BMW Cruise e-Bike Shows Up in Frankfurt


Live from the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, we bring you an additional reveal from German automaker bicycle maker BMW.

Cruise e-Bike

Cruise e-Bike

BMW is poised to enter the electric bicycle segment with this Cruise e-bike.

The 44-pounder features a 250-W Bosch electric motor mounted under the bottom bracket of the bike and has a lithium-ion battery on the downtube.

The Cruise e-bike features pedal assist and is capable of hitting a top speed (unassisted by the legs of the cyclist) of 15.5 mph and boasts a range of 53 miles (partially assisted by the cyclist.)

The Cruise e-bike is a limited production unit, with only 1,000 to be made.  The bike will only be sold in Germany and we suspect it’ll priced at the high end of the spectrum.

But for German buyers of the i3 or i8, this Cruise e-bike would be the ideal bicycle to compliment your ride.

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8 Comments on "BMW Cruise e-Bike Shows Up in Frankfurt"

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You car guys need to understand that these car company branded bikes come out every few years. They are exactly like bike company bikes…same components, on frames made in the same factories… just marked up in price to sell to car guys, who will mount them on their SUV’s…like barnacles on a whale. Three months later they will put them in the garage to collect dust. 🙂

Eric Loveday

Of course…as an avid cyclist myself I’ve never owned a bike with an automotive logo on it…maybe with the name of a famous cyclist, but not an automaker-branded bike.

David Stone

Skoda started out by making bicycles 🙂

But this is not a bicycle in the normal use of the term, but is of course, having two wheels (motorbike = motor bicycle).
It is a moped, a motorized two-wheeler with pedal.
This does not change just because the motor does not burn gas and make alot of noise.


This “e-bike” is nothing more than a cobbled-up bicycle with a motor and battery attached. The battery isn’t even incorporated into the frame. Hopefully, BMW will do better with incorporating a battery into their EV, or there will be even more embarrassment.


They won’t do it, but I really wish an automotive company would put their QA and production efficiencies onto mass production. I want an e-bike but I find it very hard to trust the expensive bits of the drivetrain.


Bosch, Panasonic, etc. make the electric drivetrains. They have been doing this for over a decade. They know more about this stuff than car companies ever will. The big bike companies are every bit as automated and high tech as the car companies. The only thing they lack is customers. if you want the price to come down, get out of your car and buy a bike.

Dan Frederiksen

Mistake to make an e-bike expensive. How many are reasonably going to buy a 4000$ bicycle.

Dan Frederiksen

If they wanted to do something unique they should do one with no mechanical transmission. Generator pedals and electric drive. No gears.
That would at least be cool.