BMW M5 Finally Matches Tesla Model S P90D To 60, P100D Still King


It’s taken awhile for BMW to come out with an M5 that can match the performance of a Model S, but the day has finally come, according to tests conducted by Car And Driver.

Is there a new king in town or not? Let’s go with not.

Read This – Tesla Model S P100D 0 To 60 MPH In 2.28 Seconds

Motor Trend Test Results For Model S P100D

The new 2018 BMW M5 features a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 with 600 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque.  Car and Driver recently tested it out and found that it can zip from 0 to 60 MPH in just 2.8 seconds. The automotive publication states:

 “In 2.8 seconds you’re at 60 mph and in 10.9 you’re whisked through the quarter-mile at 129 mph.”

“That makes the new M5 the quickest sedan we’ve ever tested, tying a Tesla Model S P90D to 60 mph but pulling ahead by 100 mph and in the quarter-mile.”

What Car and Driver fails to mention is that it’s never tested the Tesla Model S P100D, which is quicker to 60 MPH than the P90D and thus quicker than the new 2018 BMW M5 too.

The Model S P100D has been tested by other publications. Posted 0 to 60 MPH times vary a bit, but 2.4 seconds is easily doable. And 2.28 seconds is possible.

So, worry not Tesla and electric car fans. The new 2018 BMW M5 has no chance of being the quickest sedan available. That title still easily is held by the Tesla Model S P100D.

Source: Car and Driver

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Wait until the M5 Competition comes out maybe it can match the P100D in quickness

2.28 sec? How do you even measure the acceleration at a precision of 0.01 sec? LOL!

Tesla fanboys should be back to school to study some physics.

You know, there’s this wonderful thing called science that when is used by engineers, is able to develop the strangest things ever!. Like being able to count the smallest times, even nanoseconds, by using special materials and processors named High Precision Event Timers. Magical!

You should study error margins and rounding a bit. 2.28 secs is just incorrect. It should be 2.3 secs in this case.

Why not just round up to 2.5 seconds. Oh wait it’s still quicker than the M5!

Rounding? Why do you need to round? If you round it to 2.3 secs why not round it to 2 secs.

If you measure something to a precision of 0.01 secs then you certainly can report it to a precision of 0.01 secs

The accuracy of VBOX is 0.06 mph which is not enough for a resolution of 0.01 secs. Jesus..

John, do you know there is something called digital watch? everything can be measured by .01 second. Running, swimming, racing, anything to do with speed.

Haha, it’s John that needs to go back to school. We can easily measure 10ms, 10us, even 10ps. Otherwise, we won’t have the Internet or many other things. Check out Stratum timings.

The problem is that also your other source values must be of the same precision or more. If you want to use 1 us, then you should somehow measure the speed with a precision of 0.000001 mph. Jesus you fanboys are lost in basic physics.

They measured a time

They did it with a clock that is accurate to 0.01 secs

What other “source value” or physics is involved?

Speed? The accuracy of VBOX is only 0.06 mph and that doesn’t include the delay.

If measured a speed they only need to measure time and distance or more likely integrated up acceleration.

Measuring time to an accuracy of 0.001 secs is trivial.

Measuring, filtering and integrating up acceleration to an accuracy of 0.01mph over a 5 sec period is trivially easy.

Buy the right equipment and measure accurate results.

Little Johnny was trying to be cute

You cannot tell when the car is doing exactly 60 mph. Speed is by definition average speed.

Why not?

You can use laser time of flight to measure position with less than 1cm accuracy, but even +-10cm error at 60 mph corresponds to 0.003s timing error.

An accelerometer only has to have 0.001g accuracy to measure 0-60mph time within a few milliseconds (unless the car is really slow).

I’m pretty sure this kind of an approach was not used.

Just a common VBOX that everyone owns and uses now for these tests.

From Car and Driver: “the VBOX must be in communication with at least four of 24 GPS satellites orbiting the earth. As a vehicle travels down the test venue, there’s a minuscule shift in the arrival time of the radio signals that travel between the satellites and the VBOX’s antenna. By measuring this shift, the VBOX calculates speed, acceleration, and distance. Racelogic, the company that makes the VBOX, asserts that its devices are accurate to within 0.06 mph.”

