BMW i Cumulative Sales Approaching 40,000 Worldwide

OCT 14 2015 BY MARK KANE 19

BMW i8 & i3

BMW i8 & i3

Our internal estimations indicate that BMW at some point this month should hit 40,000 BMW i3 and i8 sales worldwide.

A significant achievement, thanks to a record 3,776 i car deliveries in September (with 3,361 i3 and 415 i8).

In the past 12 months, sales of BMW i are moving in a constant fashion, although compared to 2014, the growth is significant.

September’s surge maybe heralds another step-up into regular 3,000+ territory?

After selling around 1,000 i3 in late 2013, and 17,793 i3/i8 in 2014, in the nine months of 2015 BMW already delivered 20,576 i cars.

BMW i3 + i8 sales worldwide

BMW i3 + i8 sales worldwide

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Crazy – still feels like they just started.

please make a 33kwh i3 bev!!!

Ok, but only because you said please!

I have to wonder how the BEV version of the i3 will be affected with the Leaf comes out with the larger battery? BMW will appear inferior. I doubt the Rex version will be affected much. I hope BMW is working on getting a little more range into the I3.

Well, if they start by putting a battery in the space otherwise used for the Rex engine, they are in Leaf 2016 territory.

I have been asking the same question for a while. Once I saw the video of an i3 autocrossing with the motor access cover off and a camera in the trunk I got my answer: The motor and it’s suspension move all over the place (by design). You would not want the extra battery moving around like that and if you carved out a section that would not interfere with the motor there would not be enough usable space to do anything with.

Sell all the i3s while you can… the day the Model ≡ starts mass production is the day i3 sales start to tank.

By then the i4 will compete well

So the i4 will go maybe 90 miles on battery power? They have been talking about the i4 since 2011, probably even before. BMW has no serious commitment to EV’s. If they really believe that EV is the future why does it take five plus years to get an i3 into production and only sell around 30,000 units in 2 years. That does not even represent 1% of their sales volume. The Tesla Model S has been in production well over three years and still the best EV from BMW is an i3 that goes 81 miles and cost over $50,000 and looks like, . . . well let’s just say it will not win any style/design competition, nor will it win a EV race with a Tesla.

Considering BMW is now selling close to 10% of their vehicles are plug-in vehicles, I find it hard to comprehend how anyone could claim they aren’t serious. No other manufacturer besides Tesla has a sales percentage that high.

What about BYD? According to
They’re at at 20%+ (the article says 19%, but that not counting the fact that BYD does things other than cars).
They expect to sell 65K-75K EVs this year, which isn’t bad at all…

“Serious” means they have a pure EV car that is selling to the public that is somewhat comparable to the three-year-old Tesla Model S. BMW wanted journalist and to compare the new i3 to the Tesla Model S, and not the Leaf or Volt. You should read the articles they wrote, especially when the journalists drive up long hills.

Add 220,000 Leafs and approaching 100k Teslas, it won’t be too long we will have ~500k EVs world wide.

With up to 1000gal/year of gasoline demand destruction per vehicle, that starts adding up.

Also, electric vehicles should last 30+ years since the maintenance and reliability is much higher than ICE cars.

“1000gal/year of gasoline demand destruction per vehicle”

More like 500gal/year if you take fleet average, and even less for small cars.

I drive 15.000 km/year (~Europe average) and consume less than 250 gallons/year. Europe average should be around 350 gallons/year if you assume 8l/100km. And 8l/100km is a high estimation. New Golf uses 6l/100km. 8l/100km should be the consumption of a big car (C-class). If course there are more Golf and other even smaller cars sold, than there are big luxury cars sold.

There are already over 1 million PEVs by September 2015, of which over 600,000 are all-electrics. And by the way, Nissan in a video published here said they are approching 200,000, but actually, because of the 2015 slow down in Leaf sales, cum sales should be in the neighborhood of over 190,000, still a few months away from the 200,000 milestone.

Adding China sales and you are already above 500.000 sales.

According to Jose’s numbers this year we hit already 285.000 in August. If i remember correct last year was ~200.0000 and 2013 was ~100.000. Be happy 🙂

Way to go, BMW!