BMW DriveNow Launches In London With 30 i3s Coming In 2015


BMW ActiveE electric vehicle that is offered in DriveNow, BMW's car sharing program in San Francisco

BMW ActiveE electric vehicle that is offered in DriveNow, BMW’s car sharing program in San Francisco

Map of DriveNow Locations - Note: London Not Yet Listed

Map of DriveNow Locations – Note: London Not Yet Listed

A BMW car sharing program previously limited to Germany and San Francisco, California is now moving into London:

“DriveNow is already an international success, with more than 360,000 regular customers in Europe and America and we are delighted now to launch it in London, Europe’s largest city. DriveNow gives Londoners instant access to highly desirable cars, perfect for the city, in an innovative and entirely flexible way. This program is part of BMW Group’s strategic response to the growth in urban living and shared ownership. Our aim is to expand it into about 15 more cities in Europe and about 10 in North America in the future.”

That’s per Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG and responsible for Mobility Services.

The DriveNow program in London is active now, but there won’t be any electric vehicles available through the service until Spring 2015:

“DriveNow furthermore intends to add 30 all-electric BMW i3 cars to the London fleet in spring 2015, expanding it to a total of 300 vehicles during the course of next year.”

States Green Car Congress.

The pricing breakdown for London is as follows:

Every journey is charged to the exact minute, with each minute of driving in London costing 39 pence ($0.61). The hourly rate is capped at £20 ($31.31), so that customers save £3.40 ($5.32) per 60-minute hire. Each minute in the reserved park mode costs 19 pence (#0.30). As in Germany, DriveNow additionally offers saver packages, which allow customers to buy blocks of minutes for as little as 32 p ($0.50) per minute, as well as blocks of hours.

Prices for the hourly packages vary from £35 ($55) for three hours, including 40 free miles, to £120 ($188) for 24 hours, including 125 free miles. All costs such as fuel, taxes, insurance and parking charges are already included in London as well. The standard one-off registration fee for London will be £29 ($45).

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