BMW Adding “Value Package” To i3 REx


BMW i3 Shadow Sport

BMW i3 Shadow Sport

BMW of North America has announced a new package for the i3 REx.

Called a “Value Package” and listed as the ZIR pack, BMW says that it includes some options previously bundled under the extremely limited BMW i3 Shadow Sport Edition.

Considering the recent drop (off a cliff) in i3 sales in the US for 2016, any new “value” proposition seems like a good idea.

As BMWBLOG explains:

“The 2016 BMW i3 ZIR will be produced between April and June 2016 and will include options like the Deka World Interior, Giga World Wheels, Navigation Professional and Universal Garage Door Opener.”

The MSRP is $46,250, but additional options will up the price.

According to BMW, the “Value Package” options would set the typical i3 REx buyer back $50,800, so by selecting the package one could save $4,550.

Notable options not included in the “Value Package” are LED headlights and the Technology Package.


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There isn’t going to be much value there when the Bolt comes out and even less when the T3 comes out.
And when are they going to replace that out of date RE that weighs 365lbs? There is no reason a top engine company like BMW can’t do it well under 150lbs.
Lotus has a similar size one in only 115lbs.
So they are going to have to drop the price to compete as so way overpriced now.

the Rex includes more than just the ICE. That includes the gas tank, the generator, emissions equipment, muffler, tailpipe, cooling system, etc.

Yep . . . and that is the problem.

For smaller cars, the PHEV or REx model doesn’t seem worth it. Just stuff it full of more batteries and make it a pure EV with 200+ miles of range.

Heck, one of the cars that might get really hurt by the Chevy Bolt is the Chevy Volt. Get rid of that ICE that requires oil changes, smog checks, tune-ups, spews exhaust, etc.

And that is why GM REALLY needs to put the Voltec drivetrain into BIGGER vehicles like pick-ups, minivans, SUVs, etc. It is still hard to build those as pure EVs due to the cost of the larger amount of batteries needed.

Yeah, the Volt is I think $34.1K before incentives, the Bolt is supposed to be around that price after incentives?
Volt isn’t that much cheaper.. Good for everyone who doesn’t buy too soon.

The refreshed i3 will be out before either the Bolt of Model 3, so let’s wait and see what changes there are rather than compare the old one. Also, we don’t know what a $37,500 Bolt will be like. The show car is almost certainly “loaded”, so for all we know, the Bolt they showed will be a $45,000 car. And we know virtually nothing about the pricing of the Model 3, either. A Model 3 that’s comparable to the i3 in features and interior quality probably won’t be the “$35,000” one. So, your post is based on a LOT of assumptions and very little solid info. I’m not saying the i3 will be a great value compared to the other two, but the fact is, we know very little about the other two and we don’t even have any info about the refreshed i3.

You can buy the i3 now. Bolt is probably about a year out until you can buy it in flesh. Model 3 probably 2.5-3 years out. By that time BMW will have a new i3. So not a fair comparison.

LED headlights and tech package are “must haves” for this 2014 i3 owner.

In fact, out of all the i3 options those would probably be the two most important followed closely by Comfort Access.

Do you find yourself using the backup camera system? Seems that the i3s with the colors I like all don’t have that package and I would rather hear from someone else but the salesman that the car is OK without the backup camera package.

The backup camera is nice, but I forget to use it all the time. I could live without it, for sure. I don’t have the tech package either, and don’t feel like I’m missing out by not having it. Bigger nav screen would be nice, I suppose, but I’ve never thought the regular one was too small. LED headlights are very effective, though. I don’t think I could go back now that I’ve had these.

I use the backup camera every day. That’s the only reason I got the tech package.

It’s so funny that BMW makes the backup camera optional.

That’s something I would expect from a bargain car brand not a “luxury” BMW.

Even funnier that in 2018 backup cameras will have to be on all new cars in the US.

What a joke.

There are a number of notable things missing on the i3 that are standard on other “bargain” EVs, like a heated steering wheel. Hell, even the i-MiEV comes with a heated steering wheel.

Backup camera comes with the parking package, not the tech package, at least I’m the US.

“at least I’m the US”

made my day 😀

Haha, oops!

Consumer Reports has commented that the LED headlights are weak. And you need to use the hi-beams.

So, this may be in response to that criticism.

What? The LED headlights are incredible. They’re so good that turning on the high beams doesn’t help that much.