0.06 mph! And guess what? IT’S NOT ENOUGH!

Accuracy is one thing, but what is the delay of the measurement? In any case the 0.06 mph is not accurate enough for a time resolution of 0.01 secs.

No ding dong, speed (velocity) is speed.

You can determine instantaneous velocity, you don’t need to average anything.

The problem here is measuring speed like John said. It’s impossible to measure speed with the required precision in the first place.

I bet the 2.28 is not even an average of multiple runs like it should be in every serious measurement.

Of course it’s possible.

Measurement isn’t the issue. Variation of track and car conditions is.

They can’t measure speed that accurately?

Get an education

Velocity can be measured as either distance over time with both distance and time being able to measured to extreme accuracy or it can be determined by integrating up acceleration over time and acceleration can be very accurately measured as well

They used VBOX and its accuracy is not enough!

Please tell me that you’re not a roadster in space denier?

You cannot even tell when the car is doing exactly 60 mph. Speed is by definition average speed.

Don’t tell GPS that! Boy are you behind the times.

LOL…do you really think it’s an absolute and exact value? 😀

WOW! I didn’t now the update delay of GPS speed is less than 0.01 s and that the GPS speed is absolutely exact!

That’s not how VBOX works. Jesus christ just look it up. It’s not magic.

From Car and Driver:
“the VBOX must be in communication with at least four of 24 GPS satellites orbiting the earth. As a vehicle travels down the test venue, there’s a minuscule shift in the arrival time of the radio signals that travel between the satellites and the VBOX’s antenna. By measuring this shift, the VBOX calculates speed, acceleration, and distance. Racelogic, the company that makes the VBOX, asserts that its devices are accurate to within 0.06 mph.”

Accuracy of only 0.06 mph? Now you proved yourself that it’s not accurate enough! LOL 😀

There is a lot you don’t know John, clearly.

People have been measuring acceleration, distance and velocity to high levels of accuracy for a very long time. It isn’t rocket science, though rocket scientists do it too.

Don’t get all wrapped up in whether every time you accelerate from 0-60mph you will get the same number.

Your mileage may vary

You do realize even the Olympics need to measure humans in thousands of a second now!

Actually the resolution is 0.01 secs in the Olympics. The 2-man bobsleigh gold was shared due to two identical times!

Also, measuring when someone has achieved a certain _speed_ is a totally different problem. There’s no such thing in the Olympics.

So after hearing you guys argue against the accuracy of VBOX I’m dying to find out your expert armchair more accurate prediction.

Is the Model P100D quicker to 60 mph than the M5 or is the VBOX off by over half a second?

Well, the accuracy of VBOX is only 0.06 mph which is not enough..

You confuse the reported Olympic times with the precision of their timing equipment.

They actually measure times more accurately than 0.01 secs but for a variety of reasons choose, currently, to not use the more precise measurement or report them.

They have in the past used the normally unreported times to 0.001 secs to break ties.

See, for example, the 1972 Summer Olympics men’s 400m IM.


Good article in the New Yorker about Olympic timing. Go find it an educate yourself.

“At the 2012 Olympics, in London, Omega introduced two timers—the Quantum Timer and the Quantum Aquatics Timer—capable of measuring accuracy to a millionth of a second, although nobody has yet figured out what to do with them.”

Yeah, a fundamental limit of physics is that time can’t be measured to an accuracy of 0.01 secs.

Oh, wait, yes it can.

I’m thinking you might not be too smart

VBOX, which was used, can’t. Why do you want to make a complete fool of yourself?

The accuracy of VBOX is only 0.06 mph!

Pretty sure Tesla owners in general knows more about physics and are better educated than you.

I just wonder what is taking P120D so long..?

There isn’t going to be one according to Elon.

Elon said no to 120D but 125D will be available in less than 2 years… also 200D for Roadster2

Why do BMW and other still mess with ICEs when trying to beat Tesla, the only way they can match them is with an EV. Stop bringing a knife to a gun fight.!

Another Euro point of view

It must be awfully difficult & ridiculously expensive to make an ICE car capable to accelerate 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds. The gearbox in itself must cost more than the price of a budget car. Pointless. If purpose is quickness then just use an EV drive train, if purpose is making fast laps then that’s another story (EVs can make very fast laps but then battery weight has to be limited for cornering efficiency).

