BMW Ads Attack Tesla Model 3 Wait Times, Suggests 330e Instead

AUG 6 2016 BY JAY COLE 197

BMW drivers walks past a suspiciously familiar looking charging station

BMW drivers walks past a suspiciously familiar looking charging station

The lure of converting some of Tesla’s more than 370,000 deposit reservations for the upcoming 200+ mile, Model 3 proved too strong for Nissan to resist attacking in a print campaign with the LEAF earlier this year, now BMW has given in to that same temptation.

In a new series of commercials, BMW clearly takes aim at the Tesla Model 3 (check out those faux-Superchargers)…and not for what the Model 3 can (or can not) do for you, but for how long it could potential take you to get one.

“You can pay a deposit – and wait.
You can put your name on a list – and wait.  
You can get in line – and wait.  
You can wait, or you can drive – the all new 72 MPGe performance drive 330e”

Video (below): The second spot is more of the same:

Don't want to wait for the 200+ mile EV?  Pick up BMW's 14 miler instead.  Same thing right?

Don’t want to wait for the 200+ mile EV? Pick up BMW’s 14 miler instead. Same thing right?

“You will do your taxes – twice. Maybe more. You will ring in the New Year – twice.  Maybe more.  You will wait, and wait, and wait some more.  All before that electric car company’s new model even ever arrives. “

Solution?  According to BMW:

“But the all new 73 MPGe, performance drive BMW 330s is here.  Now….it’s the car you have been waiting for, without the wait.”

We’d also note the disclaimer of “charging optional” in the ads, which adds that little something ‘extra’ to the spots.

  • Fair or foul?
  • And does the 14 mile/25 km plug-in hybrid from BMW even compete for the same consumers as the upcoming 215 mile all-electric Tesla?  We think not, it seems like money wasted to us.  Perhaps the newly upgraded 33 kWh BMW i3 with range extender would have been a “better” choice? Or at least until BMW is able to actually stock the 330e at dealers?

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    14 miles! LOL!!!

    They’re comparing Apples & bananas , The Tesla M3 is an “EV” Not a Hybrid…BMW Are the Same Scum Bags I always thought they were and This AD Confirms it! Now I even More so want to wait for the M3 As l would never buy a car from those Scum Bags to begin with! EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT Bowel Movement Werks

    Tired of waiting for your champagne to arrive? Why wait, just order our fizzy champagne coloured apple juice now and start drinking right away.
    Happy anniversary !

    true, hybird is freak, they do not carry and better techology like hydrogen.. or whatever cleaner energy to compete instead of putting this pathetic ad

    Please don’t Call it an M3. Spell it out. Model 3. Don’t want to confuse people and bring up and image of M3 BMW. Shows respect and leaves the cheap and overpriced BMW out of it. Tesla reserves that respect.

    Or you may want to feel special driving any of the following bmw models: Series, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6 ,7 ,8 or i .Same crap different price point. I feel really unique.

    14 miles in perfect weather, maybe 7 miles of electric range in winter time.

    The cherry on top? The commercial has the sound of a gasoline engine revving as she drives off.

    Just watched the second video. It has the same gas engine revving sound at the end of the commercial.
    This whole effort should be on a Tesla priceless commercial.
    Watching your clueless competition market a gas guzzling vehicles to a die hard electric movement. Priceless!

    They still don’t understand! Unbelieveable! They are lost!

    Lausbub, they are LOST!…Hopefully never to be found!

    This just confirms that BMW is very worried about the new EV’s with over 300km of range.

    Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    But, sure many of these people could lease a Tesla S or X.

    Model 3 ain’t perfect, and plug-in hybrids aren’t good ENOUGH. We need to cut emissions by 90-95%. Even the Volt, which has the longest all-electric range of all the PHEVs (unless you count i3 Rex as such), only got 60% electric miles. This information came out of GM itself on the occasion of passing 100,000 Volts sold.

    So while the adage is a good one, it’s just not appropriate here. Every little helps, perhaps, but the truth is if everyone does only a little, we’ll achieve only a little.

    GM needs more Volt owners like me. So far over 2,100 miles, 93.6% electric, 6.4% dirty stuff!

    mx9000 said:

    “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

    I agree, but only 14 miles of electric range isn’t good. Perhaps better than nothing, but compared to what most drivers really need, it’s lousy. The 2016 Volt, with 52 miles of electric range… that’s good. Not great, but good.

    I did not expect BMW to fall that deep.


    Desperate People will do Desperate Things !

    At first they laugh at you.
    Then they fight you.
    Then they die…

    Yup you can wait……. And get a true EV …NOT A HYBRID, sounds like a good idea to me.

    These F00L Idiots Will Learn a Big Lesson! Elon Musk, will show them how things are and really should be done!..Forget Their Ancient Caveman way of building cars & ongoing silly Practices..

    you mean the practices to cheat out their costumers?

    Oh…That Too, Definateley !

    A BMW 330e is certainly no Model 3 substitute, but leasing one of the improved 2017 EV’s for a couple of years would allow one to drive an EV while waiting for the Model 3. Why wait when one could drive an EV now (does not apply to those Model 3 waitlist members who already drive an EV)?

    The BMW 330e, or the i3, now with a 2 year lease, moves the needle in the EV direction.

    I can’t see anything wrong with this.
    The more Innovation is rewarded the more innovation you’ll get.

    If they had taken the same approach but to push the i3, or even the i3 Rex, it wouldn’t look so ridiculous. It’s not comparable to a Model 3, but for some people (like me!) both cars can actually work.

    The i3 is however too expensive for me, and I wouldn’t be willing to get an i3 unless it was a fair bit cheaper than Model 3.

    Nope, non Tesla electric cars are strictly forbidden. You need keep believing and wait till next year (and it’ll always be next year or after next share dumping round), and drive your gas guzzler. Remember, only Tesla makes true electric cars and is allowed to save the world. Don’t buy anything remotely close to electrified car now.

    They could have a loaded 2017 Volt instead. It’ll cost them no more and they’ll get much more electric driving.

    I am happy that Volt drivers like their cars. But I am sick and tired of them saying their car is an electric car. Not when you have to kick in a GASOLINE engine to generate electricity. And saying that people will get more electric driving… what kind of crap is that to say? BEV’s are electric cars!!!!! Anything else are pseudo electric.

    So you’re sick and tired of hearing the Truth, which is that PHEVs are EVs.

    Got it.

    By the way, the fleet average for Volts, as reported on, is that 69-71% of all miles are powered by electricity, not gasoline.

    So, by by uber high tech math, I calculate that your electric car burns gasoline… by definition, a hybrid.

    Oh, I forgot the “math”… the hybrid car that you reference is:

    1) 29-31% gasoline car

    2) 69-71% electric car

    Thanks for clarifying that it’s a hybrid.

    A hybrid is defined by SAE as: “A vehicle with two or more energy storage systems both of which must provide propulsion power – either together or independently.”

