BMW C-Evolution Assembly – Videos


BMW C-Evolution

BMW C-Evolution

On April 4, BMW started production of C-Evolution electric scooters in Berlin.

Now, on the BMW Club-RT channel, we see several videos from the production line.

First units should appear in showrooms in Germany and some other countries next month. The price for this machine is set at ~ €15,000.

Its 8 kWh battery pack provides 100 km (62 miles) of real world range. Motor power at 35 kW peak is in Zero S territory (~40 kW). 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) takes just 6.2 seconds and the maximum speed is set at 120 km/h.

BMW Berlin Plant - och yeah

BMW Berlin Plant – Time For A Workout

And here’s a bonus video showing how the BMW Berlin plant actually operates

It seems that they have everything they need onsite, including a personal trainer who ensures that the workers stay in shape so that production hums along.

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