BMW Considers Building Electric Car Factory In Thailand


BMW i3

BMW i3

2017 BMW i3 Battery

2017 BMW i3 Battery

A battery factory, to be precise.

Automotive News Europe reports the following:

“BMW Group is considering building a factory to produce batteries for plug-in hybrid vehicles in Thailand, the country’s industry minister said.”

“Construction was likely to start in the middle of next year with an investment of 2 billion baht ($57 million), Industry Minister Atchaka Sibunruang said, adding that the factory would make hybrid vehicles more affordable for Thai consumers.”

BMW would not confirm nor deny these claims, which tends to lead us to believe that they’re accurate, as their has been no shortage of “shoot downs” for unsubstantiated rumors on battery factories in the past.

The goal is to make plug-in hybrids available at an attractive price point in Thailand. The Thai government will do its part by offering some sort of undisclosed tax incentive/credit on PHEVs in Thailand.

Thailand is not considered to be prepared yet for pure electric cars, so there’s no talk of BEVs in the incentive program or in BMW’s construciton of the battery factory.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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Way to underwhelm, BMW.

Let’s wait until Paris. While the rest of the automotive top brass is there, BMW top dogs are having a strategy meeting to stake out a course for their own EV efforts – or lack of it – over the coming years. It will be interesting to see how they conclude.

CEO Kruger wants to commit to BEVs and make “regular” BMWs like the 3-series and 5-series available with BEV drivetrains, but the board so far has favored the PHEV route to nowhere.

Note that Thailand has a significant manufacturing base, including cars and hard drives. It’s a reasonable selection by BMW.

Yea, Build them in Thailand for 2cents on the Dollar & sell them to North Americans for $50,000.00…Ironically.,People will buy them ! L O L !!!

This is what gets me mad about these companies crying bloody murder when they don’t want to pay American wages. Or whine that America is to expensive. When the reality is all these cars are going for a minimum of $40,000

Thailand has a good manufacturing base. I’m sure their engineers get paid well. I don’t really understand protectionist whiners. Get over it. I’d rather buy a car made by a happy employee in Thailand than an American one who spends their time harassing people who live in other places.

Let the outsourcing begin.

The reality is Thailand has had a lot of human rights violations about them importing people from other counties to use as slaves on their fishing boats.

Americans pionered outsourcing because they have no aleigance other than to the dollar bill and Americans did not want to pay American wages when it comes to buying products whcih is why a scum bag company like WalMart is a top money maker…
American scum bags like Nike make Apple look like good guys when it comes to foreign labor…
Americans vote with their wallet and Americans largely say I dont care…

They either export the jobs or import the people with lobbying and contributions.

You realize it is an imported car to begin with, right? Why do you care where the batteries are made?