    +1 The Volt is a hybrid and GM is marketing it as a pure electric. False. Misleading.
    Sure you save carbon, but a real BEV would have sold better and saved A LOT of carbon since 2010.
    You can go back to 1999 when they rolled out a 105 EPA miles all electric who would have sold by the millions since then, stimulate real competition and changed modern Global Warming history. Screw you GM

    Conveniently, Nissan did launch a BEV at the exact same time as the Volt, so we’ve got great data on this. The Volt has sold a bit better and has drive 93% as many total electric miles as Leafs (see DOE reports).

    GM is most definitely not marketing the Volt as pure electric when they planet state that you can go 400+ miles on. A full tank.

    A BEV with a decent range that is… the Leaf is NOT.

    RexxSee wrote a lie again….

    ” The Volt is a hybrid and GM is marketing it as a pure electric. False”

    GM never marketed it as a “pure Electric” as you have falsely claimed here.

    GM called it EREV which isn’t pure electric by definition. It is your repeated lies to make it sound like it. And whether you agree with it has nothing to do with it. especially the part about whether it is serial or paralle hybrid in the REx part…

    Some of you are actively working for GM, some of you are genuinely deceived by their anti-marketing campaign. I will try to explain despite my other native language and the short space I have to do so. Beyond the personal attacks of Modern Marvel Fan, I consider the Volt to be a very good hybrid (EREV PHEV serial parallel whatever). I have a gift about seeing the big picture instead of the trees. The picture is that ICE car makers CANNOT embrace the EV revolution without loosing big. Without the complex ICE (and it’s maintenance$/repair$ short live$) they are left with nothing to offer but a shell. If the BEV made sense FOR THEM as a good business model, they would never have killed the first wave of electrics in 2003. We would all drive clean silent efficient cars right now. So they, as a cartel, conspired to always include an ICE in their cars, while shining a false “green” reputation (all the little green leafs we see on those gas guzzlers. Exposure is all it takes, and every one sees them multiple times a day.) So they rolled out(as a cartel, try to always see them as a self… Read more »

    Now, they are, along with their big brother Big Oil (The Merry giga-cartel) trying to delay the most they can the end of the Fossil Fuel/Infernal Combustion Engine era.

    Like the horse carriage story, the change is coming from new players, and according to Pushmi, only Studebaker survived the transition from Horse to horseless carriage.

    “Some of you are actively working for GM, some of you are genuinely deceived by their anti-marketing campaign. I will try to explain despite my other native language and the short space I have to do so. Beyond the personal attacks of Modern Marvel Fan”

    So, you claim innocence. But you open your mouth by accusing of others working for GM or mislead by them… LOL.

    Good job at repeating you crap here.

    “The Volt is a hybrid and GM is marketing it as a pure electric. ”

    Again, you wrote a bunch of blah, blah.. to backtrack your lies that you can’t take back.

    GM has always called the Volt EREV or “Electric when you want it, gas when you need it”.

    So, only a moron would think that “marketing” slogan as “pure electric” as you purposely trying to mislead here.

    GM has always marketed the Volt as electric but can go further on Gas.

    It is because you are either too stupid or hate GM too much for its EV1 past to see and hear the marketing correctly. Maybe you should get your head checked out.. LOL.

    RexxSee said:

    “…and according to Pushmi, only Studebaker survived the transition from Horse to horseless carriage.”

    Pretty sure I never asserted that only one carriage maker survived the transition, altho Studebaker may have been the most well known survivor. But obviously even Studebaker didn’t manage to survive to today.

    RexxSee, aren’t you being a bit harsh on GM? Sure they killed the EV1. But that was done under the “leadership” of that oaf, Roger Smith. I think we should give Mary Bara a chance. GM is doing good things now. I.e. The Volt ( I average 65 miles on a full charge with my gen 2). And the 200 plus EV miles Bolt is only a couple months ( not years) away.

    He is one of the biggest GM hater on the INsideEV and often lies about the Volt and attacks anything that is related to the Volt or Bolt.

    If his comments only applies to facts, I wouldn’t have so much problem with him. He often leads with conspiracy and lies to bash anything that isn’t Tesla.

    I assume these stats are heavily influenced by Gen 1 with 37 AER and the percent of electric miles driven will increase as Gen 2 with 58 AER becomes a larger portion of the Volt population.

    There seems little doubt that the percentage of EV miles will increase with the Volt 2.0, altho the EPA electric range is 53 miles, not 58. Of course YMMV, but it seems best to quote the EPA range; that’s certainly a lot closer to real world driving range than, say, the European NEDC rating.

    But for the record, I don’t own a Volt. Just a bit tired of all the dogmatic, purist “only a BEV is really an EV” comments.

    If the vehicle has one or more electric motors capable of propelling the vehicle, then it’s an electric vehicle, or “EV”, regardless of whatever else the vehicle does or doesn’t have.

    Good to know that all those diesel train locomotives are in fact electric?? All these years I thought they were diesel??? Give it up. BEV’s are electric cars. Every other car with electric motors is a form of hybrid…I don;t care how many miles it gets running only on a battery. If it has an on-board ICE, it’s a hybrid. Geez.

    Of course all the diesel-electric train locomotives are EVs…. specifically, serial hybrid EVs. Their drive wheels are powered by, and only by, electric motors.

    Are you just now realizing that? As you said yourself: “Geez”.

    Typical Pu-Pu! My way or the highway! Arrogance squared!

    It is no more true that an ICE-electric hybrid is an EV than that it is an ICE car. Using the same terms to describe completely different things isn’t helpful! Call a hybrid a hybrid, why don’t you?!? Saying it’s an EV ignores half of what it is.

    The Volt is the closest of all the hybrids – unless you count BMW i3 Rex – to an EV. But according to GM, the 100,000 Volts on the road have driven 40% of their miles with the gasoline engine running.

    It isn’t unreasonable then to assume that the average PHEV drives AT LEAST half of its miles using its fossil-fuel burning ICE. Hence, it would seem that in practice it would be closer to the truth to label them “ICE” than EVs!

    Of course, conflating hybrids with ICE would be idiotic. And so is conflating them with EVs.

    Well said!

    Terawatt said:

    “It is no more true that an ICE-electric hybrid is an EV than that it is an ICE car.”

    Yes. That’s just another way of saying that either label is equally correct.

    It’s amazing how when it comes to cars, some “purist” EV advocates start writing as if nothing can fall into two categories. I take it that you never played with Transformer toys when you were a bit younger? Does a multi-tool cause you to flee screaming? 😉

    “Typical Pu-Pu! My way or the highway! Arrogance squared!”

    Matthew 7:3-5 (King James Version):

    And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

    Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

    Really??? Stooping pretty low to defend your position. Read the posts and come to the conclusion that you are going to have to endorse Ryan….wait that’s not it…you are going to have to realize that there are just two pots…EV’s and Hybrids.

    Or maybe there are two pots in the form of PEV and Non PEVs.

    PEV includes BEV and PHEV,

    Non-PEV includes diesel, gasoline and non-plugin Hybrid.

