BMW i3 and Tesla Model S Make Shortlist for 2014 European Car of the Year


Model S Makes European Car of the Year Shortlist

Model S Makes European Car of the Year Shortlist

The shortlist for the 2014 European Car of the Year award has been announced and on that list of seven are two plug-ins vehicles.

32 initial nominees were in the running, but now only seven remain.

The winner of the award will be the “most outstanding new car to go on sale in the [last] 12 months,” according to Autocar.

Jurors from 23 countries will cast votes to choose the winner, which will be announced at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in March.

The two plug-ins making the shortlist are the BMW i3 and the Tesla Model S.

Here’s the entire shortlist:

  • BMW i3
  • Tesla Model S
  • Mazda 3
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class
  • Peugeot 308
  • Skoda Octavia
  • Citroen C4 Picasso

Source: Autocar

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10 Comments on "BMW i3 and Tesla Model S Make Shortlist for 2014 European Car of the Year"

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Tom Moloughney

Just having 2 of the finalists electric vehicles is great news. Hopefully the Model S or the i3 can bring home the gold.


Why am I not surprised that there’s a Skoda (VW member) on the list from Autocar?

Jay Cole

…I was actually thinking about posting a sarcastic comment about the Skoda Octavia on the list myself


George B
Why sarcastic? Škoda has been doing great things with the VW platform since they were acquired by Volkswagen in 1991. Their vehicles are enjoying increasing popularity in VW’s core markets. Yes, that’s is not very relevant for a green car website, but let’s remember that Czech automakers have contributed significantly to the evolution of the art. Škoda Auto emerged from Laurin & Klement, which used to manufacture bicycles for consumers in Austria-Hungary, like many automakers also did in their early years. Tatra, another Czech automaker is known for having manufactured the first production vehicle with an aerodynamic teardrop shape. Its Cd was very close to what many EVs are getting today. Of course, Tatras were made back in the 30s, when this type of aerodynamics was nearly unheard of. The vehicle was very popular with Germans, and VW was forced to pay royalties for features Tatra had patented first. Porsche noted later that “we looked over each other’s shoulders.” Ferdinand Porsche, best known for designing the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicle (Lohner-Porsche), the Volkswagen Beetle, and the Mercedes-Benz SS/SSK, was born to German-speaking parents in Maffersdorf in Northern Bohemia, part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at that time, and what is today… Read more »
Jay Cole

I probably should have qualified…personally, I have a problem with awards on cross-shared platforms that otherwise would not qualify as a new platform as they have essentially already competed.

Skoda Octavia = Golf Mk7/Audi A3…there is an incredible parts bin overlap on the car.

And seeing how the Golf won this award in 2013…I’d prefer to not see this car on the list at all.

George B

Thanks for clarifying. Understood, yes, there is significant overlap, and Škoda is using the VW parts bin extensively. That said, they have been doing great work, and have been enjoying increasing popularity. The brand has separate identity, and the vehicle different enough character to help explain this decision. Škoda was known as an insider tip in recent years. Considering that the Golf Mk7 won this award, Autocar alone knows why they decided to put the new Octavia on the candidate list.

Jay Cole

…all my bad on that one George, (=

George B

Thanks, and no worries, I just find it interesting. The Car of the Year website seems to have a more comprehensive candidate list. The Renault ZOE appears to be on it as well:

Jay Cole

Yes, it was. They have a couple rounds to cut the list down. We should have noted the Zoe was in contention at one point.


Give it to the i3 even though the Model S is much better. Let the German win some recognition. Their auto biz needs some help. 😉 (Well, their electric auto biz certainly does.)