BMW Boss: Toyota-BMW Partnership Making “Big Steps” in EV Technology


Ian Robertson, BMW’s marketing boss, claims that the BMW Toyota tie-up is making “big steps” in battery technology.

Prius Plug-In Hybrid

Prius Plug-In Hybrid

This is a claim we’ve heard made on countless occasions now by all sorts of automakers, battery manufacturers and so on.  Often times, these claims later turn out to not be ture, so let’s not get geeked just yet.

Quoting Robertson:

“We’ve been genuinely impressed by the speed and quality of the learnings.  The teams are working very well together. We are making some big steps, especially in battery performance and efficiency. We are now looking at how we can use the learnings together, because there’s no question they will make electric cars far more attractive.”

Remember, Robertson is a marketing guru, so we expect words like this from him.

By all means we sure hope that these “big steps” translate into something real and useful.  Until then, claimed “big steps” are only baby steps in our book.

Source: Autocar

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Seems more like he refers to battery performance and efficiency, in regards to platform creation– not the battery chemistry itself. *shrugs*