BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Now In Production


Since first debuting at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, the C Evolution has garnered quite the following, mostly because it’s a BMW and has BMW levels of performance one would expect:

BMW C Evolution

BMW C Evolution

  • Liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Power output is 11 kW (15 hp)
  • Peak output of 35 kW (47 hp).
  • Top speed of 120 km/h (75 mph, electronically limited)
  • Out accelerates some ICE maxi scooter with engines sized 600cc and up
  • 8 kWh capacity of the air-cooled lithium-ion high-voltage battery
  • Range of up to 100 kilometres (62 miles)
  • Full recharge takes 4 hours on @ 220V /12A

Though BMW has still yet to release pricing information, we’re thrilled to see that the C Evolution is finally a reality.

BMW has officially announced that its factory in Berlin, Germany is now making the C Evolution.  Series production is underway.

One interesting aspect of the C Evolution is that it makes use of the same lithium-ion modules found in the BMW i3.  Three of these modules, each containing 12 battery cells, are packaged in an aluminum die-cast housing in the C Evolution.

We still don’t have official US pricing for the C Evolution, but we think a ballpark estimate of $15,000 or so is close for a starting point, considering that it retails for 15,520 Euro in the Netherlands and close to that same amount elsewhere in Europe.

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I am a total fan of escooters, a cheer for one more!

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

What’s its L2 charge rate?

Vectrix – why didn’t BMW observe the first premium maxi-scooter story as not for history to repeat?

Problem with claimed electric range with scooters and motorcycles is that usually those numbers are in ideal conditions at 35mph. We all know most trips entail hills, varying temperatures, and Vectrix owners dealt with maximum buyer’s remorse when they realized max range that included any highway speeds or temperature variations meant more like 30 miles range.

Yes, I know Vectrix dumped because they were costly and had NIMH batteries, but the Chinese added LiPo and still couldn’t provide useable, reliable range.

To me – the answer for two-wheelers is a PHEV or EREV setup to give you the peace of a range extender.

So far, nobody’s been able to crack the two-wheeler code at an affordable price. There’s some spendy electric sportbikes we all know about – but they really aren’t practical for the sheer cost of ownership.

Piaggio touted their PHEV maxi three-wheeled 250cc maxi scooter equivelant and kept pushing back it’s American debut. Problem was – people realized it was not properly sorted out, and they sold like a dozen in Europe before they just canned it.

* and electric moto-X bikes….

Same deal. Promised range is more than double realized range.

So — they’re cool n’all….but truly expensive toys.

There is no real need for an escooter to drive 284893 miles non stop.

An escooter is a city thing, 30 miles is all you need.

And having a battery an IC engine a generator and a controller to glue it all together is just adding unnecessary cost and weight.

You’d spend $15-20,000 U.S. for a 30 mile grocery-getter? Why not take public transportation or buy a SmartEV and get in out of the rain?

A bicycle is much cheaper, or even an electric, or E-assist bicycle. They are much more portable – can be taken INSIDE your apartment and no worries about your building having available charging in the parking area.

+ 1 to James

In America, the motorcycle is viewed primarily as a fun vehicle and secondarily as a cost-saving vehicle.

This silly joke of a bike can go up to 75mph and up to 62mi. Bet if I rode it at 70mph, I’ll only get 40-50mi out of it. That’s normal freeway speed here in California. So it’s totally useless for commuting. Useless for having fun in the twisties. Quite useless for groceries too.

If I want to save gas and money for my commute, I’d stick to my Leaf. If I want a fun machine, I’d stick to my Yamaha R6.

An urbanite only drives the scooter about 15 km per day on average.

Here eg you can have one with either a 60 or 120 km range starting from 1,499 EUR.

And you can take out the battery to charge it upstairs in the apt.

I cannot come sweated to work so bicycle is not an option.

These escooters will save the world one day.

“You’d spend $15-20,000 U.S. for a 30 mile grocery-getter?”
Not a stretch for anyone who would spend $15k for a SCOOTER!

“Why not take public transportation or buy a SmartEV and get in out of the rain?”
Seems more like an arguement against two-wheelers in general, or against rain gear 😉

“A bicycle is much cheaper”
That seems like an arguement against motor vehicles in general.

This bike is one solution for city folk in Europe dealing with no emissions zones and high congestion zones like in the U.K.. This is the future for Europe yet one large issue looms even though this vehicle is compact and an apartment dweller can usually find space to park one. The fact of the matter is that apartment dwellers have to find charging stations which are not readily available.

Not sure if you’ll see these take off in the sales department, but they will afford BMW the ability to tick off another box in the “compliance vehicle” department.

You guys are SO FUNNY when you speak reverently about BMWs being reknowned “performance machines”…. But who cares what this expensive toy does 0-60 when IF YOU DO THAT ONCE OR TWICE YOUR EV RANGE IS – WHAT?…20 MILES?!!

Self-defeating purpose. I.E. – makes no sense.

So just like when you guys say, “buy i3 because it’s quicker than a LEAF!” – but they both have similar range. If you use that quickness and jump on the accelerator, you end up with a 40 mile BEV.

* BMW i3 = $50,000 vs. Nissan LEAF = $30,000.

Converted my Vectrix to 7.9 kWh of LiFePO myself – gives me 100 km of range easily; not on the Autobahn, mind you.

This BMW scooter price tag is ludicrous for what you are getting.

If I was hot for an e-bike, I would just get a ZERO motorbike for this amount of cash.