BMW CEO Krueger Returns To Work After Fatigue-Related Collapse In Frankfurt – Video


Good news…

BMW’s CEO is back at work following his fatigue-related collapse at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Automotive News reports the following:

BMW CEO Harald Krueger has returned to work after he spent most of last week recovering from his fatigue-related collapse on stage at the Frankfurt auto show.

“He’s back at work and feeling 100 percent fit,” a BMW spokesman said on Monday.

BMW said the fall resulted from a “moment of dizziness” and said there were no serious causes behind the incident.

And of course, video from the incident in question:

Source: Automotive News

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Good to see he is healthy.

CEO’s of German car companies do not seem to be fairing too well lately. It’s a tough job!
Perhaps a nice vacation in southern France.
The Riviera is lovely this time of year.

Fully recharged.

He must have been breathing diesel fumes.

Was gonna say… 😉

Maybe BMW will get dragged into additional emissions testing of their diesels, too.

Remember in the WVU study where the VW TDIs failed the BMW x5 diesel passed under all conditions.

Don’t worry. EVERY German diesel model will get tested. 😀

I thought he fainted because somebody told him how much the i8 costs. sure they told him they were kidding and gave him a week of vacation to get ready for dieselgate.

Glad he is OK. A song from Chumbawamba comes to mind.

Obfuscate gate widens to ensnare Bmw. Also R&D heads at Porsche and Audi sacked.

And…BERLIN, Sept 24 (Reuters) – Volkswagen’s supervisory board will pick the head of sports-car maker Porsche as its next chief executive.

Typical faulty memory and faulty conclusion:
painfully interesting that London’s smog problem became worse after offering incentives for clean diesel – don’t know how many are in Bejing, and probably doesn’t matter with other factors, but kinda’ seems like a relationship here. So after all the efforts in CA for instance, has their smog situation improved? or did allowing ‘clean diesels’ actually exacerbate the problem?