Well, the M5 costs much less than a P100D. Furthermore, if the M5 really does 129mph in the Quarter Mile, anything but a stand still, and the M5 will walk away from the P100D. Including cruising at 170mph on the Autobahn. And on any road course, the P100D would be toast. So yes, the Model S is impressive for what it does do. I spent 6hours giving ride and drive demonstrations in the P100D at our latest EV event. But I also know where the weaknesses of the Tesla area. The BMW M5 will still beat it in just as many performance metrics at the track, including handling. The M5 blows away the Tesla in interior creature comforts and craftsmanship and fit and finish also. Oh, and you are right, this is not even the competition package. And FYI, modified newer M5s are pushing 1000HP, 9 second quarter miles, and 140mph. This is 918 territory. And modified or not, the Model S simply cant come close to that. Of course the Tesla is impressive, but give the BMW M5 credit for what it can do, and the many things it can outperform the P100D in when it comes to speed… Read more »

How much a P100D costs?… Because in Europe the M5 starts from 120k Euro’s. The press says it may add quickly few tens of thousands for options. So, I would not say the M5 costs “much less” than the P100D.

Exchange rate is 1.25/1. Multiply the bmw by 25% plus options $. The total will be more than the P100D (162k) fully loaded

In Finland the M5 starts at 130 000+ €.

The M5 “costs less”. Haha… that’s probably news to your mechanic. Mechanics looove cars like the M5.

What the P100D can do well, most people can use in their daily driving. It is practical supremacy on the road.

What the M5 can do well, most people will never have use for. It is academic supremacy for people who like to talk about numbers that mean nothing to every day drivers. Even “170 mph on the Autobahn” — ridiculous. Who would drive like that except someone with more balls than sense?

Pulling ahead at 100 mph, when you use the word by it’s less precise as by has more than one meaning in this context. Though I realize that is a quote from the original story.

M5, what a machine! I’ve only driven the M3, but it’s another world of quality compared to my TMS. Also, not yet mentioned, BMW makes sh**-loads of money from their M cars, so indirectly, it’s funding their big focus on electric development, so stop complaining about it being ICE.

The most funny thing is that the time is 2.28 secs so that it’s “less” than the other correctly rounded times of 2.3 secs in the Wikipedia page of fastest accelerating cars 😀 YEAH! MODEL S IS SO MUCH FASTER!

While it’s all fun, this kind of speed is pretty silly in the real world. I test drove the P90D and floored it. While it’s fun a couple of times, it’s a parlor trick that costs you tens of thousands of dollars. I’d rather save the money and buy a Model 3 and a Fiat 500e and a Zero motorcycle and an electric bike, and take a first-class vacation to Hawaii. But if your junk is small and needs the speed, by all means go for it.

Think you forgot 900l boot space, almost twice the BMW, 7 seats possible, ota SW updates, autopilot that actually work, 0 emission, silence! The amazing acceleration is just a bonus.

What happens when there are a couple turns though??

And ya, all these cars are crazy fast and expensive. Personally I could care less if it went 0-60 in 2.1 or 2.9’seconds. Either is probably faster than most people can handle 🙂

And if Google is right the M5 starts at $30k cheaper so ya take that Hawaiian vacation 🙂

How do I know that any of you are real and not just Russian bots arguing with each other?

Good one, comrade.

Mueller is on it and President Tweet is hating it LOL

Gotta love all the fuss. ICE had had its day, noisy, polluting, sounds like they are having a real hard time getting these performance figures.
EV, quiet, no fuss, don’t sound like they are trying to break apart doing this performance stuff easily.
Petrol heads are just plain scared of this change. All that stuff they learned about engines guess out the window and they have to learn something new. In 50yrs this will be normal and you’ll be able to buy performance chips that really push the EV hardware to the limit.

Only issue I have ever had (my 2018 leaf is arriving in two weeks or so) is the lack of outside noise. Not for those with headphones in but for people that genuinely cant hear like the elderly and for that we need something that those people are used to hearing out for. synthesised sounds via speakers would be great so when we do our burn ups against ICE vehicles they will think we have a V10 under the hood/bonnet 🙂