BMW Doubles i8 Production


BMW i8 Production

BMW i8 Production

20 per day.  That’s the new rate of production for the $130,000-plus BMW i8

Though the daily output figure sounds small, it’s actually double the 10 per day that BMW had been pumping out.

The reason for the production increase is demand.  BMW says that i8 buyers are now forced to wait 4.5 months to take delivery due to high demand.  By increasing production, the automaker hopes to slash wait times in half.

One glimpse at our Scorecard shows that i8 sales in the U.S. are indeed high for such a costly vehicle.  In fact, in one month alone, i8 sales totaled 204 units, a figured only bested by the Ford Focus Electric once (August 2014 with 264 units sold) since going on sale in January 2012.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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I’m guessing the i8 uses a lot of manual assembly? I’ve seen the production video of the i3 and it is mostly automated.

it does look fairly manual, but it is an expensive cfrp car. Its the least expensive one other than the i3. Get volume up enough and you can automate, but why at only 600/month.

Look at the toyota mirai. That really is all by hand, and they pump out only 3 a day.

They were probably losing a lot of sales to the Tesla Model S. It can be had with almost no wait time if you are willing to take what they have on hand.

No it wasn’t selling because bmw forecast at that price it wouldn’t have demand. They found demand, and are ramping up production. Its a different car than the model S, and part of the drive for buying one is its rarity. It still will be rare at 20 per day as apposed to the previous 10 per day.

Or it could be because it’s a high tech car with concept car looks and great reviews

Model S and i8 don’t likely compete for the same demographic The cars are night and day. The only common link is a plug.

Oh I’m sure there is some cross-over. The P85D is definitely in same price & performance neighborhood.

But honestly, I can’t see why anyone would get the i8 instead of the P85D except if they are a BMW badge hound.

because the i8 is soooo much cooler looking both inside and out!

Problem is a P85D looks the same to the casual observer as the common base Tesla. The i8 on the other hand is a derivative of nothing. Much more of a crowd pleaser than the Tesla..period.

A lot of people bought the i8 under the impression that it was a very limited production number of them thus good for a collector. Those people must be a little upset that BMW is now increasing the production allotment thus reducing the collector value of the existing cars.

208 cars sold in a month? That’s still down at “compliance car” levels. Sure, we can’t expect a car as expensive as the i8 to sell as many as the Leaf does in a month, but it seems odd to be bragging about production volume when the sales numbers are so low.