BMW CEO Discusses Electric Cars With Bloomberg – Video


BMW i3.

BMW i3.

“Ludwig Willisch, head of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG’s North America unit, talks about the luxury automaker’s hybrid and electric vehicle models. He speaks with Matt Miller at the New York International Auto Show on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

This video is full of useful information, in regards of electric cars, which you will hear Mr. Willisch discuss in the video above.

More specifically, the BMW i3 & i8 are highlighted by Willisch, but he doesn’t stop there.  BMW”s plug-in hybrid future is discussed as well.

We’ve already heard that Bloomberg loves the i3 and the i8, but it appears they do not like the looks of the i3 one bit.

Nonetheless, it appears that BMW is taking this technology more serious then ever. It surely is “True to Its Brand”.

While we are on the same note, check out what the BMW UK sales manager had to say of the BMW i division

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I can personally attest he drives an i3. He had a 2014 and he recently put in his request for his next car – a 2015 i3! I was talking to one of the program managers at BMW that reports to him and he was a bit surprised that he’s getting another one. He can have any car from BMW’s entire lineup – he’s the CEO, but his 2014 car was and now his 2015 car is an i3.

You think he only has one car in his garage? 😉

He has an i8 for sure

Sound logic actually. He had conventional cars for years so he knows them well. By driving with the i3 he is making his home work of better knowing what is new in the BMW line. His work starts at his home garage when he test the daily driving of the i3.

It is an impressive signal.

They call that “eat your own dog food” 😉

He actually does only get one car from BMW. I’m sure if he wanted another he can arrange for it but currently his only “company car” is an i3. I’m up at BMW HQ frequently and know a lot of people up there. Plus I’ve chatted with Ludwig on many occasions. He genuinely likes driving the i3 which is why he uses it as his daily driver.

How long is his commute?

Not sure Anton. He hasn’t invited me to his house yet 😉

He’s not actually CEO of BMW!… he’s head of BMW’s North America unit.

He is the CEO of BMW of North America.

How can a car have a DNA?
They use these terms often and indicates that BMW is very scared because the ICE will no longer be there!

Maybe someone can answer this question for me. I recently had an i3 for a week, which was followed by a e-Golf. The e-Golf seemed to charge a lot faster than the i3 even though they were plugged into the same 110 V socket both times. Plugging both into L2 chargers and they both seemed to charge at the same rate.

The only difference is that the i3Rx I had was done to 5% range when I got it. The e-Golf had about 60 miles of charge left on it when it turned up. Would that have caused the main difference? (answers in the thread or to please)