range electric car a sound decision ( outside European driving environs )? Every track video or cornering picture I’ve seen of i3 shows substantial body lean. It’s still tall with very narrow, nearly motorcycle-sized tires. Given it’s plastic body – coated with a layer of carbon fiber ( CFRP ) it is a degree lighter than, say a steel Nissan LEAF which does the EXACT same duty ( 70-80 mile range ) and seats five. All this hype around a car that really makes zero sense at this price — it baffles me. “Better than Volt” ?!!!! Who buys an EV to floor around a parking lot? Not many. This quirky-looking German effort at a city EV in no way outperforms Volt in it’s prime purpose in life – to transport 1-4 people without range limits nor inconvenience. Just saying. Volt doesn’t handle… Read more »

So that was a BMW training event for dealer staff most likely. Many times those events are dealer staff m-f then on the weekend prospective buyers get a chance and they let people drive the circuit and grad some coffee or whatever.
Hope we get one in the DC area soon

lol … the farther they drove the more they sounded like Beavis and Butthead.

OK BMW fans – Call me a wet blanket, but —

I have found a BEV that is sold in the marketplace that outperforms i3 on an autocross course and is equally oddly designed IMHO. It’s called a Tango – you may be familiar with it – and it’s even taller and more weirdly shaped than the BMW. Hands-down it’s faster around an autocross course.

Perhaps Jay will post this video here to prove it.
(***mode edit*** video embed below ***mod edit***)

The Tango is produced in my state – like i3 is a total niche vehicle for people with more money than sense, has limited utility like i3 and also has all it’s center of gravity inches off the pavement – again, like i3.

Call this a radical comparison, since Tango costs as much as 2 i3s when equipped with a lithium pack – but the cheaper lead-acid model still shames i3 on the autocross course.

It’s food for thought. Especially when we try to wrap our heads around one i3 costing twice as much as a base Volt.

* notice the Tango, unlike i3 – has no body lean.