    Timing said:

    “…you are going to have to realize that there are just two pots…EV’s and Hybrids.”

    Hmmm, on the contrary, seems to me that you need to realize there is a whole spectrum from pure gasmobile to pure BEV:

    Pure gasmobile
    mild hybrid
    HEV (for example, the Prius)
    short-range PHEV (including the BMW 330e)
    mid-range PHEV (the Volt)
    “extended range” EV (specifically, the BMW i3 REx)

    …and finally, BEV

    If you weren’t so busy being apopletic, you’d have considered my words in their context of the reply to a sarcastic post which was arguing that given that the Model 3 is not available right now, it’s OK if people get a 330e.

    As the owner of a Tesla Model X, a 2017 Volt and two 2012 Volts that went to my adult children, I do declare these statements to be stupidly moronic. And I say that because they are intended to be inflammatory. Far more people I know could afford my Volt recommendation than my Tesla recommendation. And we currently get nearly 70 miles electric on the Volt…while still retaining AN OPTION…do you get it…AN OPTION to burn gas. Of course, that option does require that you do indeed burn gas…every SIX WEEKS. Yup, my wife drives the car around constantly ON ELECTRICITY, so that the required engine maintenance mode burns point zero seven gallons every six weeks. She has driven around for months with the same couple gallons in the tank. I REALLLY get sick of the purists. We own two homes and we have yes, I will call it AN ELECTRIC VEHICLE at both homes. I drive the Model X in NY…and recently I have had cause to wish the roles were reversed. I have a cool bike path I have journeyed to 150 miles away (or 300 miles Round Trip) that is in the middle of a charging desert.… Read more »

    I’m not certain what your chief complaint is. Is it calling a hybrid car a hybrid?

    Or is it because only burning some gasoline should be overlooked?

    Remember back in say — 2010 when Prius drivers were oft typified by Neanderthal ICE drivers as, “snobs and treehuggers”? Fast forward six years and we have BEV-heads name-calling PHEV drivers as bonehead earth polluters! Step back and see how far we’ve traveled in just a few years. I think people that buy Prius are great. A lot of Prius drivers have bought Volts, and I believe a majority of them save even more liquid fuel from being burned up – and they do assist a little – each one – in cleaning up our air and emitting a lot less C02. Purist BEV adopters now are the snobs! Yet, the great majority of well-off Tesla owners also own gas SUVs, cars and trucks too. They’re “hybrid drivers” also – just by using several vehicles to get around instead of one. If you own a gas weed whacker or lawn mower – you’re not a purist! We still use gas, and even when we are all “holy ” in your eyes, we still will use tons of petroleum in plastics and other products. Stop the snobbery! It just makes you who knock PHEV, EREV and hybrid owners look completely clueless,… Read more »

    “I’m not certain what your chief complaint is. Is it calling a hybrid car a hybrid?”

    Yes. PHEV isn’t the same as HEV. PHEV can be a high % EV where HEV is 100% gasoline car.

    And you know that and you better than that.

    But from day 1, you have always hated the Volt. That is why I still got no respect for you despite you and your company has done a lot for EV owners and EV community.

    “Or is it because only burning some gasoline should be overlooked?”

    Yes, you carry an extreme view that any burning of gasoline is unacceptable. But that is extreme because Millions of gallons of gas are saved and Billions of EV miles are logged. Yes, don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. Your attitude and many other BEV purist view are just sickening.

    I view people like you and SeeRexx as the “cancer” of the EV community.

    I agree that a plug-in hybrid is fundamentally different from a non-plugin hybrid. The latter is merely a power hybrid, NOT an ENERGY hybrid, which is of course the kind of hybrid we want. That is, we want to use hybrid power sources, not just to use hybrid technology for propulsion while still getting 100% of the energy from fossil fuels.

    Even so, it is a good idea to call hybrids hybrids. If we can further distinguish between power and energy hybrids, all the better. But calling PHEVs EVs is silly. The moniker suggests as much, but it is no less misleading for that reason.

    Consider that GM itself reported that the 100,000 Volts on the road has covered 40% of their miles with the ICE running. The Volt has a far better all-electric range than the average hybrid, so it’s not unreasonable at all to estimate that the average plugin hybrid actually drives most of its miles with the engine running. To use the same label for such a vehicle as for a BEV isn’t precise and therefore isn’t helpful. They are very different beasts.

    “But calling PHEVs EVs is silly. The moniker suggests as much, but it is no less misleading for that reason.” It’s only “misleading” to those who try to redefine EV as if it only means BEV, which it simply doesn’t. It’s not a matter of opinion; it’s factually incorrect to claim that a PHEV isn’t an EV. It’s not merely a label; it’s how the cars are engineered. “Consider that GM itself reported that the 100,000 Volts on the road has covered 40% of their miles with the ICE running.” And how is that any way different from the anti-EV B.S. argument that EVs are “coal-powered”? The point is that the Volt can be driven as an almost pure EV, just as the BEV can be purely powered by renewable energy. It’s up to the driver or the owner. And even with the “glass-half-empty” vs. “glass-half-full” argument, your assertion is still inappropriately negative. If Volts have 40% of their miles powered by gasoline, that means over half — 60% — are powered by electricity. So why not look at the bright side of how much gas they’re avoiding using, instead of looking only at the dark side of the smaller… Read more »
    “Consider that GM itself reported that the 100,000 Volts on the road has covered 40% of their miles with the ICE running. The Volt has a far better all-electric range than the average hybrid, so it’s not unreasonable at all to estimate that the average plugin hybrid actually drives most of its miles with the engine running. To use the same label for such a vehicle as for a BEV isn’t precise and therefore isn’t helpful. ” First of all, it is lower than 40%. More like 37% and dropping with the new Volt. Second of all, Volt isn’t your average PHEV. Just like TEsla isn’t your average BEV. Trying to “average down” Volt is misleading. Yes, Volt is unique enough. That is why GM wanted to use the EREV term which all those BEV purist hated and flamed GM for it. Last of all, EV isn’t BEV, EV is for for anything that can be run on electric. That is why PEV is more useful. PHEV, BEVx, BEV, EREV and even HEV all have the “EV” term in it for a reason. But instead of trying to distinguish power train from energy source, the term PEV is more important.… Read more »

    Give BMW credit for a Funny commercial. 14 miles of EV range isn’t enough, but I am able to drive my C-Max PHEV (range of 20 miles) about 95% of its mileage on electricity only. The smart thing would be to LEASE the 330e until your Model 3 becomes available.

    the smarter thing to do would be to buy a benz c350e.

    i used to think that i could never drive a c-class and maintain any sense of self-respect because the c-class was such a poor substitute for the benz-o s-class, the world’s most desirable production luxury car. but mercedes-benz has substantially improved the c-class. i saw one yesterday and was impressed with the appearance. it’s still not a benz-o, but the c-class no longer looks like a “cheap” version of a benz-o s-class. i could see myself both driving a current c-class and maintaining a sense of self-respect.

    in the meantime, i’m driving a chevrolet volt, but i’m riding it like it’s a benz-o.

