BMW CEO: “We Will Be Forced to Build Them [EVs] in a Six Digits Figure”

BMW i3 electric

MAR 24 2014 BY MARK KANE 30

BMW i8 in Geneva

BMW i8 in Geneva

BMW is slowly ramping up production of the i3 and is preparing to introduce the i8 in June.

From a recent article in Automotive News, we know some glimpses of what levels of annual EV production BMW expects in the mid-term.

According to Automotive News, BMW CEO Norbert Reithofer stated:

“we will be forced to build them in a six digits figure to comply with stricter emission rules.”

Six digits mean 100,000 or more. By 2020.

But the first part of that statement is drawing our attention because Reithofer says that BMW will be forced to reach such a level to fulfill tougher CO2 emissions regulations.

In addition we see that the EU has set an industry wide goal of average CO2 emissions from new cars of 95 g/km by 2021 from the current 130 g/km. Requirements differ because they’re based on vehicle weight, so large and heavy BMWs will be strongly affected. This is probably the main reason BMW will be “forced” to have more EVs in the mix.

In Europe, the i3 has over 11,000 orders.  For the i8, there’s supposedly a 6-month waiting list to receive an order placed today.

Source: Automotive News via AutoblogGreen

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Since you are obviously doing a round on German press, add this one: VW eGolf beats BMW i3

“we will be forced to build them in a six digits figure to comply with stricter emission rules.”
LOL, way to stand behind your product Norbert. Will customers be “forced” to buy it too? Stick to the positives.. stick to the positives…

Will it be Putin who will force them in Germany?

Yeah, Putin may be one of the biggest new incentive programs for green energy and EVs. Don’t want to be reliant on Russia for oil & gas? Then deploy more green energy and get off oil.

Yes with russian gas to make the ev electricity. Petrol or ev you drive russian. Frankly how would the us react to a warshow pact canada?

They don’t use that much gas for electricity. Germany uses a lot of solar, wind, coal, and I think some of the nukes are still running.

Russia could cause major global oil mayhem if we poke the Bear to much. In fact I think it’s one of the reasons why the EU is not getting that aggressive with Russia compared to what they would have done if it was the cold war.

Over all I think a EV is a good doomsday prep in that ten dollar gas can really change things for everyone used to paying $4.00

Ukraine is a free country and not Russian slaves.

Slavery in the XXIst is not acceptable.

Yes it is; it still happens all over the world, even in europe and the us as still with children.

The world is better than it was, but it is still far from good.

To add context to those six figures … over the next six years (2014…2020) … remember that the Nissan LEAF passed 100,000 in ~3 years (37 months). 250,000 LEAFs milestone is a pragmatic LEAF milestone in 2015.

100,000 in six years is an average production of just ~16,000 per year. So for i3’s six figures, the expectation should be a number of at least 250,000-500,000 by 2020. Nissan-Renault in comparison has a goal of 1.5 million EVs for 2020.

I think they are going to have to get the price down to hit Leaf #’s.

Brian, it’s not 100,000 total by 2020, he’s saying that by 2020 they will be making at least 100,000 EV’s per year, not cumulative. Still, an unfortunate choice of words none the less. However this was in Munich and he likely was speaking German so there was obviously some translation going on for the original article.

Probably had a few Hoffbrau’s in him too 🙂

Yet Tom, it wasn’t a slip of the lip – look back to video taken at the NA intro of i3. He said the same thing! Nobody was listening. All Reithofer talked about was how regulations in Europe and abroad were behind the i Series. He went on to say the CFRP development would greatly benefit it’s many ICE models.

For me – a model developed for a gauged and controlled rollout – and then, perhaps 40-50,000 sold per year – IS a compliance car.

It’s all about costs. Bean counters at these companies only care about the cost of the battery packs – they cannot see the forest for all of the trees. Today, Europe is dependent upon Russia for oil and we can see where that is leading.

*40,000-50,000 per year WORLDWIDE

James: It can be argued that every EV sold now is a compliance car – except those from Tesla. Do the manufacturers really want to make them or are they simply doing so because they know they have to, if not today, then in the near future. I think perhaps Nissan may be the only one (and Mitsubishi I suppose because they have been selling e iMiEV for a while) that actually made a pure EV because they believed in it.

Actually, you could argue that Tesla is the biggest compliance car. They get the $7500 Fed tax-credit, they get a $2500 California rebate, AND they get paid $X from other car-makers that need to buy CARB ZEV credits from Tesla to keep selling their ICE cars in California.

Thanks @Tom, makes sense to reach 4-500,000 accum. by 2020 means building 100,000 per year by 2020.

Hey BMW — Do something Loyal to Germany as a way to stick it to Putin and Russia, and sell a million of them at a deep discount in German market. Cut into Germany’s reliance on Russian imported oil.

Germany doesn’t import much oil from Russia.

Too much, really. And when you add in former Soviet Republics like Kazakhstan, it looks worse.
IEA report’s here if you want to take the time to read it.

Cat — The numbers of course are constantly changing, but Germany is a huge consumer of energy, and they get around 30% of their oil directly from Russia on average. And up to 60% comes from Russian-allied nations around the world that are tied to Putin.

Many months ago I watched what seemed like endless BMW promo/interviews on YouNoob as i3 was introduced to North America. Back then I found BMW CEO Reithofer explaining to the press that the i Series was their necessary response to increasing regulations now and in the future, worldwide. He explained that the CFRP technology would be used in all it’s product line ( ICE gashogs like the X SUVs and 7 Series ). Of course, back then I was penned a “Negative Nancy” and widely criticized by BMW faithful. Now Automotive Snooze comes out with this quote and everybody finally realizes that what I was faithfully trying to share is sadly true.

Perhaps in a couple years, it will change. It may change to – “Governments are forcing our manufacture of BEVs” – to: “TESLA is forcing us to manufacture BEVs.

*read: “compliance car”.

BMW and all other ICE builders should stop thinking how BEVs hurt their bottom line, and instead, take their HIGHEST SELLING ICE MODEL, and make IT a BEV. GM and Ford need an electric or EREV truck, and BMW should make a BEV 3 Series. This is how you do it. This is how to reach economies of scale. All non-pure EV builders cannot seem to figure this out.

The real issue here is that gasoline-bimmers cannot compete with Tesla Model E. This is the real reason, why BMW must take electric vehicles seriously.

I think he was referring to the price 🙂

Wow . . . all that marketing BMW did trying to show that they were taking EVs seriously disappeared in a puff of smoke as some dopey BMW exec whines about being “forced” into building EVs.

The “dopey BMW exec” you speak of runs the company.