BMW Donates 20 i3s To NYC Parks

JUN 11 2015 BY STAFF 4

BMW of North America announced its support of NYC Parks for its TreesCount! 2015 program with a donation of 20 BMW i3 vehicles. With these BMW i3 vehicles, TreesCount! staff and volunteers can easily travel throughout the five boroughs to map more than 600,000 street trees, helping to ensure a greener future for the City of New York, its residents and visitors.

Every element of BMW’s i3 and i8 electric and hybrid vehicles, from the carbon fiber frames to the keys, is built using high quality renewable materials and sources.

bmw i3 trees count images 12 750x499 BMW Donates 20 BMW i3 Vehicles to NYC Parks

Trees Count BMW i3

“BMW’s vision for a more sustainable future aligns closely with New York City Parks’ TreesCount! mission. We are proud to donate 20 BMW i3 vehicles to help the City collect data that will enable it to understand the environmental and economic benefits of the street trees and inspire a new generation of New Yorkers who care about their city,” said Manuel Sattig, Head of Brand Strategy and Communication, BMW of North America.

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bmw i3 trees count images 08 750x497 BMW Donates 20 BMW i3 Vehicles to NYC Parks

Trees Count BMW i3

“We are so grateful for BMW’s support as we conduct our third street tree census across New York City. The innovative BMW i3 vehicles are a perfect fit with the new technology and mapping tools we are launching during Trees Count! 2015,” said Mitchell J. Silver, FAICP, NYC Parks Commissioner.

The BMW i3 vehicles will be deployed across all five boroughs.

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Nissan missed an golden PR opportunity to have NYC use LEAFs to count trees.

Charles Bonville

Indeed, the LEAF and the Eco-trees would be a perfect fit with the NYC Trees project. Dang!


Are they pure EVs or the polluting and maintenance prone gasoline range extender models?

NYC is also known to never charge their costly PiP squeaks, etc.


If I were the guy at bmw that did this great charitable PR opportunity, I would give them the Rex version. It should cost them less than $80,000 more ($4Kx20), but should keep negligent nyc tree counters from running out of electricity and causing a negative story.

I’m not sure why the hate for the rex. It won’t run often if at all, but if they need it, they need it. Its not an expensive high performance M engine.