    Benz-o…. What country are you from? Never heard anyone in the US say this.

    dude, you are WAAAY behind the times; that term has been around for decades:

    No-one is stretching the truth here. If it has a gas tank, it’s not a pure EV.

    Prius / Volt / 330e = Hybrid
    Tesla (all models) / Bolt / LEAF = EV

    That easier for you?

    No doubt.

    Volt owners are mesmerized by the stupid name.

    EVdude said:

    “No-one is stretching the truth here. If it has a gas tank, it’s not a pure EV.”

    Hmmm, no, you said it’s “not an EV”, which is factually incorrect. Saying “it’s not a pure EV” may or may not be right, depending on how one defines “pure EV”… a purist term you’re unlikely to find in any dictionary.

    “Prius / Volt / 330e = Hybrid
    Tesla (all models) / Bolt / LEAF = EV”

    Let me fix that for you:

    Prius / Volt / 330e = Hybrid = HEV
    Volt / 330e = PHEV
    Tesla (all models) / Bolt / LEAF = EV BEV

    All EVs, of different types. Trying to insist otherwise amounts to arguing with the dictionary. It may make you feel better, but it doesn’t actually change the definition of a word.

    A car with an electric drive AND an ICE is and will always be a f****g emitter of toxic fumes, a smog generator and a source of profit for the environment’s worst enemy : gasoline companies.

    “A car with an electric drive AND an ICE is and will always be a f****g emitter of toxic fumes, a smog generator and a source of profit for the environment’s worst enemy : gasoline companies.”

    No, that is NOT true. YOu are making up the lies again. Your Prius is 100% gas burning crap.

    Volt’s % is variable depending on the EV miles driven. Maybe your Prius has emitted too much toxic for your brain to function correctly.

    Maybe if you stopped personal attacks and fucking pointless name calling you would be more credible.

    LOL. Hit the facts that you can’t refute?

    Yes, keep on lying all over the internet and driving your 100% gasoline Hybrid.

    Maybe you are too dumb to figure out the difference between a 100% gasoline hybrid and a PHEV which is 19% gasoline in my case.

    I never spoke of the Prius, I spoke about all hybrids. The Prius is an Hybrid, therefore it emits toxic fumes… where is the lie tell me???

    YOU are escaping and lying when you say the “Volt is variable”.

    All hybrids and all ICEs are toxic emitters and monstrous Big Oil feeders.

    No, the volt can be driven 100% by battery if you jam up your ICE. If not jamed, it will require at least half a gallon a year regardless of miles. Sure that is not 100% electric but pretty close to it!

    Please stop making hybrids bad and please finally learn the names. HEV, PHEV, BEV. They are different and all are EVs!!!

    Lol! Why not ICEV, HICEV, PHICEV…
    See how manipulated we are? This confusion is done on purpose.

    Actually you have only an ICE in your car, or You have only an electric motor, or you have both.

    There are only three categories : ICEV, HEV and BEV.
    Then you may split in subcategories if you wish, but only for HEV = Hybrid-Electric Vehicle.

    Again, you are trying to mislead by mixing the term E as in Engine in the ICEV with the letter E in the PHEV which mean “electric”.

    So, when you are facing the facts, you start to mislead and lie.

    Why don’t you change your name back to SeeRexx or Lustucc and continue to lie in other login forms?

    RexxSee said:

    “Why not ICEV, HICEV, PHICEV…
    See how manipulated we are? This confusion is done on purpose.”


    Once again you have confused your conspiracy theory fantasy with reality.

    Terms such as “PHEV”, “BEV” and even “HEV” are in common use in articles about EVs. You and the other BEV purists can post a million times that “only a BEV is really an EV”, but you’re not going to change how the terms are used by most people writing about EVs.

    All you’re going to accomplish is to confuse people reading your posts, when you write “EV” but you actually mean “BEV”.

    “YOU are escaping and lying when you say the “Volt is variable”.

    All hybrids and all ICEs are toxic emitters and monstrous Big Oil feeders.”

    How is that lying that Volt is variable? Are you that dumb or I need to explain basic math to you?

    My Volt is more than 80% electric in miles. My Co-worker’s Volt is about 73% electric. Sparkie the 300K miles Volt is about 1/3 electric. So, yes, their emission is variable depending on the electric %.

    The fact you are continuing trying to lie and twist Volt into a regular non plugin hybrid such as Prius shows your dishonesty.

    Maybe you are just to dumb to understand. Should I lecture you few more times? LOL. You seem to need that from time to time to set you straight with your lies and stupidity displayed here…

    Well said. Some Tesla fans are so silly. It’s not BMW’s problem that Tesla is always running behind schedule. Why, they even have “late” in their name.

    Buy your plug-in car today and enjoy.

    And BMW has ‘worst aroma’ and ‘worst karma’ in theirs.

    Umm, actually their right on schedule so far.?

    Tesla 200 miles more than 14

    Buy a 535i, it has an electric starter and battery, practically a Model S.

    You’re right 😛

    Besides every BMW has a 12 V battery. So why wait?

    YEA! Plus every BMW is a POS!

    1) Lease
    2) They come with warranties.

    Don’t forget it can take ancient plant matter and convert it to electricity. It’s practically Mr. Fusion!

    Those plants got their hydrocarbons from photosynthesis, so it’s basically solar powered.

    Oh man! where do I buy?!?!

    For those climate change deniers, this thread is called sarcasm in case you missed it.

    Wow, thanks Captain Obvious.

    I know, I know. But some idiot out there could read this and not know it was sarcasm. So yes, call me Captain Obvious! *takes a bow*

    Valid criticisms. No reason for the fanbois to be apoplectic.

    the bmw 330e is not in the same category as the tesla model 3, but most people don’t really know the difference.

    furthermore, what else can bmw do? run ads attacking the superior benz c350e?

    I’ve not heard of “benz-o” fanboys until you. Even have your own pet name for them! Lol

    Slang terms such as “beemer” for a BMW and “benzo” for a Mercedes-Benz may not be in common use, but they’re not terms he invented, either.

    “benz-o” specifically refers to an s-class. more generally, it represents a status car:

    I’m all for it. There are folks who want a pure EV, good on them. I don’t think BMW will have that much success in converting people who are already sold on a Model 3. If anything, I think this ad is really targeted at the much larger slice of the population that doesn’t have a Model 3 reservation. The all electric range leaves something to be desired, especially for people like us on an EV website, but that “Charging Optional” disclaimer will point out to everyone that PHEVs exist and they can offer the benefits of both EVs and conventional vehicles – something that a large majority of people are completely unaware of. The important thing is that they did show it plugged in, and the benefits of plugging in will be made obvious to anyone who actually buys the vehicle. Let’s not forget that this thing has a battery that’s 100% bigger than the one in the original plug-in Prius – sure, 100% of the people on this site would choose an i3 instead, but I think products like this will really help bump up PEV market share and speed up the transition for the majority of people… Read more »

    Great post, you are exactly right. The people on this site are for the most part not the target market of that add or that car. While I would not buy a car with 14 miles of AER, this car will end up introducing thousands to the world of plugin driving. That is a good thing.

