BMW Of Canada Launches Series Of i3 Videos


In gearing up for the BMW i3 launch in Canada, BMW of Canada release a series of video, all of which are rather similar to one another.

“Your opportunity to experience the future of urban mobility has arrived. The new all-electric BMW i3 delivers the highest levels of sustainability, innovation and design without sacrificing the signature performance of a BMW. Experience the future of mobility through BMW i, which is redefining the understanding of personal mobility with purpose-built car concepts, a focus on sustainability and a host of complementary mobility services.”

In fact, several scenes are borrowed among the videos, which leads us to believe that perhaps BMW doesn’t expect Canada to be a hot market for the i3.

Regardless, here is the series of BMW i3 video, as presented by BMW of Canada.

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At least in Canada we are getting this car….no MB B-Class Electric for Canada…BOOO

What!? I had asked Jay in the comments under a previous article on the MB, and he had said that he heard the MB WAS coming to Canada. Jay…?

I emailed MB Canada and they told me it was not coming to Canada. I hope they change their mind, I love the size and headroom of this car, standard seating is really nice, and it’s got the biggest non-Tesla battery going.

That’s a shame… hopefully the next gen Volt reveal in January will cheer me back up. 🙁

“…BMW doesn’t expect Canada to be a hot market for the i3.” Really!?!? Why would BMW think so. Right now in Vancouver, regular gas is $1.55/l (or $6/us gallon). Electricity rate is cheapest in NA.