BMW Exec: Decision On i5 Is In Final Stages

DEC 11 2015 BY MARK KANE 16

BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW is now reportedly in the process of deciding on its third BMW i model after the i3 and i8.

It’s expected that the new model will be called i5 and will be introduced in 2016, but everything, including the type of the car, is still to be decided at this point in time.

According to Autocar, BMW is considering a longer i3 “almost a mini-MPV” and/or “a saloon that could rival Tesla’s forthcoming Model 3“.

Separate to this news is that i8 is considered a retail success (several thousand sold), while i3 demand isn’t strong enough to be called the same (despite a 60% sales increase in 2015).  A more traditional/functional i5 might be just want the i brand needs.

“Robertson also admitted that the i3’s modest sales figures are being governed by demand, rather than the industrialisation and production issues that troubled the vehicle at the start of its life. “We see lots of outside factors involved,” he said, “including range anxiety, incentives in some countries but not in others, and the price of fuel [in the United States]. But sales of the i3 are up 60% year on year and it’s the third best-selling EV in the world. We’re convinced the i steps have been right.”

“The i8 sports car is considered more of a retail success than its smaller brother, with a healthy waiting list of orders.”

Source: Autocar

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Wonder which will happen first …
1. BMW puts the i5 into production; or,
2. the I-5 West Coast Electric Highway from Canada to Mexico is completed.
(There is still a gap in California between Sacramento to the Oregon boarder)

Even if it does, stopping 30 minutes for every 1 hr of driving is pointless.

We need 200miles/300 miles BEVs that can charge at 100kW rate. Beside Tesla, both are lacking for the so called West Coast “crappy” network.

They haven’t even decided on the type of car?
So all that’s left after that is:
Design the car
Create a prototype
Finalize design
Design the machines to build the car
Produce the car

So 2020 if they fast track it.

Unless they already have several prototypes in development and just don’t know which one to pick yet for production?

Perez, I tested the i3 Rex and my two 6 year old twins love the low cut windows. I think they had kids in mind when they designed the rear door windows. I like that BMW i3 Rex but the all electric range is not enough. I don’t care if the i3 is made of paper, plastic or polyester, it has to have 125 all electric miles (EPA). I think at 125 miles per charge this car will sell very well (better than it is selling now).

The i3 is sales bound because of range first and design second, combined with fairly high cost.

I happen to like the design though it could stand some tweaks, like fixing the lower window on the rear door which I still can’t get used to.

Cost won’t change. It’s a BMW after all.

So range is the key. For the i3 to remain competitive it needs new generation batteries ASAP.

batteries….also because every additional ~10kwh will enable another ~gallon of gas. i3 range grows by double what the extra kwh bring, because of those CA regs.

Make batteries first.

So will this be the goldilocks vehicle? Not a ridiculously impractical and expensive sports car . . . but also not a quirky little car with limited range, suicide doors, and rear windows that don’t go down.

(It still cracks me up how the driver of the i3 can fart and force the rear seat passengers to endure the fart because they can’t open their windows and they can’t open their doors. )

BMW….Soooo 0verrated…. Soooo 0verpriced!..HOWEVER…I do like the Rustproof Kevlar Plastic Body…

not fire proof

“a saloon that could rival Tesla’s forthcoming Model 3“

So BMW is building out their own Supercharger network? No? Then it won’t be able to rival the Tesla Model 3 without a rival fast charge network.

I read recently that:
1/ VAG (VW) Group were disapointed with the sales of their BEV’s
2/ That I3 were sold in lower numbers than first expected.
3/ That Mercedes were not in a hurry to produce a BEV.

No success story yet with BEV’s (by success story I mean profits and please do not mention Tesla huge Capex, all car makers have huge capex). I am however 100% certain it will come, I think 2018 will be the year where car makers will actually start to make profits selling BEV’s (again, all capex included…).

This explains rather slow mouvement regarding BEV’s. PHEV’s are another story, probably profit making right now yet.

You just explained why regulation exists. Why should BMW, VW or MB reach for a single battery, unless is not just profitable, but more profitable than combustion tech it replaces? And why should battery prices fall, if no capex went into the scale that achieved the economies? And why should the consumer get a compelling EV, anyway?

PVH, your capex standard made me think of these follow on questions, and what I think would be an ugly image of the auto sector.

You wanted PROFITS, so why point to Tesla Capex?

Tesla show 28% profit margin on Tesla S….

Picking arguments that suite You, or just can distinguish between revenue, profits and capital investment?

“just can NOT distinguish between”