    Pretty clever! Not that I want one of those but it’s an obvious attack point.

    Attack, counter attack . To dish it out ., you got to be able to take it..

    No reason to bash BMW when they do offer a true 100% BEV i3 also. The more choices the better. And of all the mainstream manufacturers, you have to give BMW credit for almost achieving 10% plug in sales out of their 25K in vehicle sales last month. The i3 took just as much research and commitment as Tesla invested in the model S. If you are truly one of those converts that feels a BMW 330e hybrid is impure because it uses gas, then you should embrace BMW for making one of the most efficient and sustainably produced vehicles sold today with the i3. You can’t fault them for producing other vehicles when the i3 is not selling to their expectations. As I said before, with enough 330e inventory, BMW may very well have been the number #1 plug in manufacturer last month. This from a company that sells 1/10 as many cars as Ford, GM. So given that, it pretty remarkable and damn thoughtless to bash them as a plug in vehicle manufacturer.

    Well they decided NOT to go with the i3 against the Tesla 3. And for good reason.

    You don’t think there’s enough appeal to lure Model 3 reservation holders to buy a BMW i3 sub-compact with half the electric range at $10K more money? LOL, maybe not.

    Sure! Lease an i3 today and drive it until your Model 3 is ready. No one knows when that might be, but at least you could be driving a premium EV while waiting.

    Huh? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, EVERYONE knows when that might be. It now becomes a matter of being on time.?

    The facts are that at $200/month the i3 is actually cheaper than you could get the “less expensive” model 3, Today,not a year+ from now. And competitive with the LEAF prices even.

    U can get a used leaf for next to nothing if u want to spend a little u can get a used model s for 45 website doesn’t have the i3 listed for lease. It has the i3 with Rex on 36 month lease at $269/mo with $4,194 down. So it’s $385.50 / mo for 36 months. That’s a long way from $200/mo and it locks you into a 3 year lease which exceeds the delivery time needed for the model 3.

    If you’re paying what you see on the website you got a bad deal, son.

    The other “fact” is that they aren’t selling the i3 in these ads, they aren’t actually selling the i3 at all.
    What they are trying to sell is a plugin mild hybrid with vestigial electric range.
    They have to do that because they know they will get raked over the coals even more because the newer extended range i3 isn’t ready until next year, so a selling a mild hybrid it is.

    What do you mean about the extended range i3 next year? They are having the increased battery capacity i3 as soon as next month.

    “You can’t fault them for producing other vehicles when the i3 is not selling to their expectations.” This is so full of holes, I’m not sure where to start. On the upside: 1) I’m thrilled BMW tried to make an all electric vehicle. 2) BMW made the vehicle available nationwide and not some compliance car. 3) BMW is upgrading the range by ~27% in 2017. Unfortunately, this is a fraction of the range increase needed to give the i3 a competitive chance in 2017. On the downside: 1) BMW made a $42K base price electric vehicle with less range than a Nissan leaf at 1/2 the price. They totally ignored how important Electric range was to people. Instead, they made a Volt competitor at $10K more. Admittedly, it’s done well as a Volt competitor. 2) BMW made the i3 with a polarizing design knowing it would cripple the adoption rate. 3) BMW is making a large number of green washing very low AER PHEVs. They need to put 50 miles of EPA rated range in all these USA vehicles and gain some respect! 4) BMW failed to fully commit to the BEV market. Why isn’t there a 3 series all… Read more »

    “This is so full of holes, I’m not sure where to start.”
    As is your post…

    “1) I’m thrilled BMW tried to make an all electric vehicle.”
    Tried?! BMW succeeded in making a BEV. Thousands of us own one in many markets around the world, just like the Leaf.

    “3) BMW is upgrading the range by ~27% in 2017.”
    (114 – 81) / 81 = a 41% increase for 2017.

    “Unfortunately, this is a fraction of the range increase needed to give the i3 a competitive chance in 2017.”
    Only time will tell, but I think you’ll be surprised.

    Agreed on both corrections. Good catch.

    His statements are definitely full of holes. Since when do we fault a manufacturer for bringing out more plug in choices?? Remember this is like a gateway drug for some to the EV experience. Furthermore, for many drivers, this could still represent 30-50% of their driving mileage being done on electricity alone. 28-30 miles a day is about 12000 miles a year, and half that could be done on EV mode in city stop and go traffic when the ICE economy is horrible. And this does not even count opportunity charging in between, or during charging breaks at home.

    Nice “free” media coverage for Tesla. You know that you have arrived when the competition starts aiming for you! Go Tesla.. doing what they said could not be done.

    Its funny, but ok it would be better when GM did such advertisment with Bolt.

    They have pushed this argument.

    L O L…. At least with the Bolt “EV” you can Pay More & get way less Way Faster !

    Fair. Of course Model 3 reservation holders are a prime target for marketing by other automakers. What’s the problem?

    There will still be plenty of people left over to buy the Model 3.

    A silly ad, which at least shows that BMW, and it’s board of directors, keenly aware of the competitive thread from Tesla.

    Love it if I was tesla I would put a link to these commercials on my website

    I understand that 350K reservation holders are an irresistible target audience for BMW and probably for others, but an ad that assumes I’m too stupid to know the difference between a weak plug-in hybrid (14 miles AER is a joke) and the all- electric M 3 isn’t going to even begin to sway me.

    Well said


    You got that right.

    I’m surprised. Maybe it’s because as a fairly hard-core EV enthusiast I am too far from the mainstream’s mindset, but for me, this just looks plain silly. The 330e is no alternative to a Model 3. In fact, no hybrid would be, but certainly not one with puny all-electric performance and nearly no all-electric range.

    Given the huge number of reservation holders there must be many that are much less hardcore EV fans among them (us). Maybe BMW judges it correctly and many of these think any plug-in is a viable alternative??

    In any case it’s uplifting to see the incumbents clearly feeling the need to compete specifically against the Model 3!

    So, what are you driving right now?
    A Leaf or a Mustang GT?

    If you’re driving an ICE right now, it makes damn good sense to walk in and get a 2 year lease.

    My 3 year gen 1 Volt tought me the beauty of a PHEV with decent battery range and full power when on battery. You got all the day to day EV benefits with almost none of the drawbacks. The gen 2 Volt closes the gap even further on going 100% electric day in and day out. I considered both the Audi A3 e-tron and 330e (test drove the former and really liked it), as I wanted more “performance” this time around. If the a3 had more like 35 miles of range, instead of the 16 it actually has, I’d likely be driving it today and would have overlooked the fact that it still has a DSG tranny (i.e. no single speed EV smoothness). That 16 miles of range put me into the “why not just get a S3 instead?” mode. The 330e suffers a similar fate and has even less range…I didn’t even bother to test drive it for that very reason. It doesn’t help that the current gen 3 series probably has another year before the next gen arrives. I suppose all of those are why I took delivery of a CPO Tesla a week ago…?

