BMW Forced To Remove Pure Impulse World Package From i8 Due To Leather Shortage

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BMW Forced To Eliminate Pure Impulse World Package Due To Leather Shortage

U.S. BMW dealerships have begun reaching out to their i8 customers with an update on their orders. According to the bulletin, there is a shortage of the Carum Spice Grey Full Leather due to an overwhelming amount of orders of the Pure Impulse World package. BMW says that 90% of the production was secured as Pure Impulse World to meet the expected demand of this unique package.

The leather supplier has indicated that they cannot meet the initial worldwide demand and BMW has been forced to reduce projections of anticipated supply.

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In order to secure the August and September i8 units, BMW USA needs to remove the Pure Impulse World from 163 vehicles. These orders will be updated to Tera World Exclusive Dalbergia Brown Leather.

BMW runs out of Pure Impulse i8 leather

For customers that will not accept the change, the company will offer the i8 in Q1 2015.

Pure Impulse World Package

Pure Impulse World Package

For more on the Pulse Impulse World package, click here.

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“Demand has overwhelmed us.” Give us a break!
Who comes up with these mythical stories.
I say kill more cows. But truth be told, it’s the “Bull” that should be slaughtered !!

It’s nice that those wanting sustainable electric transport, also want unsustainable cow hides to wrap their seats in… No hypocrisy here! 😉

If steers are going to be steaks anyway, why not use every part of them?

Cows used for leather and cows used for beef are different species.

Hypocrisy is claiming you won’t buy leather for sustainability reasons but you will buy an i8 instead of using public transport and a bicycle.

This thread reminds me of a customer I once had whose personalized license plate was PETA but the car had leather seats.

Isn’t walking more sustainable than bicycle, bus, and road production? Where does the whining about what other people do end?


Well, the i8 isn’t exactly the super eco-friendly car.

Oh, I thought this was about the i3 not having leather available… Sorry. 😀

What is unsustainable about leather? Animals and their hides will likely still be here even after humans become extinct. They will be gone after the Sun runs out of fuel, but sustainable enough!


@Rob Stark: Not to startle you with reality but anyone who can afford an i8 is not going to use a bike or public transportation.

This only affects 163 vehicles?

Nothing to see here.