BMW Equips 5 Series GT With Plug-In Hybrid Tech

DEC 17 2014 BY STAFF 8

bmw power edrive prototype 20 750x500 The Future Of BMW Plug in Hybrids Is Exciting

BMW 5 Series GT eDrive Plug-In Hybrid

BMW equips a 5 Series GT with the eDrive and TwinPower Turbo technology to showcase the future of plug-in hybrids.

The ongoing development and refinement of hybrid drive systems under the Efficient Dynamics program is geared in particular to maximizing the amount of time the vehicle spends in electric mode. Therefore, BMW is developing a new generation of “highly electrified” hybrid concept models.

First one to make its debut, the 3 Series eDrive Concept, will go on sale in 2016. Next year, the BMW X5 eDrive will also make its market debut.

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bmw power edrive prototype 17 750x499 The Future Of BMW Plug in Hybrids Is Exciting

BMW 5 Series GT eDrive Plug-In Hybrid

Future models using the Power eDrive technology will include significantly higher-powered electric motors and batteries with twice the capacity of present versions. The Power eDrive electric drive system will contribute approximately two thirds of the vehicle’s combined output. The new BMW engines family with TwinPower tech will fill in the other third.

bmw 3 series plug in hybrid drivetrain 10 500x750 The Future Of BMW Plug in Hybrids Is Exciting

BMW 5 Series GT eDrive Plug-In Hybrid

The drive components used in these future hybrid systems will offer combined outputs in excess of 500 kW, while the capacity of the lithium-ion batteries – up to 20 kilowatt hours – will likewise be greatly in excess of current hybrid systems.

The increased all-electric driving range will reach up to 100 km (62 miles), essentially the new plug-in hybrids could run in the electric mode every day.


BMW 5 Series GT eDrive Plug-In Hybrid

The combustion engine will fulfill several roles, such as providing a power boost when needed, extending the driving range and provide some recharging capabilities.

On future plug-in hybrid concepts the electric motor, which will be the main source of power for everyday driving, will continue to drive the rear wheels, while the addition of a second electric motor driving the front wheels will create an all-electric road-coupled all-wheel-drive system. At the same time, an internal combustion engine will also supply power to the front axle.

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8 Comments on "BMW Equips 5 Series GT With Plug-In Hybrid Tech"

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Sounds a lot like the Volt… hmmmm.

Warren M

Except the BMWs will be capable of premium sports car levels of acceleration. Than an exciting concept I like. More like a Panamera plug in, without the meager range.

David Murray

Now that sounds like a nice, capable PHEV. Definitely competition for the Volt.


Except the BMW will be way more expensive.


Next year when the second generation Chevy Volt comes to market they will have no competition in that space until the Germans get serious, then no one will be laughing. My next car will be the second generation Chevy Volt, but in the next few years if (when) the Germans come out with something better I will consider it.


BMW lent us an ear, and now it looks like they’ve listened.

We’re talking EREV, with the gravy of AWD for the masses. Complying, with a great car. Imagine that.


I like

I like very much


Don’t get too excited about this BMW EREV. It’s just a prototype. It may never make it to market, and if it does the price will probably be over $75,000.