BMW Considers Shifting Electric Mini Production From Uk To Germany

MAR 18 2017 BY MARK KANE 8

MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4

The rumors about moving the production of the first all-electric MINI* from the UK, as result of upcoming Brexit, continues to intensify

First we heard about a shift of production potentially to the Netherlands, but now BMW (parent company to MINI) may be more interested in Germany.

The MINI BEV is scheduled for introduction in 2019.

Mini Countryman PHEV Alongside Original Mini E BEV

Rumors about possible production of  theMINI BEV in Germany comes from the local Handelsblatt newspaper, which has had an exceptional record reporting on the happens inside the German automaker.

Two manufacturing sites are being considered: Regensburg and Leipzig.

Thing may yet change, as last week BMW had discussions with the British government about the consequences of Brexit.

Ultimately, the final decision on where the MINI BEV is to be made will happen in the second half of the year.

source: Reuters

*-first publicly available all-electric MINI, with apologies to the original, captured test fleet of MINI Es

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8 Comments on "BMW Considers Shifting Electric Mini Production From Uk To Germany"

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A shame if this happens. Mini is really a British make and many buyers might be disappointed.

As if…

I doubt that anyone would be disappointed in getting a german built car instead of a brittish built one.

With the brexit it seems like the only logical thing to do.

Shame if Brexit happen UK is part of Europe 🙂
Things change…

BREXIT wil be a disaster for the English economy. The mini was an English icon. But like most English cars was unreliable and a nightmare to work on. BMW made it great again.

Consumer Reports suggests that you never buy a Mini Cooper S without an extended warranty because it’s so unreliable.

It doesn’t even use a BMW engine. Real commitment there.

You should geht your facto strait, the Mini uses the same plattform as does the 2 series Active Tourer and the X1 and the upcoming 1 series. It also uses the Same engines. The nee PHEV gets the complete Technology uses in the 225xe.

Europeans keep making the same bad assumption that everyone else in the world is as obsessed about national origin or their internal ethnic/cultural divisions as they are. Land Rover sales rebounded nicely in the US after India’s Tata bought it. Nobody cares about the fact that Mini is made in Britain any more than the fact that the BMWs we buy will likely be made in South Carolina and not Germany. It’s a complete non issue for Americans.