BMW Breaks Ground On Next Step Of Electric Car Offensive

MAY 29 2018 BY MARK KANE 17

The battery pack factory, launched in Shenyang, China by BMW Brilliance Automotive at the end of 2017, is going to be expanded.

BMW Brilliance High Voltage Battery Center

This relatively small facility will not be able to handle a major shift towards electrification and production of the new all-electric BMW iX3 from 2020 on and BMW already offers six electrified models in China, so there’s work starting now to increase capacity.

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To address the expected future demand, the facility will be significantly expanded. The press release doesn’t details battery pack production figures or MWh, but we believe it will become a primary site for BMW’s future EV batteries.

The German manufacturer intends to produce in China its upcoming 5th generation batteries.

“Just seven months after opening its battery factory in China, the BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) joint venture today laid the foundation for a comprehensive expansion of the plant. At the “High-Voltage Battery Centre Phase II”, BBA will produce the new, more powerful batteries of the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology for the fully-electric BMW iX3. Starting in 2020, the BMW iX3 will be built at the neighbouring BBA plant Dadong.”

BMW: Battery Cells on the highly Automated Module Assembly Line

“China is the BMW Group’s largest single market and the pacesetter for e-mobility worldwide. With six electrified models currently available, the BMW Group offers Chinese customers the widest range of options in the premium segment. In 2017, the BMW Group more than doubled its sales of electrified vehicles in China from the previous year and expects this growth to continue in 2018. Earlier this year, production of the new BMW 5 Series Plug-in Hybrid got underway at the BBA plant Dadong. Expansion of the battery factory underlines the BMW Group’s commitment to China.”

Oliver Zipse, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for Production:

“Today, we break ground for the next stage of our electric model offensive. In this regard, we further increase the capacity of our local battery production. This enables us to follow the increasing demand for electro mobility in China.”

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Pardon my bad chinese, but I think the stone says “RIP ICE”

That is awesome, love to see more battery factories…

Wow – they have made a ceremonial “groundbreaking” even more superficial.

haha! The photo op is not near as marketable when you show all the pollution in the background.

Actually, that’s exactly what needs to be shown so people are reminded why we are doing this…well, one reason at least.

Hackneyed clichés like this one went out of style LONG ago!

Moar factories, less time wasted setting up a tent so the matching suits can get a photo op…

Elon Musk also had a Ground Breaking event for the Gigafactory. Part of being CEO is to represent the company including photos for the press

… no yellow hard hats?

That is not the UK.

The logistics of transporting that quantity of dirt into the interior center of the tent and placed onto a light colored carpet floor and formed into such a perfect donut dirt pile with no evidence of dirt on any of the surrounding carpet… impressive feat.

In all seriousness, glad to see BMW expanding their battery pack plant!

Hey Sun Rixin: be sure to just use clean dirt, we want to impress teh Germanz.

Up to this point their evs offerings have been quite offensive, so little surprise there.

@dfbj said: “Up to this point their evs offerings have been quite offensive…”

All things considered (including BMW having to deal with many legacy constructs) BMW has taken an admirable effort towards EV adoption… the i3 represented a serious capital intensive clean-sheet development investment although that car unfortunately ended up looking a tad dorky.

It does seem BMW is serious about soon putting out some very good all-electric models. Hopefully they are also working on assuring their EV offerings have access to a convenient and reliable fast charge network for those occasional long distance trips.

After i3 and i8 were designed and started production, they pretty much killed the design team and they left the company. Thats why not much has happened since then, similar to VW eGolf the i3 is still stuck in 2015 but with a slight increase in battery size. None of the progress tesla has done since then.

That doesn’t tell you if BMW was working on other electrified models.

I think they put it on hold for some years due to the very low demand for EVs. If you’re in it for the long run you need to hold back a bit or you’ll end up like Tesla. BMW makes record profits every quarter now, they are well suitet for an electric future.