BMW i3 $10,000 Utility Discounts To End on July 31st


If you’re looking for a fantastic deal on a BMW i3, it’s time to act fast.

Earlier this year we reported that BMW was partnering with Southern California Edison to provide a $10,000 discount for any new BMW i3 purchase. The offer was available for all SCE customers and employees. Soon thereafter, we learned that BMW was partnering with about a dozen more electricity providers in six other states as well as the District of Columbia to offer the same $10,000 discount on new i3 purchases (not leases).

Well, all good things come to an end and now we have confirmation from BMW that after extending the program longer than initially planned, the $10,000 i3 utility discount will end simultaneously for all providers on July 31st, 2018.

It’s worth noting that this discount is in addition to the Federal Tax credit, and any available State incentives. Also, all new BMW i3s come with BMW’s ChargeNow DC Fast free charging program, which gives the owner two years of unlimited DC Fast charging on the EVgo network.

Participating electricity providers:

PSEG in New Jersey and Long Island, New York.

JCP&L in New Jersey.

Potomac Edison in Maryland.

National Grid in upstate New York.

Atlantic City Electric in southern New Jersey

BGE in the Baltimore area of Maryland.

Delmarva Power in Delaware and Maryland.

Pepco in Maryland and Washington DC.

BELD in Braintree Massachusetts.

Southern California Edison in Sothern California.

SDG&E in the San Diego area.

SMUD in Sacremento, California.

PG&E in Northern California.

Program details: 

Offer deadline: July 31st, 2018

Eligible customers: Utility customers and immediate family members living in the same household

Proof of eligibility:  – Utility bill for utility customers

                                    – Customer’s utility bill & proof of residence for immediate family members of a utility customer

Eligible Vehicles: New 2018 BMW i3 or i3s (BEV and REx models)

Offer: $10,000 of cash purchase or financing through BMW Financial Services

Offer details: Does not apply to leases; incentive is not combinable with other offers or promotions (such as loyalty, event discount codes, etc.)

Time is running out on the $10,000 utility discount. If you’ve been thinking about buying a 2018 BMW i3s, and you live in a participating utility’s service area, the time to act is now.

So if you’ve been thinking about buying an i3 and you live in a participating electricity provider’s service area, it’s time to place your order before these great utility discounts expire.

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The catch is that it’s only available on purchases, not leasing. Even after considering all credits, that comes out to around $28k for a base model. Not bad, especially for a BMW, but especially since one would still need to wait for a good six or more months to realize the tax credit savings, that certainly gives a lot of people pause, especially those who are financing the purchase.

True, but I’m sure you can work the dealers in your area to bring down the purchase price even more…since all those discounts, incentives, etc are not from any dealer.

If the current i3 had a range of 214 miles instead of 114, I might recommend it. It is a very good bev overall if don’t mind it’s “functional” look….which is fine to me btw

The i3 REX qualifies for the discount.
And let’s face it, most people don’t drive 114 miles a day, and will only rarely use the gas engine.

You have the choice to buy now, or wait for the improved battery. But, with this discount it pays to get the REX and not wait.

I don’t drive my car 114 miles a day, however I do more than that every other weekend or so, so I could not afford buying an electric car with a range of less than 200 miles or more than $20000. I ended up going for a used Chevrolet Volt. It makes the matter worse that I cannot install a charging station where I park overnight, so I charge mostly at work. A car with less than 200 miles of range, even if with a range extender is a must for people like me (may be I’m the only one out of 10 people in the planet who do. I don’t know)

Even with this $10,000 discount in key states, BMW could move only 500 units of i3. So what happens after that when the rebate expires. Do they expect someone to pay the $44,000 price tag for a car with just 114 mile range when a 5 seater car with 310 mile range is available for the same price.

Is BMW expecting that when Tesla hits 200,000 threshold, all its customers will disappear and everyone will flock back to BMW.

Nissan gave $10,000 discount for its Leaf because it was the 7th year for that 1st generation and the 2nd generation has a much higher 151 mile range. Just wondering why BMW is giving such a big discount.

This shows if the dealership only stocks 1 i3 per lot, there’s no way they can support a surge in demand. The same with GM and the Volt. One car per lot means if something happens like high fuel prices, GM and the dealership won’t benefit, because they have No Stock.

BMW cars are less desirable than Hyundais when ICE engines are out of the picture.

( Joke of the day. )

Burning inventory to clear the way for the 120ah batteries maybe? I recall the updated batteries slated for late 2018. Any word on this yet @tommolog

Probably, but with this discount, for most people it just doesn’t pay to wait.

I designed and purchased an i3S Rex…$10k is almost $11k because of sales tax savings…dealer discounts st least $4k..I managed $4.750 or over $5k again with tax savings…NYS $1,700…Feds $7,500. That’s a total discount of almost $26k….for one of the best EVs on the road….I used Rex for first time on a 275 miles road trip to Cape Cod…only after a CCS charger was not available. This trip took two charging stops, one at a free EVgo DC fast and second at aBMW dealer’s -chargepoin+ DC Fast.

The “sports mode “is HOT… The car handles like a sports car.. I see major improvements over my 2014 BEV i3 and I love them.

I love this car a much as my TSLA S85…two very different cars but each stands tall for great design and handling…actually the i3S is way more fun to drive.

JMB, can you share the name of the dealer who gave you the discount?

I’m looking to see if I can order an i3s now, to lock in the incentive, but not take delivery until a few months later (when my X3 lease is up). One dealer said yes, he could order it now, hold the car for me when it arrives, and I’d still get the $10k discount. Another dealer said no, the incentive is only guaranteed for 90 days after my order, which would be too soon for me to take delivery.

Anyone know which one is right?