BMW ChargeNow EVgo Expansion Underway In U.S.


BMW continues to make news with regards to electric vehicle infrastructure and customer charging programs. Coming off yesterday’s Nissan partnership news, today BMW has announced the expansion of their ChargeNow by EVgo program.

BMW ChargeNow - Click To Enlarge

BMW ChargeNow – Click To Enlarge

The ChargeNow by EVgo program was initiated by BMW in November of 2015, and was active in 25 ChargeNow DC Fast EVgo metro markets. The expansion now includes the entire national network of DC Fast charging station in 33 states covering more than 50 metro areas. BMW claims that the now-expanded network will be accessible for over 92% of new i3 owners. From the press release:

ChargeNow by EVgo no-cost and specially priced public charging programs – exclusively for BMW i and iPerformance drivers – now available in more than 50 metro areas across the U.S.

  • ChargeNow by EVgo provides no cost and low cost public chargingaccess programs designed for BMW i and BMW iPerformance owners across the entire EVgo network– now including charging stations in 33    states. 
  • This expansion enables more than 92 percent of new BMW i3 drivers to enroll in ChargeNow DC Fast for 2 years of no-cost charging. Owner of Certified Pre-Owned BMW i3 and i8 vehicles can enroll for 1 year of no-cost charging at EVgo stations.
  •  Drivers can easily enroll at using their ChargeNow card, for access to the nearly 670 EVgo DC Fast charging stations, plus Level 2 chargers, now available across the country. 
BMW ChargeNow

BMW ChargeNow

“The pace at which we have been making charging infrastructure partnership announcements recently shows that BMW continues to aggressively pursue the company’s commitment to our e-mobility customers, with our steadfast support for growing the public charging infrastructure across the U.S.,” commented Cliff Fietzek, Manager Connected eMobility at BMW of North America, LLC. “Using their ChargeNow card, our BMW i3, i8, and iPerformance drivers now have access to the entire EVgo charging network. By supporting the continued growth of publicly available DC Fast charging across the U.S., BMW is helping more drivers make the switch to an e-mobility lifestyle with confidence.”

Cliff Fietzek, Manager of Connected eMobility for BMW

Cliff Fietzek, Manager of Connected eMobility for BMW

The EVgo network currently consists of 668 dual-port (CHAdeMO & Combo) 50kW DC Fast charge stations and will soon increase by another 50 with the BMW / Nissan partnership that was announced yesterday. BMW had previously partnered with Volkswagen and ChargePoint to install roughly 100 DC Fast Charge stations for the East Coast & West Coast Express Charging Corridors which were completed in 2016 and has expressed the willingness to partner with any OEM willing to invest in EV charging infrastructure.

BMW ChargeNow

BMW ChargeNow

BMW ChargeNow

BMW ChargeNow

Complete details for the ChargeNow by EVgo program can be found on BMW’s ChargeNow USA website.

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EVgo – great charging station locations, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE customer service/billing.

I can’t believe in this day and age a company such as EVgo can’t develop an app that lets you handle billing/charging access.

Right now, if you have ANY kind of billing issue, you have to call them, create a case, and then the case gets forwarded to the actual people that can fix the problem, which can take days if not weeks. Even Blink, with its horrible, faulty chargers, at least had a working app that could take care of billing/access.

Get into the 21st century, EVgo!

I agree 100% with bro1999! I have received emails from them saying they are working on improving it.

Also they seem to take a while to repair stations even when you put in multiple comments on Plugshare. Which I do because there is no other easy way to report outages.

EVgo is not that great with their customer service/billing. The Blink network is pretty rough around the edges as well. EVgo will give you an app, at some distant point in the future, to handle your billing issues. Chargepoint seems to be the best all around, when it comes to just about everything EV Charging in So. Cal. They just need a bigger Network like EVgo.

In Tucson the 2 EVGO are not good for BMW Free charging but are OK for LEAF NCTC free charging. BMW dealers didn’t even know about EVGO when I stopped in and asked about it. They have a long way to go.
EVGO only charges for 30 min, then you have to start again and again. If it’s a free card you have to wait 1 hr or pay full price. They don’t show what you are paying an don’t have any way to get a summary unless you call in. Eack location has only 1 port compared to Tesla that has 4 to 30 spots in case they are busy. EVGO still has a long way to GO too. +D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Please end all preferential free charging. It just causes chargers to be hogged by people trying to save a nickel. And that makes it hard to plan a trip counting on the infrastructure.

If the charger is pay for me but free for someone else I’m far less likely to pay because I won’t even go to it because it is likely to be full.

I agree with bro, I’m amazed evgo’s billing works out at all. They don’t even really have customer accounts, if you want to update your billing card you fill out a form and await a response. And if you have multiple cards you have to update them all and all are billed separately (that I can see).

It also shocked me for a long time they didn’t have an app to control or check status on chargers. Jumping into plugshare was a good idea, it at least gives some status and of course you have the app anyway for other reasons.

This is weird news. ChargeNow is owned by BMW and ChargeNow owns ChargePoint. How does EVgo fit into this mix.

The good news is that the ChargeNow card has always been good at ChargePoint stations and now the ChargeNow card is good at eVgo stations. Does this mean that ChargePoint and eVgo are about to merge?

EGo is in your state their HQ that is,TexFFE. Its the newest most fast chargers and cleanest looking….BUT…Too Expensive here in NorCalif

NRG may be giving good corporate deals but past the corporate paying for charging period, NRG is not “preferred” by EV owners. Charging with NRG averages $1 per kW. How far can an EV go on 1kW? My Leaf averages 4.0 miles per kW or $1? No way. As experienced by others, questionable CS and billing issues makes this company one to avoid pass that free charging period.

I agree, NRG is way too expensive, a customer support in pretty bad. I am so fed up with NRG, I don’t think I would use them even if it was free.