    Congrats on the model S!

    BMW is sweeating bullets right now because they have seen How Model S sales have easily surpassed MB S class sales and the Model 3 will easily do the same to 3 series sales.

    i’m not sure of in what world you are living but benz-o sales have been strong since the introduction of the w222. it is the bm 7-series that has been seeing sales declines, but i suspect most of that is people who are buying the benz-o instead.

    If by strong you mean dropping 15% to 20% a year since the full speed production of the Model S, then you are correct.

    you obviously know something that daimler doesn’t know:

    daimler thinks that they are having record sales, with the w222 benz-o selling over 100,000/year, which is more than twice the sales volume of the bm 7-series. the main competition to the benz-o is the 7-series, which is why i stated that the strong growth in benz-o sales most likely came at the expense of the bm 7-series.

    Growth drivers SUVs and compact cars: more than half a million units
    sold in each segment for the first time.

    Growth drivers are different cars from the cars that are losing sales. It’s good MB went into SUVs and compact cars. Sometimes, you get lucky.

    there is a reason why the benz-o is called the “sonderklasse”; it’s not meant to be a high volume car that everybody is driving. but the s-class is the world’s most desirable production luxury car.

    in terms of volume, the biggest growth driver is actually the c-class. daimler has greatly improved the c-class. between growth in c-class and suv sales, daimler can afford to manage the benz-o as a profit engine.

    but this is a difference between daimler and tesla. tesla is having to rely upon cars that are priced like the benz-o as their sole source of income, and there is just not enough volume to pull it off. therefore, the model 3 and more affordable cars (than the model X) in the cuv/suv space are going to be important for tesla.

    I have an i3 have come to like the bmw entertainment system and car controls , mostly. Drove the x540e and was impressed.
    I think the 330e is a nice offering. I like the 8 speed auto RWD with paddle shifters. Not many hybrids have multi speed autos, no cvt for me.

    Now would I rather have a pure EV BMW 3 series or Lexus EV sedan , or a model 3 , YES. But None of those are available and the 330e is.

    And that’s bmw’s point.

    Buy our car because it exists is not very persuasive argument and is literally available for use by every car on the market.

    CVT’s do suck.
    You can learn to drive them well, but they do suck.

    For acceleration, you downshift the paddle and then apply the gas.

    Or Trump

    Funny thing is.. When I put out my video on the 2017 Chevy Volt and compared it to the Tesla Model III, I got so many hate-mails and hate comments saying that I couldn’t compare the two cars because the Volt is a hybrid. Well, that may be true but I suspect the Volt appeals to much the same crowd as the Model-III would, with the exception of the die-hard BEV fans. And the Volt does truly offer an EV experience for the first 53 miles, which is enough for the vast majority of people.

    This BMW, however… Is a tough comparison to make. 14 miles EV range isn’t really going to do much other than give people a taste of the EV experience.

    I’m glad BMW is making the car and I hope it sells well.. but the comparison is a stretch.

    David Murray said:

    “When I put out my video on the 2017 Chevy Volt and compared it to the Tesla Model III, I got so many hate-mails and hate comments saying that I couldn’t compare the two cars because the Volt is a hybrid.”

    I always find it amusing when someone says “You can’t compare the two”, when obviously they’re complaining about the fact that someone just did! And of course, you can compare apples to oranges.

    As far as the “hate mail”, well I suppose anytime you post something to the Internet that gets much attention, you’ll get some haters and trolls responding. Just remember two things:

    1. They have to live with themselves every day. You don’t.
    2. The best revenge is living well!

    To the ev only folk
    Manny places in the world you cannot have a pure ev distances to great area to remote
    But a plug in phev will save a lot of fossil fuel the alternative is ice full time
    Many volt and outlander owners travel
    Where time or no infrastructure for charging
    Is not avable but consume 30 to 90% less fossile fuel
    Which is better 10 evs or 100 phevs

    Good points.
    I don’t think most people are hung up on BMW making PHEVs vs BEVs. The hang up is on the 14 miles of All Electric Range (AER) in perfect weather. This translates to 7 miles of range in winter. This could have value for those living downtown and in dense population areas like in the EU. For those more geographically dispersed, this small amount of range translates to 75% to 90% of driving on petrol/gas/diesel. At the kind of prices BMW charges, one would think they could do Much better.

    The headline reads, in part:

    “BMW Ads Attack Tesla Model 3…”

    So BMW is afraid of what the Tesla Model ≡ will do to their sales?

    How wonderful! Maybe it will motive them to, you know, actually make and sell a competitive car! But no, that’s inconceivable, or rather “incontheivable!” /snark

    “So BMW is afraid of what the Tesla Model ≡ will do to their sales?”
    It would be interesting to see the actual numbers, but I’m guessing the 350K Model 3 reservations have already started impacting BMW 3 series sales.

    No kidding… 400,000 people frozen in time to pounce on a car in 18 months. Waiting for a car that will outperform the existing BMW 3 -series (and woefully inadequate i3) in probably every measure.

    The existing auto manufacturers are riding the gravy train of relative wealth and cheap fuel in the western world. If either of those two change, it WILL be a very rude awakening from companies like Tesla.

    in terms of marketing strategy, the bm 330e and the tesla model 3 are in the same price category, so they are largely in the same market segment. however, i would have thought that bm would have targeted the benz c350e. i guess the reason is that this is such a small segment and tesla has more mind share in that segment than does benz.

    As in ‘Never get involved in a land war in Asia, and never try to one up Tesla with a Hybrid.’

    Funny how many people here say you can’t compare it with Model 3 because it’s not an EV. Elon Musk himself said Model 3 is in direct competition to BMWs 3 series…

    At the end of the video you can hear the gas engine as she storms away.


    The sound of a gas engine is going to convince people who want an EV???

    That was kind of dumb, but they aren’t really marketing for EV buyers; they want to show buyers that the BMW is here now, and you can plug it in (optionally), just like that mysterious Tesla Model 3.

    Pondering why homo-sapiens don’t want to burn fossil fuels.

    Pay $10,000.00 more to drive our kludge PHEV that goes only 14 miles on electricity.

    Are they serious? Lol!

    Desperate times, require desperate advertising campaigns…

    Things must not be going well for BMW.

    So you have to pay an extra $10,000 for a plugin which can go just 15 miles. Is BMW thinking that 375,000 customers who have put $1,000 in deposit from Australia to America are fools.

    We appreciate BMW for selling 1,000 of i3 Electric cars and also many plugins. But please don’t compare with Tesla. They have their own way.

    Remember Cadillac that compared their ELR to Model-S and what happened?

