BMW CEO Faints On Stage In Frankfurt In Front Of BMW i8 – Video


Harald Krueger Faints In Frankfurt

Harald Krueger Faints In Frankfurt

In a scary moment at the opening of BMW’s press conference at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, BMW CEO Harald Krueger fainted and fell to the floor just a few minutes into his presentation.

Video description:

“Harald Krueger, 49, fainted just five minutes into his press conference this morning at the Frankfurt auto show.”

Fortunately, Krueger was able to walk off mostly on his own. BMW says that Krueger is now recovering, but adds that he will not appear again at the year’s show.

A BMW spokesman addressed journalists immediately following the incident:

“I’m a bit lost for words. BMW will try to redo the press conference at a later stage.”

Bloomberg adds:

“BMW AG was forced to end a press conference at the Frankfurt International Motor Show after Chief Executive Officer Harald Krueger collapsed on stage.

The CEO, 49, was escorted offstage by two assistants following the incident Tuesday, which took place shortly after the briefing started. Krueger is being treated by a doctor after the “moment of dizziness,” BMW spokesman Maximilian Schoeberl said in a statement, adding that the CEO’s condition is stable and he’s recovering well.

Krueger hadn’t been feeling well Tuesday morning before the press conference, Schoeberl said. The incident happened after the CEO returned from recent trips abroad, the spokesman said.”

Chief Financial Officer Friedrich Eichiner will fill in for Krueger at this year’s Frankfurt show.

We wish Krueger a full and speedy recovery.

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It just hit him all at once. “German cars are crap!” then he fell over, hope hes ok.

Come man this is not the time to talk about the cars. I feel sorry for the man. It could happen to anyone.

It happened at our graduation ceremony in college. The speaker passed out right at the podium. Apparently he wasn’t getting enough sleep and didn’t eat. It’s very likely this is what happened here.

I probably would have given him some time on stage with his feet elevated, as I have passed out, too. Now that I know the feeling, I can quickly lie down on the floor and get over it.

OR it could be something he DID eat, given that the article clearly states he’d been a bit iffy since he’d returned from a recent trip abroad.

“Tesla gonna kick our ass” more likely.

Come on. Show some respect you A-holes!

Erm… “respect” and “a-holes”… classy.

Haha, the key difference is in this case the A-hole insult was quite warranted 😛

The i8 has been described as breathtaking….but this takes it to a new level.

He didn’t appear to faint.. he never lost consciousness. He just seemed to lose balance. It might have been sudden vertigo, or even a stroke.

I hope he’s OK. I was thinking a stroke too because he was talking out of just 1 side of his mouth prior, and definitely leaning towards that side.

I did notice the left side weakening too. I hope it wasn’t a stroke, or at least just a minor one.

I read it was a circulation issue as in low blood pressure. In other related Bmw news:

The man from “” doesn’t seem to like the idea of BMW going electric. Gee

My blood prssure does not raise when looking at an i8, either. 😉

I don’t know if it is purposeful to speculate on his condition; he obviously knows his own body and people are helping him, which is what is important. I wish Mr. Kruger the best. The rate at which he was ushered off the stage was the most impressive thing about this video. I would have expected him not to be moved initially, someone checking him before getting him up to standing. The men who ushered him off stage may have had foreknowledge, and that’s what really caught my interest. That, unfortunately, parts the curtain a bit into decision-making as to who should be doing the day’s presentation.
Medical emergencies happen, and ones that are stress-induced happen at difficult times; it has to be very stressful to do presentations at motor shows. I do not think for a moment that this reflects on BMW cars, the i8 model, or Mr. Kruger, but I do wonder who dismissed possible medical concerns.

Here’s to a speedy recovery.

I think he just needs time to recharge.

What is the army coming too?

Hilarious! Seriously though…Mr. Krueger’s sudden onset of vertigo with slight facial tick and loss of balance suggest a TIA with vestibular involvement. Not uncommon with increased stress, fatigue from travel and possible ongoing infection. We certainly wish him the very best.

Syncope is cardiac until proven otherwise in terms of on scene assessment and treatment.

That said, there are many possible causes that are relatively benign.

I wish Mr. Kruger a speedy recovery.

He just learned that every BMW would be electrified in 10 years.

(I’m guessing low blood pressure red-out. He’ll get great healthcare in Germany.)

Hope he recovers quickly and directs management to hire Syrian refugees.

Yes, now is not the time to make light of the situation.

Give it a day. I can see this being bigger than the Untergang Meme.

Just next BMW he saw Tesla…

This new industry is exhasting. Wishing him a good recharge!

He saw Batman get out of the i3

Somebody probably told him how much the i8 costs.