BMW Doubles Plug-in Vehicle Sales In January To Over 5,000, Up 115%

FEB 24 2017 BY MARK KANE 27

BMW i3

BMW is gaining momentum with its plug-in car sales under both its BMW i sub-brand (i3 and i8) and iPerformance plug-in hybrid brand – which is basically extended range versions of conventional petrol models (330e, 740e, 225xe Active Tourer, X5 xDrive40e).

BMW i3

For January, are total of 5,232 vehicles with plugs were sold, which is one of the best results ever, and also an improvement of 115.8% over the previous year!

Comparing plug-in sales to BMW’s overall vehicle sales of 143,553 (up 7.2%), we see a 3.6% share for electrification, a very strong result – and highest among ‘traditional’ automakers

But the good news doesn’t end there, as year 2017 is expected to bring us even more excitement from BMW. Two new entries are to be available soon:

Dr Ian Robertson, Member of the BMW AG Board of Management with responsibility for Sales and Marketing BMW said:

“We’ve started the year well, building on the success of 2016. We’re confident that the new models we’re bringing to market this year, especially the new generation BMW 5 Series which is about to arrive in dealerships, will ensure further momentum as the year goes on. We continue to focus on profitability and sustainable levels of growth distributed around the world,”

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Should have called that MINI the Cooper Countryman All4 eDrive

Maybe not.

But it is really a bad name.

Like most BMW’s these days.

“Like most BMW’s these days.”

That’s the problem. Their naming system is so complex in the first place, that trying to account for EV and PHEV options for each model just adds even more complexity to an already complex naming system.

Not to mention that putting an “e” at the end of a name used to mean a BMW had an “Eta” gas engine…

8 EV and PHEV models, along with big sales growth numbers is exactly what we want to see! This is awesome.

Sure, some of the PHEV’s could use more range to suit enthusiasts, but that seems to naturally come with time and battery improvements. At this point, it is more important to just get more butts in more EV/PHEV seats. Then let all those new customers push BMW to add more EV range to their PHEV’s.

Yep, awesome. I’m impressed with BMW’s electric efforts. Far better than I would have guessed 5 years ago.

Looked inside of a 740e today. Pretty plush interior. For some, details such as the ceramic controls, hi end stereo, advanced ambient lighting, high quality center console and dash materials etc..exudes the kind of luxury one would expect in a $100K car.

Jean-Francois Morissette


“Get butts in seats… then let all those customers push BMW to add more EV range to their PHEVs”

Yep. Here’s my rather public thread from a month ago, suggesting exactly that. 😉


Robert reviews the BMW 330e on FullyCharged:

Great job BMW. 5,000 is impressive # for a luxury marque.

Please change the name to Mini eCountryman or Mini iCountryman.
That’s much simple.

It’s odd that BMW has the PHEV with the highest EV range, the i3 Rex and all those other PHEVs with pathetic EV range.

i3 is primarily a BEV and its Rex version is just a range extender which will power the car for another 100 miles.

On the other hand, the other plugins are primarily a gas car with just the first 15 miles coming from electric motor. Still a plugin is better than a regular gasmobile since driving 15 miles / day will lead to 4,500 miles / year presuming its driven 300 days / year.

And that would be 60-80% of the average miles driven in Europe.
People don’t understand how capable even the low range EVs are.

What we primarly need are more EVs on our roads, not longer ranges. But if we can get both, great.

They are capable, but their price is ridiculous.

They are. There are too many top of the line PHEVs and no cheap weak engine PHEVs yet.

As long as they don’t break it down I have to assume the growth is just in selling more and more if their minimum-range PHEVs.

Ho-hum. BMW at least isn’t trailing at the back, but making more and more tax advantaged ICE cars isn’t leading either.

I expect a steep drop in U.S. i3 sales for February because BMW is not allowing the delivery of any REx model manufactured prior to December, 2016, until a potential gasoline fumes leak problem is fixed. Parts for this simple fix aren’t expected before April, so March sales will likely be terrible as well. There are many who have signed sales or lease agreements for i3 REx’s but are not being allowed to take them which is causing lots of frustration. BMW needs to find an immediate solution, if they’re allowed to do so legally.

I’m currently driving a pre-2016 i3 rex. Thanks for the info…will call the dealer today for recall info. An additional comment: Totally love this car. I use it daily for work and errands. After 3,000+ miles I’ve used less than 2 gallons of gas. Long trips are relegated to our other car, so no practical concerns.

They are targeting 100 000 units this year. That’s good for Jan and they need to seriously accelerate in the coming month to reach their target.
They need to reach an average of 8615 units per month in the next 11 months
A good challenge.

“we see a 3.6% share for electrification, a very strong result – and highest among ‘traditional’ automakers”

Nope, Volvo had more than a 4,2% share of plug-in sales in January.

Don’t know how Volvo total car sales compares to BMW. Anyone know?

Over half a million for Volvo and 2 million for BMW. So about 4:1.

Андрей Сидин

Hope they are waiting for 120A Samsung cells to upgrade their PHEVs. It will be a big deal.

PHEV = gas car

Just more “smug emissions,” John.

BEV zealotry is tedious and self-defeating.

There’s a reason people want PHEVs, and it’s not because we’re all stupid.

insideevs data for Jan i3’s: 382 sold, and based on ratios from recall numbers, most would have been Rex, so Fiat’s 342 BEV 500e’s sold is more than BMW sold in pure BEV vehicles– and the Fiat is a compliance car.