    Yeah Inside EV’s had a very good comparison article (I think by ScottF200) who, in chart form listed the features (advantages and disadvantages) of both the “S” and “ELR”. The ELR was compelling by comparison, with the exception of the price. Many commenters said, ‘Now, if they’d only sell the ELR for $50,000’ it would be great! I paid slightly less than $50,000 for mine. But I thank the IEV’s article for getting me interested in the car. I find the car’s over 50 mile AER (advertised as 35) during the summer time makes me drive over 50 miles per day. The engine only runs roughly once every 500 miles, and a tank of gas lasts through 2 long roadtrips, since I publically charge often during them. For the past year, I’ve driven 16,000 miles with only 20 gallons of gasoline. I consider that amazing, and, its travelled more miles electrically than my Roadster did that it replaced, since while I had the thing running it was electric, but all the flat-bed trips to the Ohio Service Center, were 100% gasoline, and alot of it to boot. So contrary to popular opinion here, my ELR has travelled far more all… Read more »


    Glad to know you’re enjoying your Cadillac ELR. If your previous car was a two-seater Tesla Roadster, then I guess you don’t have much need for a rear seat, and the ELR’s cramped rear seat won’t be a problem for you.

    The ELR is the sport coupe, and even though the trunk is rather large, and the rear seats fold down for practicality of shipping long objects, my VOLT is the ‘practical’ car, and the ELR is the fun one. What I was commenting on, and indirectly, poking fun about, was the inadvertant hypocrasy of some of the BEV crowd, having owned a very nice BEV (244 mile range) myself. But, it is a very true statement that the ELR has been my most ELECTRIC car – something which I’m sure irks the diehards. I’ll have to calculate how much gasoline was used to repair my roadster – I’m sure it is a MINIMUM of ten times the amount of gas my ELR will end up using after being driven the same number of miles. So, when considering the ‘environment’, how reliable a car is certainly entering into the equation in ways most don’t consider. I was concerned about the road pollution my Roadster was causing (although primaryily I was concerned about the cost), therefore, I put tires of my own choosing on the roadster that lasted at least 3 times as long as the OEM’s, which improved range, but more… Read more »

    Bill Howland said:

    “What I was commenting on, and indirectly, poking fun about, was the inadvertant hypocrasy of some of the BEV crowd, having owned a very nice BEV (244 mile range) myself.”

    Hmmm, well, that may be a bit unfair. I think you’re a bit of an outlier regarding how often your BEV (Roadster) had to be hauled to the service center.

    Where *I* think the hypocrisy comes in, from all too many BEV purists, is ignoring the reality that many or perhaps most BEV owners also own a gasmobile, which they use for longer trips and possibly for hauling stuff. Such people may well wind up using more gasoline every year than many Volt owners do.

    In fact, logically it seems almost mathematically certain that at least some Volt drivers use less gasoline, simply because the Volt only uses gas when its battery runs down. So even on longer trips, some of the Volt’s miles are powered by electricity… which won’t be the case for that BEV owner when he’s driving his gasmobile on a trip.

    Just because the BEV car never uses any gasoline, doesn’t necessarily mean the driver doesn’t.

    Dear Mr. Bill Howland.

    My sincere appreciation to you for driving Cadillac ELR. With 20 gallons a vehicle of that size should have traveled only 600 miles (30 MPG), but you have traveled 16,000 miles which means you have used clean electricity for the other 15,400 miles.

    Its great. Yes ELR with 4 seats is much better than Roadster with 2 seats. But that car is just to prove the electric vehicle.

    But many wrote that ELR will crush Model-S. Instead they should have said that ELR will also sell along with Model-S and that should have been more gentle.

    Keep driving your ELR happily.

    Thanks for the comment Mr. Bronson, but I think I enjoy driving the car a little TOO much. Since the car will go over 50 miles I end up driving it around 50 miles a day, when I only HAVE to drive around 15 miles a day.

    I should be spending more free time on the bicycle. Its just that I don’t want all the free sunshine generated electricity to go to waste.

    you don’t have net metering? the energy that you waste driving could be used to offset carbon footprint used for other purposes. yeah, i know, people in the U.S. feel a sense of entitlement to waste as a matter of “free will”, but stuff ain’t free.

    in 2012 & 2013 there was celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of richard wagner. as such the new york metropolitan opera staged the entire ring cycle multiple times. when i stopped to think about it, the ring cycle is really a story about the abuse of nature by “the gods” (humans) and at the end, nature fought back. it is a story with stunningly prescient relevance to today’s situation.

    Oh, Heck.. If I had no solar panels there would be no ‘waste’ for purposes of discussion here. My view of waste is not the same as the people whose idea of ‘Clean Driving’ ended up making a substantial portion of the children in London and Paris sick from ‘clean diesel’ fumes – although that’s what the ‘environmental’ big-experts told and incentivized people to buy.

    Now, just yesterday, it seems that AUDI (parent company VW) has made big v6 diesels used in several models and brands of their cars that SHUT DOWN ALL emission controls after 22 minutes, since it was determined that most gov’t testing was done in 20 minutes. Expect the lawyers to have fun with this one.

    No wonder so many kids got sick: No polution controls at all from big diesels that environmentalists sanctioned “Clean Diesels”.

    What a sanctimonious joke.

    do we know how the chinese and south korean start-ups and knockoffs who took tesla up on their open patents are coming along? really no excuse for other companies to be that far behind except for an ongoing lack of foresight.

    also am I missing the link to register here?

    assuming that tesla got patents in china and south korea (which i expect that they did), how do you know that musk made the same offer there that he made in the U.S.?

    I don’t what makes you assume the patent deal was ever explicitly U.S. only. I think that’s extremely counter-intuitive.

    terminaltrip421 said:

    “do we know how the chinese and south korean start-ups and knockoffs who took tesla up on their open patents are coming along?”

    I hadn’t read that there were any companies that took Tesla up on its offer of what I guess amounts to a free patent license. May I ask what your source of info is on that?

    it was an assumption based on cars like Youxia Xi and Xaxion ibis. cars that appeared out of nowhere with purported stats comparable to teslas at model 3 prices before anyone else.

    given that musk said ‘no questions asked’ I don’t exactly expect everyone to disclose that they used the patents, unlike chevy to stated that they didn’t.

    “It’s about making enough ELECTRIC cars, enough stationary battery packs that it actually moves the needle from a global carbon-production perspective-that it actually does really change the world.” (Elon)

    Soooo EV’s just can’t have a gas engine ..of any sort!
    ….a little wait goes a long way!! In the mean time.. get your solar panels in place and ready to go!

    …..62,000 plus miles of solar EV driving, our (everyones) focus must be on supporting the REDUCTION IN CO2 EMISSIONS!

    …….come on now!

    Tyl said:

    “Soooo EV’s just can’t have a gas engine ..of any sort!”

    You’re really stretching to put words in Elon’s mouth. First of all, he said “electric car”, not “EV”. When someone says “electric car” they generally mean specifically a BEV, not the more general category of all EVs.

