BMW Charges Up Mallorca With 100 Charging Points

AUG 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 7

Mallorca (Spain) is getting a new charging infrastructure as part of a goal to get rid of internal combustion engine cars in less than 20 years.


BMW is currently installing 100 charging stations (the three-phase 22 kW ones) at 50 strategic locations, spread no more than 25 km between each other. The new charging points (installed under BMW ChargeNow project) will be ready by the end of this year.

The Balearic government intends to stop allowing new diesels cars on the islands in 2025, followed by the end of new gasoline cars in 2035. Also, the car rentals will need to switch to electrified cars, because only those will be allowed from 2030.

Hundreds of new charging stations are scheduled for installations to support electrification.

“The corresponding law was passed last November. As of 2020, the plan is to have the EV quota at car dealerships on the islands at 10%, adding another 10% each year afterwards.”

Source: BMWBlog

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Mallorca, a german island in the Mediterranean sea….

Okay, now how do we get a network of 62.5kW units, every 25 miles on every highway in the US?

Great question. Here in the US on most Inserstate highways a distance of 70 miles apart is fine, and these will be 150 and 350 kW fast chargers. Metro areas can have them all over the place.

You need a base network that enables mobility and encourages people to buy electric cars in the first place. Electrify America and others are just doing this right now. Once you have some cars on the road, expansion will happen very quickly. Pretty much all manufacturers have bought into the CCS standard and there will be a push from manufactures, independent offers, as well as from utilities to profit from a new revenue line.

Goes to show how much BMW really believes in EVs, 22kW in 2018!

This is Mallorca. You can’t drive far enough to warrant actual fast charging. It’s just about filling the cars back up.

The more distant points in Mallorca are about 100 km distance. You can’t travel so far in Mallorca.