BMW Confirms Electrification Coming To M Cars, Likely PHEVs

FEB 20 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

BMW i Vision Dynamics

One way or another, the BMW M brand will not be able to avoid electrification, due to tighter emissions regulations and the higher performance of EVs, regardless if there’s plenty of demand for conventionally-powered cars.


Dirk Hacker, BMW M vice president, said that the hybrid M (we believe plug-in hybrid in this case) is now under consideration, with the prototypes are already being tested.

“We cannot avoid the need for electrification and it is true that we are working on hybrid power already. For now, all I will say is that we are working on a very precise technical solution, but there is no final decision on how to deploy the concept.”

First, BMW will need to figure out which M model is to be electrified.

Then, because batteries add weight, there will be a need to perhaps increase the overall power, to find the new sweet spot for the power-train.

“Adding mass to performance cars is never ideal. But if we can use electrification to install more performance, then we start to have the answers. That might be more speed, or it might be the ability for a car to be driven on electric power in a city. It might also be the case that we need different answers to that question in different cities.”

The interview with Hacker suggest that next generation technology to be utilized within BMW Group from 2021…

Source: Autocar

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Rumours says that the first M hybrid will be 48 V mild hybrid.

Good call, Carl!

“We cannot avoid the need” – the rhetoric tells the whole story: those petrolheads have been trying to avoid it for the past decades, but now they cannot avoid it anymore.

Poor BMW.

We are witness the dying gasps of the internal combustion engine.

Sadly I don’t think so. Especially since Ford yet again is reportedly having to increase production of behemoths like the Expedition XL because of demand.

As in the aftermath of the last “election,” we are always drawn to HL Mencken: “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

The ICE might not be around forever, but then again it just might as long as there is a single drop of oil remaining and a climate change skeptic willing to burn it in his/her SUV.

Don’t think that the change will come that soon. It’s safe to say that they will still be in strong position for years to come.

I’ll bet we look forward to seeing this happen sometime between 3-8 years from now.

I think we’ll see the first plugin M Car in less than 2 years.

Oh, good, now I can relax BMW confirmed something.

Actually have reread the article I can’t really see where they confirmed anything. Conjectured, speculated, proposed, danced and canoodled around, the questions, but no confirmations.

Yeah your right, BMW does the least in efficiency engineering than all the other manufacturers. Please do your homework.

ffbj probably did his homework, but unfortunately I bet his dog ate it. I hope his “ultimate driving machine” teacher, goes easy on him this times round!

Let’s stop falling for the carmakers’ “electrification” trap. Either they make battery-powered EVs or they don’t. For all we know the “electrification” could mean adding an extra AA battery in there.

Obviously I’m exaggerating, but you see my point. I don’t consider all the carmakers talking about “electrification” serious enough about EVs.

“Electrification” has become a code word for doing as little as possible.