The i3 or the 2017 Volt will likely be the new car choices for me when my Gen 1 Volt lease is over in 2 months. However, if lease on both don’t improve by then, may end up just keeping my car, I like it a lot anyway.

Gen 1 Volt resale values are very depressed at this time, those first gen cars are having hard time reselling with all the 2nd Gen competition coming or already here. While a nice discount – this new package “saves” almost 10%, this will be for new 2016 made cars that will be arriving no sooner than.. June? This is not addressing the left over 2015 i3s, they kept the small $2k discount again this month. In my area there are more 2015 i3s than 2016 on the market ever since I started monitoring back in January

They’re going to go with thinner tires I think 🙂

I’m going to lease another i3 while I wait for the Model 3 to come out. I should be able to get a great deal on a leftover ’16 or get a ’17 with the longer range when my current i3 lease is up.

Do you remember the discounts BMW offered you at the time when you leased your first i3? I mean the nationwide offered ones, I am sure you may have negotiated with your dealer even more. Wish there is a way to see a trend over time and know what months they tend to bump incentives up a bit.

Well, I’d guess Dec-Jan-Feb in the northeast.

Fresh quotes from Geneva, regarding BMW and diesel:

“We cannot fulfill European CO2 standards without diesel,” Harald Krüger, the chief executive of BMW, said in an interview at the Geneva International Motor Show.

“Diesel will have to be equipped with even more technology,” said Peter Schwarzenbauer, a member of the BMW management board responsible for sales. “That is all technologically conceivable, but someone has to pay for it.”

I post, to fill out perspective on BMW’s product planning. Europe has more diesels, but SCR equipment was all that was lacking, for VW. Still, you see the stink Schwarzenbauer is making up? I guess PHEV isn’t the answer to these guys.

Sorry to be Debbie Downer, but perhaps BMW should consider sealing the front windows of the i3 shut, to prove diesel must survive.

BMW will go the Diesel/Gasoline/PHEV way. Let the customer decide what he wants. At least BMW will offer PHEV for a models with the PHEV 3er and the PHEV 7er starting this year.

Yeah, the upcoming Bolt and Model 3 have stolen a lot of thunder from the i3. BMW is going to have discount this thing eventually and come up with a much better entry level EV.

I thought LED headlights were standard on the i3 in the US market.

They are… except on this new package.

Does anybody know what “Deka” interior package includes besides bright blue accents on the side? I wonder Deka interior package will include the sunroof. My lease on i3 Rex is up in a year or so, I would like a sunroof even as an option this time around…

Looks like darker gray interior with the blue highlight.

No news about a sunroof for the i3, yet, except for the “Shadow Sport” edition, of which there are only 50.

BMW with NRG has also added a lot of DC Fast Chargers with both the CCS and CHAdeMO connectors on them. That should help sales. We already have 4 with 16 more coming in the Greater Phoenix area.

BMW i3/i3 Rex is puzzling to me. BMW invested in carbon fiber to achieve a technical leadership position in weight reduction and then failed to capitalize on it. BMW could have released with an equally sized battery to the Leaf or greater. Instead, they settled for 22kWh battery pack and 81 EPA miles of range. What a lost opportunity. The bean counters were more focused on squeezing every last penny of profit vs. making something people had to have.
At a 30+% price premium, they should have provided a BEV i3 with 160 miles EPA range to start with.
When are these premium brands actually going to provide something that’s premium vs. just leather and wood interiors with big markups.
BMW – bring on the range! Please improve the i3 and make it a BEV people will love.
P.S. all wheel drive would be a nice improvement.

I agree with wanting more range in the i3, but I wouldn’t say they didn’t capitalize on the carbon fiber design. It can use a smaller battery to get the same range, so it’s much lighter than the competition, which means it’s much faster and more dynamic. I understand wishing they traded dynamics/weight for more range, but they did get something by saving so much weight: far superior driving experience. It’s up to the consumer if it’s worth the price premium, of course.

It seems like some people are paying almost as much per month on some LEAF leases as BMW i3 leases. You just have to look for the good deals. I think BMW will start dealing again if sales doesn’t pick up.

That was one of the big factors when I got mine. A loaded Leaf was actually going to be $100 a month more than a loaded BEV i3.

>> Universal Garage Door Opener

Really? This out to be a standard feature in a luxury car!