    Secondly: If we could replace every gasmobile with a robust, relatively long-range PHEV like the Volt, it most certainly would “move the needle” of fossil fuel consumption. It would move that quite a bit!

    This is no more absurd than GM taking aim at the LEAF in their Volt Ad. They said the Nissan only went like 84 miles and gives you range anxiety, and the Volt goes hundreds of miles without needing to stop. Conveniently not mentioning the AER of the Volt is actually less than the LEAF. And the Fusion Energi ad highlighted how it could go so much further than a Tesla. Without mentionong it only has a AER of around 22 miles. Nothing new here. Did everyone holler that the Fusion isn’t a direct competitor to the Model S?? Nothing really to get so excited about in the apples to oranges comparison here. And yes, for someone cruising to Vegas at 85mph+, or the autobahn, the 330e would be loafing while the Tesla driver would need to be thinking of driving conservatively and having to charge at half the range a 330e is capable of. At 5.9 secs 0-60 and reat wheel drive, the Volt may have more AER, but is not even in the same category of being a sport sedan like the BMW.

    WARREN said:

    “Did everyone holler that the Fusion isn’t a direct competitor to the Model S??”

    Hmmm, was Ford so foolish as to market the Fusion Energi as a direct competitor of the Model S? So far as I know, they didn’t. If they had, then we’d be pointing and laughing at Ford, too.

    Yes, they specifically stated the Model S could not go nearly as far non-stop as the Fusion. No different than the type of ads many others employ.


    All that really matters and what this shows is that BMW along with Mercedes and VW have seen the writing on the wall…
    When the model 3 hits the streets it will be carved in granite…
    This is simply the early stages of big auto making the switch to pure EVs…
    Prepare now to minimize your losses…

    The conversion math is very generous to get 25 km from 14 mile. I’d say 22 km in the Summer and maybe zero in the Winter.

    This BMW 330e commercial must be an “Onion”; no way BMW would put that out.

    The ad is silly. They are basically admitting that their car is vastly inferior to the Model 3, so their best argument for buying it, is that you can’t buy the superior car yet. But I actually have zero problem at all with people leasing one of these for 3 years, and then dumping it for their Model 3. Especially if they can charge at work and manage to drive 25 miles on electricity each day. That is essentially the same number of miles that the median Leaf drives on electricity each year. With charging twice a day, the 330e can hit that same number FOR THE RIGHT DRIVER. (This is based upon the reported median Leaf yearly miles driven roughly 10K miles per year, as reported here in the insideev’s archives. Divided by 365 is roughly 27 miles a day). If replacing 10,000 miles of gas driving with 10,000 miles of electric driving with a Leaf is a good thing — then anybody who can charge at work and at home, and can replace similar number of miles is a good thing too. That’s sort of my thing. Anybody who can manage to save as much gas as the… Read more »
    After Dieselgate, the European automakers are in a pinch. The cat is out of the bag re: NOX emissions and all the diesel pushers out there look like frauds. They now have twice the pressure they had before from governments and zero emissions zones to electrify. This ad by BMW proves that Tesla is greatly impacting the industry. At a $35-45,000 entry point for Model 3, the game is on with the Germans, Japanese and S. Koreans over that juicy customer demographic. Next, the established companies will surely prey on the fact flmark illuminated: That even with 200-300 miles of electric range, there still will be many times you need to go to a region without available Supercharging. This is what tickles the person who appreciates the Volt. That beauty of driving electric for 50-70 miles and not having the umbilical cord of a charge limit where you go or what you do and when. Nothing on the market now or for the last five years has provided that luxury ( and that is luxury ) except the Volt. The Euros have taken baby steps towards 10-20 mile PHEVs for hefty pricetags. I believe there is room in the market… Read more »

    I can understand why BMW is trying.

    But those people who are waiting for the Model 3 (400K people and I) aren’t really interested in the 330e especially with its tiny range.

    I would say the only cars that might have a chance for majority of Model 3 reservation holder to even consider for leasing for a short period are Volt and BMW i3 REx…

    So, I think BMW is really wasting its efforts.

    I do think this is a good sign because major automakers are finally starting to pay attentions to EV demand and maybe that will change their attitude sooner. That is a good thing for the EV community.

    Um… Excuse me BMW.. Someone seems to have put an internal combustion engine in this electric car and wants to charge me $10000 more for it than a Tesla Model 3.
    Allow me to give BMW a little perspective: I wanted an all-electric vehicle nine years ago. I think I can wait 2ish more years for the one that I want.

    Yeah, Next we see Rolex doin ads targeting Apple Watch buyers.
    Why would a potentail BMW buyer do a Model 3 reservation in first place? A car with the back of a hippo and the front of a mix of a pokemon/porsche. If the same car was from GM none would even care about it. I bet those getting hyped are the same people who get fooled by bots on dating platforms

    BMW proclaims that the Tesla Model III is, other than availability and exhaust/engine noise, on par with their 330 series PHEV. I’d call this ad campaign a concession that BMW recognizes they are going to lose significant market share because of the existing global reservations. Here’s what is likely hilarious about the first ad: the fake Superchargers are in the same parking ramp as a 110v outlet. A 110v outlet won’t get you across the country in electric miles without a whole lot of free time, especially when the electric range is on par with an hour’s worth of bicycling. The BMW 330 isn’t next to a pole or wall, and yet somehow, it was plugged in. Right from the get-go, the combustion engine runs, so it sure doesn’t sound like an EV. What is funny about the second ad is the guy sitting on the doorstep, waiting for his Model III. The reality is that guy will be sitting on the proverbial shrink’s couch, talking about the wait. For those of you who have a Model III reservation: this is the first real increment you will experience. You will be taunted. Then, you will see the second reveal of… Read more »

    PHEV/BEV wars are not healthy for the ev community. The fightinh comments here are testament to that… so long as it doesn’t lead to this:

    The German Quadro (Benz, BMW, Audi & Porsche), the Italian Trio (Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati) and British Solo (Aston Martin) ignored the competition from American Duo (Cadillac & Lincoln).

    Now they are all afraid of the small Tesla going big. So they are back to the drawing boards and now even doing the negative ads on Tesla.

    What a foolish advertisement this is; comparing a vehicle with 15 mile electric range to the 215 mile electric range. With every passing month, the wait is getting shorter. Until then, they can live with their current car. Look at the sales of BMW 330e, pathetic. Not even 100 units in any market.

    I love that long established automakers have woken up to the fact that Tesla is taking market share and the bigger Tesla gets the more market share it will take. Also the new German EV incentives help too. 🙂 It’s all good.

    Holy crap…. 72 MPGe??? (That’s 47 kWh/100 miles)

    That’s, like, impressively bad.

    Man is that just bad, 330e and TM3 are far different…Oddly, they could have made this commercial far better if next to the 330e were the i3, i8 and whatever they’re calling the 7 series and X5 PHEVs…

    You will wait and wait until li-ion battery technology is old would be good ;-).

    NO THANKS BMW,I will wait for model 3, I don’t want your gas guzzling crap.