BMW Group Sells 7,184 Plug-Ins In August, Nearly 58,000 YTD

SEP 13 2017 BY MARK KANE 6

The BMW Group seems to be satisfied with the sales of its new plug-in models this year; specifically, the 530e iPerformance which noted more than 1,000 sales last month (more than a third in the US), taking over 6% of total 5 series sales (ex-China), while the new MINI Countryman PHEV sold nearly 500 units, representing 9% of Countryman sales – much higher than originally anticipated.

BMW 530e iPerformance

In total, combined sales of BMW i, BMW iPerformance and MINI Electric plug-ins for August stood at 7,184 deliveries which was 26.8% more than year ago.

Market share of plug-ins inside the group amounted to a decent 4.23%.

However, the 57,895 units sold in the first eight months of this year (up 67%) does makes us wonder whether BMW will be able to reach its goal of 100,000 for 2017.

With four months to go, sales would need to exceed 10,500 on average, a result which BMW has yet to achieve for any month in its history – but then again, historically the last 4 months of the year have shown significant gains for BMW plug-ins.  Coin flip anyone?

“Sales of the BMW Group’s unrivalled range of electrified vehicles continue to grow strongly. A total of 57,895 BMW i, BMW iPerformance and electrified MINI vehicles have been delivered to customers around the world since the start of the year, an increase of 67.0%.

With a total of nine electrified automobiles on sale today, ranging from the BMW i3 (combined fuel consumption in the EU test cycle 0,0 l/100 km; combined electricity consumption 13,1 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions 0 g/km) through the MINI Countryman (fuel consumption in the EU test cycle: 2.3 – 2.1 litres/100 km, electricity consumption 14 kWh/100 km, CO2 emissions: 52 – 49 g/km) to the BMW 7 Series, the BMW Group has an 11% share of the global electrified market, far ahead of any other traditional car maker.

In Europe, the BMW Group has a 21% market share (Source: IHS / POLK, 31 August 2017).”

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Still surprising the low sales of the i3 in the US.
( Lease one. )
They drive very nicely.
Are rich people too lazy to get an L2 charger installed?

I personally think it’s because BMW can’t stock it in the US.

They have capacity for only something like 30k/year (because it is carbon fiber). They seem to sell enough in Europe to where they don’t need to bring anymore to the states.

I3 sales in the US primarily suffer because we have the excellent Volts as a much cheaper option and they both overlap a great deal as compact 4 seater PEVs.

I do really like the I series architecture and I (pun intended) wish that BMW would start moving all their platforms to the same basic idea of skateboard chassis with optional drop in range extenders.

They could drop the overly expensive carbon fiber and just go with nixed metals of aluminum, high strength steel and normal steel to keep costs down.

Do they really compete with Chevy? I think people tend to buy brands they like, as long as they can afford it, and of course offer a product they need/want. If they don’t, they will go for their second choise of brand and car. . And so on. I’m like that on phones. I would never buy an iPhone due to the locked in OS. So I have to choose a manufacturer that makes a more open OS, and see what models they offer. I’m kind of like that with many products. I buy cameras from Nikon, not Canon. I still own a Hasselblad, but it’s not my primary camera. I’m sure Canon makes more then good enough cameras for my use. I’ve always used a Playstation as a gaming console, not the Xbox. . But maybe I’ll buy both. And once in a while I don’t care. I buy stuff because of price, a feature, or just because that product is good. We do have a few i3 Models at work. Not the best looking car, but they have worked flawless so far. What I do like about them is the Technology, the materials used, the Production (I’m a… Read more »

In this market with only 2 real EREV type cars, Chevy Volt is a somewhat competitor with the I3.

This doesn’t mean that their are not badge snobs who wouldn’t be caught dead in a Chevy.

But, unfortunately for BMW, Tesla is now going to compete much more directly with the Model 3 for people who want a higher end brand then the excellent value that is the Volt.

So, in the US, I3 sales have been and will continue to be heavily impacted by these competitors.

Not so much in Europe yet, but the Model 3 is coming there too.

BMW’s slow drag on the i5 is very discouraging, while they release more high performance M series and new vehicles in the high performance segment, that should have been electrified by now.

But, this is Capitalism, they’re slow pace means TESLA will surely pick up the market share it needs to be the number 1 player in the field. The fight for BMW and Mercedes is for the number 2 spot. Because at this pace, they both are essentially not even in the race with TESLA.

If their investors are risk adverse they lose marketshare.