BMW DriveNow Adds More i3s To Fleets


BMW i3 available in DriveNow

BMW i3 available in DriveNow

BMW made available 100 all-electric i3s for car sharing in three cities in Germany through DriveNow.

Earlier, London got 30 i3s, and now Berlin has 40, Hamburg 30 and Munich 30. Other cities in Germany and Europe will soon follow suit.

Since 2013 BMW tested in Germany 60 ActiveEs, which finished their job with the introduction of the i3.

Nico Gabriel, managing director of DriveNow said:

“Our customers have enjoyed using the BMW ActiveE cars as much as the conventional vehicles in our fleet. This initiative has enabled us to put around 3,000 people per month behind the wheel of an all-electric vehicle for the first time – and, in so doing, spark their enthusiasm for electric mobility. The introduction of the BMW i3 into our fleet is the logical next step, and will soon be followed by a range of others in Germany, Europe and around the world.”

Here is the price list:

DriveNow Germany prices

DriveNow Germany prices

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I just clicked through the Drive Now San Francisco inventory and they’re now all i3 vehicles, not Acitve E vehicles.

How does this work, if BMW can not sell them they put them in Drive-Now.

That’s not true. The cars used for DriveNow were built specifically for DriveNow (all are the same color and have the same options). BMW has not had much production capacity to spare until now, that’s why it took almost two years from the launch of the car to adding them to the DriveNow fleet.

Has anyone here actually Used this – would really appreciate a summary of the experience, as it is apparently over my head how this could work semi-affordably. I would Like for it to do work, education needed.

Car rental already works affordably; car sharing tends to have higher utilization rates (both short and long term) if marketed skillfully. In the case of i3s in particular, the gas backup covers you if the last person didn’t plug in.

All the people whining that BMW and Ford aren’t doing enough are sniping at a moving target. They (plus Volkswagen Group) have identified 21st Century transportation models unknown to you.

I use DriveNow for short work trips. It’s one-way car sharing so you only pay for the time that you need it.

@Gary H, where are you located, how does it work, i.e., you walk to the area where the cars are plugged in, drive to destination, plug-in, do the work, return to another?
Thanks for the minutiae, I am trying to see if this can work in my area.