BMW Confirms 2015 US Launch of Active Tourer – Plug-In Hybrid Version Destined to Follow


From the floor of the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, we brought you live images of the BMW Concept Active Tourer.

Active Tourer

Active Tourer Display at Frankfurt Motor Show

Way back then (75 days ago), we stated this:

“…a version of this vehicle (called the 1-Series GT) will be production-bound soon, perhaps as early as 2014.”

Some had their doubts, but today BMW is confirming what we stated.

As Automotive News reports:

“BMW’s first front-wheel-drive crossover, the Active Tourer, will go on sale in the United States in early 2015.”

BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor

BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor

Ian Robertson, BMW AG’s board member for sales and marketing, is the source of this latest info, so let’s now say that the Active Tourer is definitively headed for production and will launch in the US.

The Active Tourer will share platforms with the next-generation Mini Cooper. The Active Tourer will be offered in short- and long-wheelbase versions and FWD, as all as AWD, will be available. Eventually, a plug-in hybrid version will be offered.

But none of the production versions will be called the Active Tourer.

When it enters production, expect the Active Tourer to become the 1-Series GT.

Next-Generation Mini Cooper

Next-Generation Mini Cooper

The plug-in version (which we hope launches immediately and not several years after the 1-Series GT lands in the US) will likely feature a a 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbocharged (borrowed from the BMW i8) engine with a “high-performance” electric motor (likely borrowed from the BMW i3) and a lithium-ion battery.
This setup will crank out somewhere in the neighborhood of 190 hp, which will propel the production vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in less than 8 seconds.

Top speed will be approximately 125 mph.

The powertrain eventually found in the plug-in hybrid version of the 1-Series GT will almost surely be identical to the one that powers the upcoming Mini Cooper plug-in hybrid.

You see, BMW is being wise by spreading its production electric components out over several of its offering.  So, expect to see what’s found in the i3 and i8 trickle through BMW’s entire future plug-in lineup.  It makes perfect sense.

Source: Automotive News

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So the ….big news….here is that BMW is planning
to introduce a front wheel drive ICE compact here
in a year or three….and if I’m hearing this right…
we should all be excited because, “eventually, a plug-in
hybrid version will be offered”?

That’s a great big eventually, actually – and
while trying to view this positively, that eventuality
is a great big IF. Lots can and will happen between
now and this afar-off when.

Second, the tone is that we all should jump for joy
that BMW is doing this yet BMWs are pricey to
be sure, and as a compact, this will be one spendy
fwd compact! Add carbon composites and other
i niceties and the costs just go up and up.

May as well look forward to a Mini plug-in that
won’t break the bank in maintenance and
replacement parts costs. How long will it be
for us to actually see such a car here? And
being a Mini, it won’t be a very large car,
meaning it won’t have a mass appeal to
American buyers.

It takes better news than this on the EV front to
really get me excited. True, EV buyers’ incomes
have been far above the national average, but
aren’t our hearts set on a LEAF-priced family
car that will meet the needs of hundreds of

The implication was that the plug-in hybrid version is coming. Sometimes, we have access to info we can’t publicly share. The plug-in hybrid is coming. When? We wouldn’t be surprised if it launches almost simultaneously with the ICE version.

Let’s hope the Mini ( “Maxi” ) Cooper PHEV is affordable and
has a range that makes it a viable option for lots of folks.

I have to say that each tidbit or bite of news like this makes
the Volt look that much more brilliant. When BMW or Volvo
tease info that in a few years we may just see a compact
plug-in that’ll seat four and not leave you stranded, giving you
a gas backup, you say, “gee,someday, and at BMW prices…hmmm…
I have a Volt I can afford, and they’ve been made in USA since 2010!”

I don’t see these plug-ins claiming 40-50 miles
electric, either.