BMW i Video Compilation: Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Drive Now, Carbon Fiber, Lightweighting and Parking Solutions


Above and below are the latest BMW i videos, which touch upon various aspects of the i3.

The video series covers sustainability, renewable energy production, carbon fiber construction, car sharing, parking solutions and more.

These brief clips are straight to the point and take you inside the ideas and methods that are the driving forces behind BMW i.

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Bla bla bla
Are we supposed to forget what BMW has done and what they are? that they fought against EVs and that the i3 is a half assed effort that even fails to be light weight despite the use of carbon fiber (much heavier than the all metal Audi A2). And has piss poor aerodynamics because they are incompetent fools.

BMW engineers are incompetent fools? Yeah, they are known for that …

Dude, just think for a moment before you open your mouth, you are embarrassing yourself and this whole website.

If the car’s aerodynamics are not as good as those of some sedan it’s because it is short and high as all city cars are, it is just not an ideal shape for aerodynamics. Aerodynamics matter little in the city anyway. And if it is heavier than an Audi A2 it just might have something to do with the fact that is has a heavy battery to lug around. Most electric cars have to …

Have you ever considered sending job application to BMW? I bet they are just waiting for people like you. Somebody with your superior skills and knowledge should be able to show them how it’s done and save the planet in no time at all.

Dan’s hyperbole gets a bit tiring. But the fact is that a major OEM, building a small 4 seat, electric sedan from carbon fiber, and aluminum, apparently can’t match the weight, or exceed the range of a twenty year old Honda Civic converted in a guy’s garage.

Admittedly, some of the extra 400 pounds of pork in the BMW is navigation/entertainment electronics, and power steering/windows/door locks, etc. that we now seem to require.

Warren, you have the safety devices like airbags and reinforcements to pass crash modern tests. I had a 1985 CRX Si which weighed 1,900lbs four years later the same car weighed nearly 2,300lbs and it was mainly due to the new safety regulations that went into effect during the late 80’s. Agreed about Dan, anyone that wants to know what he’s about just needs to do a search of his name…

Some pompous jerk from BMW tells the bicycle industry to watch out, because BMW has just “invented” a bicycle too. 🙂

I liked the Videos….and I am eagerly looking forward to more word on the i3.

Hey Dan. Did they kick you out of ABG for all the stupid comments you make over there? Please tone down your remarks….this is a pro i3 website. If you don’t like the i3 no one is making you stay….feel free to leave.